Writing can money buy happiness essay

When writing a persuasive or any other type of paper covering the issue whether money are capable of making people happy or not, you have to choose which position in regard to the matter you personally support and then, you will have to convince the potential reader in your opinion. Can money buy happiness essay should be usually written in an argumentative manner in order to convince people to think the way you do. Keep in mind that you have to drag somebody who is going to read your essay on your side, which means that to achieve that you should demonstrate a strong argument built on facts, evidences, examples and so on. You should do research on both points of view on the matter. This kind of paper can be presented in a couple of different ways, including claiming or counterclaiming, providing alternative suggestions etc.

When getting ready to writing your essay, you should explore the issue as deep as you can to collect all the needed information on the discussed issue. Providing an understandable explanation to the audience why you have a certain opinion is highly important in terms of convincing your audience.

Choosing the argumentative style

Among tons of existing topics to cover in an argumentative manner, issue on money and happiness, their relation and how they affect each other is one of the most fitting here. Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to write in an argumentative manner:

  • This particular topic is quite narrowed, while it has tons of information to do proper research.
  • It is arguing, which means that you can choose one position, while having opponents at the same time.
  • There are many facts, evidences, examples etc. to support your point, which you can find either on the Internet or use your personal experience from real life.

It is crucial that you understand all the aspects of the topic, because this is the only way to deal with the opposing point of view. In order to do it, you have to conduct research. We suggest you some interesting facts that will help you in choosing your position and writing an outstanding can money buy happiness essay.

Research on the relation between money and happiness

There was a research on the relation between the financial status of people and the level of happiness they felt in their everyday lives conducted in 2010 in the USA. According to the results of that research it was stated that money really does make people happier, although only at a certain level. Due to the findings of the research, most people were becoming happier after their salaries increased to a certain point. However, after getting used to having more money on their accounts, they returned to the same level of happiness that they had before becoming richer. This was only a temporary happiness, which had an affect only to a certain moment, but wasn't deep enough to impact the way people really felt deep in their consciousness.

There was also a more recent research, conducted in 2013. The study was also dedicated to the positive impact of money on the overall emotional state of people. The researchers made a comparison between life satisfaction and the level of constant feeling of being happy in different countries, some of which were considered rich, while others were poor. This particular research showed no relation between the amount of income and the feeling of happiness of most people. In fact, there was approximately the same level of happiness of both rich and poor categories of people. At the same time, an interesting fact occurred. It turned out that even life satisfaction is not the same as happiness. While some people were poor enough to face lack of many things that seem routine and ordinary to most of us, like hot running water, having electronic devices, they were still happier that some of those people, who had great income and were able to afford any kind of entertainment or material possession.

What affects happiness in the end of the day

While it's hard to find somebody who wouldn't like to be rich and capable of doing all kinds of things that only rich people can do, like having a private airplane, ten villas around the world and so on, happiness itself is built on a number of criteria different from material things only. In accordance with the words of psychology professor Sonja L., near a half of overall happiness we all may feel is something people come to this world with. Turns out, some people on the planet are simply happier than others due to their natural characteristics. They take all kinds of life situations and circumstances differently and while something may make one person deeply unhappy, somebody else may feel the exact certain way no matter what happens.

It is interesting to find out what are the things that really make us happy and where we can find them. In that or another way, happiness does depend on how much money we have, but not in a way most of us would think. It is not the possession of money which makes us happier, but what we do with the money that we have. For example:

  • Generous people are happier than others. This means, that the more money you have to share, help other people, the happier you become.
  • Money gives confidence. Confident people are always happier and in most of cases, it is easier to be confident with money.
  • Accessibility to beautiful things. What also plays role in the way we feel ourselves, is our environment. Money helps buy things, beginning from cloths and finishing with elements of our home interior, which makes us feel better.

Why generosity is important

When writing your paper about money and happiness, it would be really great to dive a little bit deeper in the issue of generosity. Having money just for ourselves cannot make us any happier and it is already a fact, proved by researchers of the USA. However, the biggest and most significant criteria that influences the way we feel ourselves is generosity. To prove this, here's a result of another study conducted by Starbucks in the United States.

The company decided to give their users gift cards with 10 dollars. The sum is not big, of course, but it is interesting how most people decided to use it. The absolute majority of those who were given gift cards, which is near 90%, made a decision to spend those money not to buy something for themselves, but to get some presents for other people. When they were asked about the reason and the intention they were following when doing this, they answered they making presents made them feel better than buying something for themselves.

Structuring your essay

Now that you have a glimpse of the essence of the discussed topic, let's us move to the matter of structuring your can money buy happiness essay. Here are the essential parts of your paper:

  • The title. It is important that you make a catchy and interesting title to make your reader want to read your paper. This step is applicable unless you are assigned with a certain title already and you are not allowed to change it.
  • The introduction part. This is where you unfold the topic of your paper, introduce it appropriately, while grabbing your audience's attention. This can be achieved by providing a hook in a form of a joke, provoking or motivational statement, surprising fact etc.
  • The body part. This section should provide from three to five paragraphs, depending on the overall required size of your paper. Begin every paragraph with a new idea and make sure all the paragraphs are logically connected and serve your ultimate purpose.
  • The summary or conclusions. This is where you need to summarize all the ideas, thoughts and arguments you provided in your paper and make a final statement which would be a logical and obvious conclusion. A good idea would be to finish your paper with a motivational statement to make your reader reflect more on this issue.

If you have hard time writing an essay

One of the hardest things when writing a paper is actually choosing a position to defend. Unless you are already aware of all the pros and cons and you have a firm state of mind in regard to the discussed issue, it may appear quite difficult to come up with one particular point of view. But it is absolutely necessary, because if you want to make your essay sound convincing and effective, you need to get stuck to a certain point of view and not change it throughout your writing up to the very end.

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