Writing a gun control essay

There are probably only a few students on the planet for whom academic writing is really fun. So if you don’t feel like writing a paper is better than enjoying your favorite music, going out with friends or playing football, that’s totally fine and you can consider yourself a normal student. However, whether you like it or not, you will never avoid writing assignments during your studies. You’re going to face them throughout your whole academic career and even your success in college will partly depend on your ability to express yourself in a written form and prove your point of view, do proper research on different kinds of issues. Sounds a bit challenging, doesn’t it? And this is exactly why we are here! Since writing a college essay is a really challenging task, we decided to make it a bit easier for you and provide you with info that will at least help you get started and as a maximum we offer you a complete writing service and professional assistance. Especially difficult to deal with are essays on such serious topics as gun control, so in this article, you are going to find a list of good arguments that will help you build a solid ground for your essay.

How to get started with your essay

Well, there isn’t any other way to get started except getting started. Therefore, program yourself for some piece of hard work, put away all kinds of distracting factors and objects, take a deep breathe and focus on your current goal, which is to write a perfect gun control essay.

First, take the topic seriously. Gun control is a hot issue nowadays, you can hear and watch news about all kinds of attacks by the use of guns literally all the time everywhere around the world. This is such a controversial issue that you can hardly find a more complex topic than this one. And, eventually, it is difficult to come to only one certain viewpoint in this regard, because there are too many polarizing aspects which should be taken into consideration. On the other hand, however, you will have to take certain position anyway, otherwise there will be nothing to convince your reader about. And here’s exactly where you need to think thoroughly. Whatever side you take, make sure you will be able to convince your reader in the rightness of your position.

Generally, what position you take doesn’t play any role in terms of what mark you will get. What really plays an important role is how you will express it and support with arguments, what evidences and examples you will provide, how you will structure and organize all the material etc. Therefore, as for the start, you need to choose a position and proceed to the following step.

If you choose to support gun control

Generally speaking, gun control is a number of laws regulating all kinds of activities related to manufacturing, selling, transferring, possession and usage of firearms by civil people. Different countries in the world have different laws covering the issue of gun control. So, with that said, we offer you the following topics to discuss in your gun control essay:

  • Should there be a review of the Second Amendment of the United States regulating the gun control? If you choose this topic, you can build your essay upon the discussion of this aspect. Consider that the opponents of the Second Amendment tend to argue that it provides civilians with a right to possess firearms, which can be dangerous for the society.
  • All kinds and forms of guns should be prohibited. This might be a tricky topic, but if you truly believe that guns are a direct danger to all people and the more people possess guns the more dangerous it’s getting on the streets, this topic is exactly what you were looking for. Look for some examples based on the true stories about how using guns by civilians caused a dangerous situation.
  • Discuss the difference between how and in what situations people used to apply guns in previous centuries and now. What has changed in the behavior of people and how it affects their usage of guns? Is it now more or less safe to possess and use them?
  • What is the core of the whole gun control debate? Nowadays this issue is over politicized so that any point of view is automatically considered to relate to that or another political views. In fact, this can be a topic covering not the gun problem as such, but what attitude people tend to demonstrate towards this issue.
  • Guns can’t make people’s life safer. If you choose this topic, you can say that having a gun is not a guarantee that you can protect yourself in case of danger. Some people also argue that it’s not really about possessing guns, but it’s about the culture of using them.
  • In the end of the day, think about writing in your essay that gun control issue is not of a current importance and discussing it is only a means of distracting people’s attention from what really matters nowadays like global ecological problems etc.

All of these topics may serve as ideas for you to come up with your own. The range of issues to discuss is really wide, you only have to think about it for a while.

Diving deeper in the issue

While the previous topics mostly highlight gun control as a necessary means of protecting people from mass shooting, we offer you an alternative position, where you can go deeper into the issue and look at it from another side.

  • Gun control laws cannot prevent mass violence, and instead, they prevent civilians from protecting themselves in case of dangerous emergence.
  • With the gun control, criminal will still have guns and will be able to use them whenever they want, while, civilians will not have any means of self defense. This topic should provide arguments that it has to be quite the opposite, or at least the opportunity of possessing a gun has to be equal for all people.
  • Psychically healthy people and those who simply follow the law will never use guns without a vivid reason, while those who want to use them with a purpose of depredation, terrorism or killing someone, will always find the way to violate the law and ignore the gun control.
  • With or without gun control, criminals will remain criminals, while law-abiding adequate civilians will remain the same as well.
  • Gun control is not the ultimate solution of the violence on the streets. We need to look for the real reason of violence and face it, otherwise we are just running away from ourselves in the never ending circle of illusions.
  • Whoever wants to possess a gun, will find a way to buy it. Therefore, we should give our attention to the issue of teaching people how and when to use guns, organize all kinds of social workshops and lectures in order to fight with the ignorance rather than prohibiting, especially considering the widely known fact that whatever is prohibited is the most desired.
  • Since drugs became illegal, the number of people addicted to drugs never decreased, which can be proved by statistics. The same situation can be with guns. People need the explanation of what is right and wrong rather than laws prohibiting whatsoever.
  • Provide one example from a real life story showing how possessing a gun saved someone’s life. Nothing can be more convincing than a real experience.
  • Gun control is against human rights because it doesn’t give a chance to an average civilian to defend himself. Basically, it’s leaving people helpless in a world of violence and terrorism.

Alternative approach to the issue

Writing a gun control essay doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to either support gun control or prove it wrongness. In fact, a good idea would be to write a neutral essay, unless your writing assignment requires you to write a persuasive paper. For example, consider the following issues to discuss:

  • The history of gun control. Why and when first laws in regard to the gun control issue were created and how it affected people’s lives.
  • Most ridiculous gun control laws in different countries around the world. Writing about this can be fun, if you find some absurd or funny gun control laws that no one knows about.
  • Who stands behind gun control laws? Provide a story about certain people who played a significant role in gun control laws creation.

Make your essay outstanding

Apart from the above listed topics, there are tons of possible ideas to discuss in your gun control essay and if you do some research, you will also discover that there is an endless number of all kinds of arguments to support whatever opinion you might have.

But as we have already said, its not only about the topic. Here we want to point at the importance of making your paper well-structured, which includes dividing it into paragraphs and sections, providing quotations and formatting in accordance with requirements, making your paper coherent, interesting, understandable and just worthy of reading.

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