Writing a causes of World War 1 essay

World War 1 is known as the greatest war in the history of the mankind. Its harmful affect was felt far and wide across the globe, for almost every country took part in it or was in that or another way impacted by its consequences. In fact, it was the biggest known global conflict, the causes and reasons of which are still being discussed, analyzed, researched and argued about. If you are reading this article, you are probably at the stage of studying the phenomenon of World War 1 within the program of your history class and you’re assigned to write a causes of World War 1 essay. While this is a difficult task, requiring lots of research and analysis to be done, much time and efforts to be spent, we are here to help you cope with this challenge and get your essay written as soon as possible in a wonderful manner. In this article, you can find tips and guidelines, as well as a little introduction to the essence of the World War 1, its causes and impacts. At the same time, you are more than welcome to use our highly professional service and let us write your paper for you.

A brief introduction to the World War 1

World War I occurred as a consequence of aggression of political leaders in regard to other countries, where there was a rise of nationalism. The situation was getting more and more escalated due to the economic competition, as well as imperial ambitions of certain countries which was creating tension and, eventually, contributed to the beginning of the war. Basically, most historians tend to put all the blame on Germany and its affiliates, while it’s not that simple as it may seem at first sight. Finally, historical research conducted in decades after the event, demonstrated the possibility of a different understanding from the guilt perception, and unfolded a number of additional factors that hadn’t been noticed before. In order to give a better and deeper explanation in regard to the cause and reasons of WWI I there has to be analysis done concerning events taking part before the beginning of the war. In other words, to perform an accurate and effective causes of World War 1 essay you need not only research the war itself, but also to learn the historical, economical, political situation and relationships between different nations and their leader in the beginning of the century.

How did the war occur

Most of people believe that World War 1 began with the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, while some historians attempt to find the main core in the political situation far in the end of the 1800’s. This is exactly when Nationalism started to widespread throughout the Western Europe. All the most influencing leaders had strong ambitions in terms of defending and protecting their own nations, even if there wasn’t actually what to protect them from. Nationalists had an idea that their particular people’s needs and wants should have been fulfilled first, no matter what. Thus, thinking that way and that radical position on the whole made people obsessive with the idea of their uniqueness, primacy and superiority over the other nations. Eventually, this gave birth to the desire of becoming richer, stronger and more powerful in all meanings, including military power.

While the World War 1 was intentionally aimed at putting an end to all the potential wars in the future of mankind, it only led to struggle, all kinds of losses and tragedies. Writing a causes of World War 1 essay is helpful if you want to understand the current state of events better, because there is never anything new, everything is constantly changing, while people commit the same mistakes over and over again. And in fact, they wouldn’t repeat their failures if they had at least a little bit better understanding of the history.

Where to look for the information for your research

Due to the privileges of our time, there are tons of resources open to conduct a profound research. At the same time, it may be hard, because the variety of them is distracting and confusing and it’s not that easy to figure out what to begin with. We will give you a few ideas to get your research started:

  • A good way would be to read some monographs dedicated to the issue. As a rule, they can give you a deep analysis and provide you with facts that are not commonly known. If your potential audience is mostly from academic environment, using monographs would be great, but if you’re writing for your classmates, you can find something easier and not that much profound as a scientific book.
  • Consider watching documentary movies. This is an entertaining and at the same time useful way to get acquainted with the reasons, causes, specificities etc. of the World War 1. However, watching movies only is not enough if you want to make your essay stand out.
  • Read fiction. Even though fiction literature can’t always give you real facts in terms of history, it is still a good way to immerse yourself in that period of time, understand the atmosphere and people’s moods. Sometimes getting to know a story of one person helps understand the historical period of the whole country.
  • Sign up for a special educative online course. Most of courses like this are free of charge, but they can give you lots of the needed knowledge, which you will use to write your paper. At the end of the day, this is a good way of learning, since you will have a teacher who explains everything which is quite helpful, because sometime history is hard to understand.
  • Find local lectures dedicated to the World War 1 and attend at least a couple of classes. Even if there are no such classes in your college or university, you can find them in any other place.
  • Use all the methods to expand your knowledge, including Internet, television, newspapers and magazines etc. You never know when and where you can find the needed information, but it’s always a good idea to use all the resources if you really want to immerse yourself into the study.
  • Visit local and not only local museums. This is a great idea especially for those who like exploring new places and are interested in getting to the history as close as possible.

Preparing to writing your essay

When you’ve done the essential research, this is the right time to do some preparations before you proceed to the writing itself. So now you need to do the following:

  • Divide the sources into the primary and secondary. Since you deal with tons of information, it is important that you can separate the info to use first of all from the supporting facts that are not of that big significance.
  • Take notes. While reading and checking all the sources that you’ve got, you need to make notes in order not to forget all the most important things. Make sure to jot down the numbers of pages, authors, names of the sources etc.
  • Make a plan of your essay. Planning is a half of success when it comes to research papers and essays. Make a list of your main ideas and put them into the desired logical order. This will help you avoid further confusion and organize all the info appropriately.

Planning your essay

As we’ve already said, planning is extremely important. This is why you need to make an outline to follow when writing your causes of World War 1 essay. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Outline exactly what you will argue about. This is about clarifying and making totally understandable your point to the reader. Try to answer the question of the assignment in a specific and brief manner, using only one sentence. This is going to be your main idea.
  • Give some context and background to your work. In other words, you need to provide the major historiographical statements and results of other researches that contributed to a better understanding of the issue.
  • Make the structure clear. You need to provide every new idea in a separate paragraph, followed by the next paragraph presenting idea that is logically connected to the one previously provided.
  • Work on your argumentation. Make a list of facts and make sure all of them are solid and serve your ultimate purpose, which is to defend your point of view.
  • Make it flow. It concerns the proper usage of words. Avoid overusing such words as “to my mind”, “from my point of view”, “as far as I know” etc., for they are distracting from the essence of your main discussion.
  • Conclude as a pro. It means that your conclusion has to be sharp, narrow and exactly to the point, while not only summarizing previously stated things or restating the thesis statement, but also showing that this is the only possible obvious conclusion born from your discussion.

Use the help of professionals

As you can see, writing a good historical essay is overwhelming and to some students even stressing. If you feel uncertain about your writing skills and required knowledge in the field of history, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get proper assistance right away. Our professionals will do their best for you to get the highest grades for your essay