Writing a GMO essay

Nowadays you can hardly find a person who has never heard of such thing as GMO. Most of people do not even know what this abbreviation means, but they have sure heard of it a thousand times. As a matter of fact, despite that this issue has been researched deeply during the last decades, the scientists still can’t say for sure whether GMO products are harmful in any way for human health or not. For this reason, finding the right position in this regard may be not easy and research may appear to be quite a long, time and effort consuming process. But the good news is that our professional and experienced writers are looking forward to providing you with all the needed writing assistance in order to help you get your perfect argumentation GMO essay written. All you need to do is make an order and we will find the writer with relevant experience and area of specialization to fulfill all your requirements and expectations. You will get your perfect essay written on time and for affordable price without spending your precious time and efforts on dealing with homework. In any case, in this article we would like to discuss the best ways of accomplishing this writing assignment, as well as provide you with some tips and guidelines on essay writing.

Understanding the issue

Before a single word is written, you need to make sure that you completely understand the problem you are going to discuss in your paper. Since essays on GMO are in most of cases argumentative, your ultimate goal when writing it is highlighting the issue completely and convincing your potential reader in the rightness of your thoughts and ideas, using all kinds of facts and argumentative techniques. So in order to convince someone in your rightness, you need to be convinced in your rightness first of all. This means that you need to start with research and explore this topic as deep as you possibly can.

Our pro tip here would be to narrow down your topic and decide only one aspect of it to discuss in your paper. The more narrow your topic is, the easier it is to conduct a profound research and answer all the problematic questions. So think thoroughly what exactly bothers you most of all about GMO and what you consider to be the most important thing to discuss. For example, you may choose to discuss either the impact of GMO industry on the ecology and environment or how it influences human’s health directly through being consumed as a food product. At the same time, you may like to choose two studies on this issue providing different points of view and compare them. Finally, you may like to simply provide your personal opinion on this topic and defend it using strong arguments. In any case, in order to make your GMO essay effective, you need to show your knowledge and competence in this particular area, while also demonstrating your strong writing skills, the ability to express yourself in a written manner, while following all the requirements, instructions and considering the specificities of this particular kind of essay.

Arguments against GMO

To begin with, you need to get acquainted with both sides of the issue. This is the first step toward choosing your personal position. Take a look at the following arguments agains GMO:

  • This issue has not been studied enough by now, which is why there are still unanswered questions in this regard. Until we get to know all the answers, consuming GMO products must be banned.
  • Some studies argue that eating GMO food products may cause kidney and liver diseases.
  • When eating the meat of the animals who have been given antibiotics and other chemicals, we might feel the same impact of the chemicals on our body as well.
  • The impact of consuming GMO products may also appear in the next generations. Which means that even if we might not feel its direct negative influence on our bodies, it is most likely that our children will.
  • GMO food products simply do not benefit people on the whole. The best option is eating natural products. Everything that has come to this world in a non-natural way can never benefit a living organism.
  • GMO doesn’t make fruits and vegetables any tastier. While it makes them look more attractive, the taste itself is usually worse.

These are the most common arguments agains GMO. You may use them in your essay, but you can also come up with your own. Below, we also provided arguments in favor of GMO.

Arguments in favor of GMO

In order to be able to see the whole picture, you need to be aware of the arguments of both sides, in favor and against the production of GMO food. Since you have to establish your personal point of view, it is important that you are aware of counterarguments in regard to your position. Here are the most common arguments usually used by the people who support GMO production:

  • It is widely believed that GMO production is the ultimate solution of the crisis we are bound to witness in the future due to the lack of natural resources and the fact that the planet is getting overpopulated. So in other words, it can help save the mankind from starvation.
  • While GMO is not a fully investigated issue, indeed, we cannot be sure in regard to its harmful effect, until the studies show the final results. So by now, the chances are the same whether it is good or bad for our health and for the environment.
  • As a matter of fact, all fruits and vegetables are in that or another way modified. The original size of a tomato, for instance, is twenty times smaller than we got used to see it. So since the very discovery of this vegetable, generally speaking, we have never eaten original tomatoes, because they have always been modified.
  • Modified fruits and vegetables can be transported easily due to the fact that they keep fresh longer. It allows to transport GMO food around the world without damaging it, so that all people could always eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

These are the arguments you also may use in your essay. However, this is not enough of information to come up with a strong and convincing position. For this reason, you need to collect more information, including scientific articles, books, research papers, etc. It’s also a good idea to watch some documentaries covering this issue, for it is an effective way to discover the issue visually and, eventually, understand it better.

Tips for writing an argumentative essay

Once you’ve come up with the ideas to cover in your paper, chosen the best topic for you to discuss and conducted the needed research, it is time to proceed to the writing.

  • Make sure to start writing as soon as possible and don’t procrastinate until the last day before the deadline.
  • Remember that you are not going to have a perfect GMO essay from the very first attempt. Before you get satisfied with the final result, it may take you accomplishing several drafts, which is one more reason why it is important to begin early.
  • Avoid common statements and obvious arguments, because they will make your essay weak. Quite the opposite, try to let your readers read something they have never read before, surprise them with interesting facts etc.
  • Make it catchy from the start. Remember that on the first part of your paper depends whether your reader will or will not keep reading it. Use a hook or anything that could grab attention and awaken curiosity of your readers.
  • Keep it simple. Avoid overusing complicated or too long expressions and replace them with narrow sentences. Make sure they are comprehensible and easy to understand. Keep your audience in mind when using different terms and consider whether your readers know what they mean.
  • Avoid bias. Don’t make your essay too negative, because it will make it sound less attractive. Instead, try to use as many positive statements as possible.
  • Avoid repetitions. Make sure not to repeat the same words or expressions within the same paragraph and in case of need, rewrite them differently or look for the synonyms.
  • Stay confident. Once you have decided on your position, you need to get stuck to it and express yourself as if you were an expert in this area. The more confidence you radiate, the more people tend to believe you and take your position.
  • Make it logical. All you paragraphs must be connected to each other by logical inks. It helps your paper make sense in the long run. All the ideas need to serve the same purpose and be supported by arguments.

Use the help of professionals

As you can see, writing an effective GMO essay is going to be a challenging deal. Unless you have much related experience, chances are that before you accomplish this assignment, you will get completely exhausted. Luckily, we are glad to offer you our professional assistance. We can get your paper written the best possible way as soon as possible. Contact us any time to make an order or just to get more information about our writing service.