Where to look for college essay ideas

There are a lot of students who get intimidated by the very idea of writing a paper. Writing skills are not that common, sometimes you have just to be born a good writer in order to write good. However, you simply cannot avoid this type of assignment during your studies in high school, college or university. Therefore, you’d better learn how to do it now and spend the rest of your student’s life being able to deal with any kind of writing assignment rather than struggling every time you face it. Besides, writing becomes much easier if you know what to write about. It’s actually the core aspect of any kind of writing. If you know your topic, you have enough of proper material and sources of information and you know how to put it all together, writing will not be such an unbearable challenge for you. You’re not the first student who faces difficulties with writing tasks, so there are already many strategies, which had been made up long before you even became a student. In this article, you will find our recommendations in regard to college papers writing, which will hopefully help you accomplish your writing assignment.

Exploring the assignment

Before you proceed to writing itself, you need to know exactly what you should do, what you are expected and what your professor wants to read in your paper. Understanding the assignment is the first thing you need to do. Find out the type of the paper, requirements and read the instructions. There are many types of writing assignments, each of which is characterized by having a different purpose, style, format, approach etc. Look at some of them:

  • Narrative essays. This is a kind of storytelling which serves to provide a real experience you once had in your life. The easy thing about this type of essays, is that here you are allowed to use the first person, which should be avoided when writing other types of papers.
  • Descriptive essays. This is about providing a description of an object, place, person or anything in the world that can be described. A strong paper of this type appeals to the feelings and emotions peculiar to people.
  • Expository essays. This is where you have to provide mostly facts without going much into details or any kind of discussion. Your personal opinion is not required here, as well as analysis of the discussed subject.
  • Persuasive essays. The main difference of this type of essay writing is that your goal is to convince the reader in your rightness in regard to certain issue. At the same time, this is the most difficult essay.
  • Argumentative essays. This type of college essays provides certain viewpoint followed by various arguments to support this point in the form of examples, quotes, research results, evidences etc.

Understanding your purpose

Once you got to know the type of the paper you have to write, you have to clarify your ultimate purpose according to it. This is also one of the factors that will determine the topic of your essay. Good college essay ideas are those that match the purpose of the essay perfectly. Through your topic, you have to achieve what you’re supposed to achieve according to the type and purpose of your essay.

  • To better understand your purpose, pay attention to the action words in the given assignment. They can be the following:
  • Compare. This would mean that you have to choose two objects of analysis and compare them, providing their differences and similarities.
  • Analyze. Here it would be enough to choose only one object, which may be anything you can analyze. Do some research on it and analyze it in your paper.
  • Describe. This means you will have to provide a description of something with the purpose of making your readers imagine the described object as if it was right in front of their eyes.
  • Contrast. Here, you would be expected to highlight the contrast between two things. Comparing to the describing purpose, this one requires you to show only the differences, while ignoring similarities, if such exist.

Looking for college essay prompts

If you feel confused about choosing a topic for your essay, that’s totally normal. There are so many things to be discussed that it’s simply impossible to find the best, because there will always be something better. However, in order to come up with some really interesting, meaningful and worthy of your attention college essay ideas, we suggest you looking for essay prompts available online on many college websites. You can choose one of them or you can just use them as a source of inspiration and motivation. Look at the following prompts we found for you:

  • Some students consider themselves special for a certain reason without which they wouldn’t be who they are. This reason can be a talent, background, experience etc. Share your reason to be special.
  • Throughout our whole life, we sometimes face failures that teach us a lot of things that later appear to be quite useful. What an important lesson did you have in your life and what did it teach you?
  • Have you ever changed any belief? What exactly affected you that much and which were the circumstances? Tell us the evolution of your belief.
  • Is there any global problem bothering you so much that you are ready to devote part of your life to solving it? What makes it so important and how does it resonate with your beliefs?
  • Share a story about what caused your personal growth and looking at things differently. Was it a certain serious event, challenge, accident, love, adventure, failure, victory?
  • Is there any idea, dream or concept that immerses you completely and you forget about everything? What is it and what makes your so passionate about it?
  • Remember a situation from your personal experience when you were choosing between taking a risk and staying safe. What decision did you make? Are you happy with your decision today?
  • If you could travel in time, when would you like to find yourself now? Is there something in your life you would like to change? If yes, why?
  • Think about a movie, book, or a musical composition that sets your soul on fire. How and in what way do you think it is influencing you?
  • Why do you think higher education is important? List at list three deep meaningful reasons for getting higher education.
  • If you had an opportunity to meet any person in the world for a short conversation, who would it be? What questions would you like to ask this person?
  • What country in the world would you like to live and why?
  • What advice would you give to your past self?

Brainstorming your ideas

Now that you have a list of college essay ideas, you can come up with one of them and proceed to brainstorming. Choosing a topic is important because the best way to write as a pro is to write about something you personally care. Therefore, don’t choose something that seems easy to discuss. Instead, consider prompts that you are concerned about. Something that you find important and worthy of being illuminated.

In fact, whatever topic you choose, you have to be able to discuss it appropriately, dive deep into the issue, do the needed research and analysis. If you don’t know what to start with, we recommend you doing a ten minutes free writing. In other words, you have to start writing without stopping for at least ten minutes and not limit yourself, trying to make your first draft perfect. Let all your thoughts just flow without judging them. Later, you will reevaluate and edit them, choosing the most relevant.

Also, it would be helpful to just make a list of ideas. At first, it may seem difficult, but as you start listing them, you will engage yourself into the process and it will flow much easier. Don’t be too hard on yourself trying to make your first ideas brilliant. Inspiration usually comes in the middle of action, so even if now you feel like you have nothing on your mind, just start. Starting is the hardest thing, but once you did it, writing won’t seem so difficult anymore.

Determine your focus

All college essay ideas should motivate you to express your position in regard to certain issue. There has to be something specific that you are eager to tell your readers. This means that you have to think thoroughly and define what you think about it. Remember that no one expects you to have the same opinion as someone else. Quite the opposite, professors in colleges are always looking forward to reading a piece where students are not afraid to be honest and express their opinions the way they are. Even if you think nobody will agree with you, you still need to keep unique. A remarkable essay is a unique one.

Writing a college paper is not really the easiest thing to do. But who ever said it was? If you feel uncertain about your writing skills and want to get professional help, we are always ready to help you. Contact us right away and we will provide you with all kinds of support and needed writing assistance.