What we should know about the parts of an essay

Like any other type of academic paper, essay should consist of specific parts, each of which is dedicated to formulating a specific idea or presenting the material in a different way. Structure is important because it helps putting your thoughts in the proper order, keeping your point understandable and make your audience excited whatever you’re writing about. See below what parts of an essay you will work on.

  • The introduction part of your paper.
  • The body part of the essay.
  • The conclusion.

As you probably know, all the parts of an essay have different objectives and serve to give a particular idea. As for the introduction part, it will open your essay. It’s better not to make it a long piece, otherwise the reader may get bored before he actually gets to the main idea of the essay. On the contrary, three or four sentences would be quite enough to make a good presentation in a short, clear and understandable manner. For example, if you are going to write such kind of essay as an argumentative, your first part will have to explain what you are going to argue about, tell the reason which inspired you to rise that or another question and provide a narrow summary about your viewpoint in regard to the problem arisen in your essay.

More details about the introduction

Among all the parts of an essay, the introduction is probably the easiest. As long as you’ll have to write three sentences, check out below what these sentences will have to be about.

  • The first sentence of introduction will introduce the problem you will be discussing. This is where you will say a few words about the topic.
  • The second sentence will have to provide a little bit deeper description of the topic, while using additional comments on the main idea. Maybe you want to explain what makes this question important nowadays and why it needs to be discussed.
  • The third sentence in your introduction is the so-called thesis sentence, where you will explain your key viewpoint briefly and clearly.

Depending on your goal, you have the choice of writing either situation introduction, or the one which is known as opinion introduction. However, these two kinds of introduction don’t have much difference between them, if not to mention a few details.

Writing the situation kind of an introduction

As for the situation kind of an essay introduction, it usually contains two sentences that you will use for the presentation of the current situation describing the problem you have chosen to discuss in your essay. In other words, you need to find the two sides of the problem, which have to be different and show different shades or aspects of it. The first sentence will serve to provide one aspect of the issue, while the second one will have to add the other opposite aspect of the current issue. As for the third sentence, you will use it to finish your introduction and provide an explanation of what you will actually write in your paper about. It will be kind of a small thesis written as understandable as possible without the usage of extra words and expressions.

What is an opinion kind of an introduction and how to write it

Very similar to the previous one, the opinion kind of an introduction serves to provide two kinds of opinions in regard to the discussed issue. The important detail about this kind of the introduction, however, is that it is highly important that the two opinions are opposite and provide ideas from absolutely different prospectives. So you will have to use the first sentence in order to write about the first opinion and, eventually, the second sentence will provide a brief comment on the discussed issue from the opposite point of view.

The middle part of the paper

All parts of an essay are different. Eventually, there is the easiest and the hardest part. So the hardest part and also the most crucial one is body. It is the biggest, where all your ideas, arguments, reasons and various opinions will have to be provided. The body part usually has a couple of inner paragraphs, depending on the amount of sentences in it and on their length. As a rule, every paragraph has around six sentences, but preferably no less than five and no more than seven or eight sentences. The bigger your sentences are, the less number of them should be used.

Please pay attention to the number of paragraphs you use. Not having at least two of them will prevent you from getting a good mark. First of all, long text without classification and correct organization of sentences is very tough to read and understand so even if your point is absolutely correct and intelligent, your reader may not even read it to the end. On the other hand, well-used paragraphs demonstrate that you have got your ideas classified and organized properly.

The body part includes two paragraphs if you’re discussing two independent aspects of the issue. One will be an argument to support your main point and on the contrary, the other one will be proving it wrong. However, in case if you decided to give only one point of view concerning the risen question, the body part of your paper will most likely have three paragraphs. Also, you can use two paragraphs in order to show that you either agree or disagree with the main idea and explain why you have that or another opinion, so that one of the paragraphs will contain arguments in favor of the main point and the other one will serve to prove it wrong. Finally, you can use three paragraph in case if you are going to provide complete agreement or disagreement with the given idea while giving deep explanation and examples.

Even that paragraphs are necessary, don’t make too many of them. Three would be enough to clarify your own thoughts and organize information. Also, structuring is a good way to form your personal attitude to the problem, if you don’t have it yet.

Conclude your essay professionally

While the previous parts of an essay are meant to present information, the last one will have to provide a summary. At the same time, it is your final chance to impress reader and make your paper remarkable. While this part is quite similar to introduction, it is still different so just paraphrasing won’t work. You will have to provide unique conclusions that you’ve come up with during research. Take a look below, here are some possible ways to conclude your essay appropriately.
One of the ways would be to paraphrase the main question and to give two or three sentences with a brief but strong conclusion.

Some students may like to use summarizing of the key ideas. Come back to the body part, look at the key ideas and put them together in a form of summary.
In case if your paper haven’t provided your personal opinion on the discussed issue in the body part, you may give it in a form of a conclusion, while commenting on the main idea or the problem from your own perspective and experience.

Finally, professors like when their students give a little forecast about the problem. Here, you can say what, to your mind, will or will not happen in the next few years and give a short explanation with some evidence to support your point. Will the situation change or will it stay stable and why? What consequences of that or another situation are most likely to appear in the future and why?

Some more tips to writing a good essay

Beware of coping someone else’s work and using ideas that have been used before. Getting a good mark requires spending hours or even days on your own research and coming up with your own unique ideas, conclusions, examples and so on. It is important that you feel free to express your position the way you feel right to do it, as long as you possess required knowledge in the particular field of study. If you get caught only once in using someone else’s materials, you will find it rather hard to fight for your reputation afterwards. So it is definitely better to cope with it on your own and avoid problems. Also, concentrate on the main point without jumping from one thought to another while writing your essay. When your paper is done, make sure there are no mistakes, including grammar imperfections, because it also plays significant role when in comes to the mark you are expecting to get. A good essay is always remarkable. It has to be well-organized, interesting, unique, and it also provides a new prospective, while at the same time giving the needed overview of the problem.

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