Why do you need an essay outline

The secret of the majority of well-accomplished writing assignments is an outline. Essay outlines are designed to make your paper well-structured and serve as a guide throughout the whole process of paper writing. As it is known, a good essay is a well-structured one. For getting this done properly, you need to create a plan, put together all the material that you have and want to include in your paper, as well as your thoughts, ideas, arguments, examples, evidences etc. All this you need to structure appropriately, create logical connections between paragraphs and do everything it takes to make your essay sound coherent. As you can see, being able to deal with creating a good essay outline is absolutely essential for developing strong college writing skills. Below in the article, you can find tutorial that will hopefully help you master your essay outline effectively as a professional.

Preparing to make an effective essay outline

Don’t hurry up to start writing. At first, read carefully the assigned material, including all the details, instructions and guidelines. Highlight the key words that you see in the task and make sure you know what they mean. If you don’t, go online and find out their meaning as soon as possible. One of the most important moments is to make sure you know what you are required to do. Is it analyzing, researching, comparing, forecasting or anything else? If there is anything you are not sure about, the best idea would be to talk to your professor and clarify all the things that seem confusing or what you have doubts about.

Your second step will be to define and develop your topic. You can’t start without having a clear image of the problem you will discuss. So in terms of developing your topic, you need to generate your thoughts, relate them to the gathered material and put them together. Here’s some helpful strategies to get it done:

  • Formulate all your ideas, no matter how relevant or not they may seem. Later you will choose the best of them and expand those that will serve your main point.
  • Practice writing without limits. This is a useful strategy, especially for those who has not much experience in writing academic papers. Try not to limit yourself and write anything you wish without stopping for at least five minutes. This is a great way to get started if you don’t know what to start with.
  • Find the idea that you like best, put it in the center of the paper and draw several lines leading to another ideas which are logically connected to the one in the center. Then, draw more lines from every new idea and so on. This will help you put your thoughts in the right order.
  • Ask yourself questions. Why is the topic important? Where can you apply the solution you will come up with? How can your paper serve particular area of studies?

Working on the outline for essay

This is extremely essential that you defined the ultimate goal of your writing and you can explain it not only to your readers, but to yourself as well. What are you going to achieve in the end of the day? You have to see if the purpose of your paper meets the question in the assignment and its requirements. Another important moment we want you to pay attention to is your target audience. Do you know who your potential readers are? What people do you actually want to read your essay? Is it only your professor or your classmates and just strangers as well? It is essential to know whom you will talk to in order to understand what style of language to use. More than that, you need to decide the desired effect of your essay. What is it that you want your reader to think or to do? Is there going to be any motivation? According to your answers to these questions, it will be easier for you to build sentences, because each sentence will step by step lead your essay to achieving your goal.

How to write an essay outline thesis

Writing of an essay outline requires developing a strong thesis for your paper. This is only possible after you come up with the purpose of your essay, its type and the target audience. You need to begin with asking yourself a question, the answer to which will be the basis of your thesis statement. The question may sound like: what is the role of scientific progress nowadays? And the answer may sound like: in contemporary society, scientific progress helps fighting with diseases and make people’s lives more comfortable and easy. Typically, there are three kinds of thesis statement, depending on the purpose of the writing assignment:

  • Analytical. It is used if you write an analytical essay where you examine the given problem.
  • Expository. It is commonly used in an informative or educative kind of academic writing, where the general purpose is not to persuade or analyze, but to just provide information about something. In other words, you have to illuminate the given problem.
  • Argumentative. This one is used for argumentative kind of writing assignments, where you need to express your point of view in regard to something and provide arguments proving your rightness. In this kind of thesis, you need to make a claim in order to make your target audience change their opinions.

How to make your thesis statement powerful

To write a powerful thesis statement for your essay outline, you need to write in a dynamic, convincing and fresh manner. Keep it narrow and avoid using too much figurative language, since it will distract your reader form the key message. Moreover, you need to make sure that your thesis is provable, otherwise how you are going to find proper arguments? A good thesis will serve as a road map towards your main point, which you will develop further in the paper. In most of cases, the base strategies to come up with a strong and effective thesis are the following:

  • It has to be an assertion. It means that your thesis cannot be written in a format of a question. Instead, it has to be a certain fact or an observation. Facts are the best arguments to support your idea.
  • It has to announce your personal position in regard to the discussed issue. Your position has to be clear and authoritative, which is how you are going to convince the audience in your rightness.
  • It has to announce the key message of your essay and explain what question you are going to cover in the essay.
  • It has to answer a particular question.
  • A strong thesis has also to be arguable. In other words, it has to give a reason for the further discussion.

Creating an impressive introduction

The introduction is exactly where you need to impress you audience in order to make them want to continue reading your essay. While opening the topic, an introduction also has to provide a general overview to let your readers know what it is going to be about. Having started in a general manner, you are going to become more and more specific while developing your thoughts. Divide your introduction into three sections, which are the following:

  • The first sentence will introduce the topic. Try to make it catchy and loud. A good way would be to provide a surprising fact or even a nice joke.
  • The second part will take one or two sentences. Describe your topic in a brief manner. Provide some historical background or a definition of a key term that will figurate in your essay. Although this section is narrow, it still has to provide essential information to let the reader understand your paper.
  • Include the thesis statement, that we were discussing previously in the article.

Making the body and conclusion for the outline

The body is always the biggest part of any kind of paper and creating an outline is a perfect way to get it properly structured. When writing the body and providing the main point of your paper, avoid making any labels, such as writing “the key idea is”. Instead, proceed to writing directly your key idea about the explored issue. At the same time, you have to divide your body part into sub-sections, which are the paragraphs. Every paragraph serves to introduce and support with arguments and evidences a new idea. Avoid providing two or more different ideas in the same paragraph. Instead, make logical link between the subsections of the body part with the help of the last sentences in each paragraph.

Your conclusions have to be organized into a separate section in the end of the paper. While returning your audience to the general discussion of the paper, you have to summarize the main ideas and thoughts, restate the thesis statement written in the introduction and make the final concluding statement. Your ultimate conclusion should provide solutions to the explored problem and explain how they can be applied.

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