Writing a Brave New World essay

Every writer has an ultimate purpose behind every single work they accomplish; this is like sort of a key message or deeper sense that they want to unfold in their writings. As far as it may seem, Aldous Huxley’s ultimate purpose in terms of his Brave New World can be considered as a warning about the opportunities of the mankind in the future. He describes the contemporary society within Brave New World as a place where innovative technologies play the most significant role and affect directly lives of all people by the diversity of means. In other words, the author was trying to warn his readers against many different dangers of social matter, material things that become overestimated comparing to moral values, love and happiness as a state of mind beyond any material possessions.

One of the most significant issues in the piece of writing is the appearance of certain castes in society and how they affect all the people on the whole. The author divided the current society into five groups, where people had different level of knowledgeability and intelligence, which determined the roles they were playing in society. The highest group was described as the class of domination, which due to its possibilities was the governmental group, where all the leaders were coming from.

Choosing the thesis statement

Writing a Brave New World essay, just like any other kind of writing, foresees that you choose a particular idea and discuss it throughout the paper. Depending on the format of your essay, it will serve a different purpose. For example, if you decide to write a persuasive essay, you will have to convince the reader in the rightness of your opinion in terms of the piece of writing. If you decided to write an informative paper, this would be the easiest way, because thus, you will only have to provide your opinion without trying to convince someone in something. However, this makes sense only unless you are assigned to write a paper in already predetermined format.

In any case, we have several ideas for you that may serve as your thesis statement. You can use them as already made statements or just as a source of inspiration to come up with your own ideas for the thesis.

  • The relation between truth and happiness in Brave New World.
  • The idea of stability, community and identity in the piece of writing. You may discuss it as a new form of slavery, adopted in accordance with specificities of the contemporary society.
  • The role of rebellion and why some people tend to go against the system, while others remain salves of the system.
  • The power of innovative technologies and where we can find the limits of that power.
  • The usage of neologisms by the author in the piece of writing.

Diving deeper into the piece of writing

In order to choose the thesis statement that would match your personal beliefs and ideas to cover in your Brave New World essay, you need to reflect on the matters discussed in the novel. Here are some tips how to make the process of reading more effective:

  • First, you need to scan the most significant parts of the novel, while paying attention to the key message of every part.
  • Don’t skip anything. While some people tend to read from the middle of the book or even from the very end, it’s not the best idea if you really want to understand what it is actually about. To reach the maximum of understanding, you need to read acknowledgements, foreword, preface just as well as the rest of the book.
  • In order to understand the author better, it’s is helpful to do some research on his personal life, the historical context and the overall background of his life. This will make you realize deeper what made him think that way, what motivated him to write the novel and what he was actually trying to say.
  • Keep attentive. Any time you notice that your attention goes somewhere else rather than the events in the novel, start the paragraph over and read again. You don’t want to miss any important detail in order to see all the hidden meanings and messages.
  • Make notes. This is extremely important because sometimes you may find a great idea, but you will later forget it for sure if you don’t jot it down immediately. One of the biggest mistakes most people do is thinking that they can remember everything.
  • Keep interactive. While reading, think about what you personally would do if you were one of the characters of the novel. This will help you remember the plot better and immerse yourself into the events described in the book.
  • Read chapter by chapter and make breaks. This will help you have a deeper understanding of the plot and avoid confusion.

Looking for the hidden message of the novel

Usually the true message of the author doesn’t lie on the surface, which is why not everybody is capable of seeing it and understanding. So if you want to find that message and unfold it for your own sake and for writing a better Brave New World essay, you need to learn to read between the lines. Let us try to look at things from different perspectives in order to find out what the author really wanted us to know in the end of the day.

To begin with, let us reflect on the statement from the novel “Every one belongs to every one else”. What was it supposed to mean? For example, the author might have wanted to show that contemporary society destroys the individuality and makes every person in that or another way belong to another person. On the other hand, doest it have something to do with technologies? Since the beginning of times people had boundaries and their lives were significantly influenced by all kinds of relationships they were involved in, including romantic love, friendship, family etc. When talking about this issue, try to figure out how it related to stability that was described in the novel. Does belonging define the level of stability in people’s lives?

Another question we face in the novel has something to do with the importance of truth and its relation to happiness. It is interesting because usually people associate happiness with all kinds of things, including money and love, but they never mention such phenomenon as truth in terms of what makes us all happy. If you think about truth and its role in our lives, you will find out that ruth is itself liberating. Considering this, we can relate happiness to freedom, which is born from truth.

It is a great idea to think about despair in terms of the novel. At first sight we may find that the author tries to show how important it is to move on no matter how much despair and disappointment we may face in our lives. But on the other hand, what is the price of breaking bad in all kinds of circumstances in pursue of the purpose of one’s life?

More issues to reflect on

While the above mentioned ideas are great to consider when analyzing the piece of writing, there are also some other aspects that you need to pay attention to if you wan to have a deeper understanding of the novel. We suggest you several more ideas that you can choose to cover in your essay.

  • Think about comparing two novels: 1984 and Brave New World. At first sight, they may seem totally opposite, but the truth is, they have a lot in common. Comparing them will help you understand both of them better.
  • What is God according to the novel? The author claims that there is no necessity for God, because all kinds of sufferings no more exist, so there is no need to save people from anything. Do you agree with such an idea?
  • How does the author show such phenomenon as sexism in his novel? What is actually the relation between the genders in the piece of writing?
  • Choose a certain character and try to analyze him in the context of the whole novel. You can choose whoever you liked most, but make sure this character plays an important role in the plot.
  • How does the level of intelligence and knowledgeability affects happiness according to the author of the novel? Who has more chances to be happy, the one who is the smartest or the one who is not overwhelmed with all kinds of knowledge?
  • How does the author describe the meaning of freedom and individuality? How are these two terms are interrelated and what does it actually mean, to have an individuality?
  • How does society prevents people from being themselves, trying to force them to pretend someone who they are not? Is this something you find in today’s real society? If yes, why?

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