What is an exemplification essay

If you are looking for some advice concerning writing a college paper, you are where you need to be, because here you will find tips and guidelines to deal with your essay. During studying in college or university you are probably going to deal with all kinds of writing assignments, some of which will be required more often, while others only a few times. As for the exemplification essay as such, it is not assigned very often, but any other kind of essay is a bit of exemplification. This kind of academic writing requires you to discuss a certain topic, while proving a key idea by a set of techniques. In this particular case, these techniques shall be providing appropriate sources, detailed information and enough of valid material to be able to express your opinion in a good manner. When writing this paper, your major task shall be choosing the best possible examples that would illustrate the issue and to include them into the paper so that everything sounds coherent, logic and meaningful.

The main component of the illustrative essay

The above mentioned kind of paper is sometimes called illustrative because its major purpose is to illustrate something, to create a vivid image of that or another issue in your potential reader’s mind. As a matter of fact, both variants are equally appropriate. So no matter how you call it, your paper shall consist of the following elements that are special features of this very kind of writing:

  • One or two strong examples to the point.
  • A couple of briefly mentioned examples to elaborate on the discussed issue.
  • Specific ideas identifying the author’s view of the problem and unfolding the topic from different sides.
  • Strong undeniable arguments. The number of arguments should be equal to the number of specific ideas or excel it, which would be even better. The more strong arguments you find, the more successful your paper will be.
  • Interesting, valid and to the point material to get your discussion evolved.
  • Reliable sources. This element is sometimes not payed attention to by the students, although it is very important.

Keep in mind that each example that you are going to provide in your essay must match your own beliefs that you prove in the paper. In other words, you need to avoid any kind of controversy or contradiction in your exemplification essay. If you have already chosen certain point of view to be proved, you need to stuck to it throughout your whole paper.

Interesting topics for your essay

This kind of essays is very similar to argumentative, so if you learn how to cope with it, be sure you can write anything. An important role in the success of your paper plays the topic. First of all, it has to reflect your personal interests and concerns. It is impossible to write good about something that you don’t care about or something that goes against your beliefs. In addition, your topic has to be interesting for the audience as well, quite deep and arguable. Better don’t choose a commonly discussed issue or something that is obvious to everybody. And finally, think about whether you know where to look for examples to prove your point in order not to get lost in the middle of the process because you will not know where to find them. In other words, before you proceed to the writing itself, you have to make sure that you choose a topic that matches all of the above mentioned requirements.

Below in the article, there’s a list of topics that one might find interesting. You can use them as a source for inspiration or as independent ideas for your own topic.

  • Should some of the drugs such as marijuana or LSD be legalized?
  • What is the role of education in contemporary society?
  • What is going to be the next step in the technical progress of humanity?
  • How will the future generations deal with the lack of natural resources and water pollution?
  • How can yoga help people of different age feel better and keep their bodies strong and healthy?
  • How do the social websites influence people all over the world, especially teenagers?
  • How will the appearance of human like robots change our daily life?
  • What kinds of fear are the most widespread among young people in their twenties and what are the methods of dealing with it?
  • What are the advantages of becoming a vegan? Is that true that humanity is moving toward vegan style living?
  • How is fashion changing through decades? Is that true that everything is coming back every certain amount of years?
  • What is the future of international relationships at a global level? How are states going interact between each other, taking into consideration the current state of events?
  • How do we fight terrorism around the world? What is the root of this occurrence?

These are good topics to be discussed because they are of current importance, arguable, deep enough and have to do with really important matters. Keep reading to find out what topics you’d better not choose to discuss in your exemplification essay.

What topics are better to avoid

There is an endless number of issues to cover in a paper so sometimes it is really hard to make a good choice. For this exact reason, we decided to give you examples of topics that we recommend you avoiding with a brief explanation why they are not quite good in this case.

  • What is your favorite place in the world and why? Although it could be an interesting topic, but for this kind of essay it is too intimate. You’d better find something more related to current sociocultural or other important issues.
  • Is alcohol addiction dangerous and why? This topic would not be a good choice because it sets the question the answer to which is too obvious. And also, apparently it is only one-sided, which prevents you from a full-fledged discussion.
  • How to make a potato soup? Of course you can say this topic is primitive at first sight. But the real reason why it’s not appropriate for illustrative essay is because it foresees discussing a process, not a certain issue. Therefore, any topic covering a process should be avoided.

All the above provided topics not matching the purpose of your illustrative essay are not bad per se, but they cannot be used in this particular issue. Now you can make up your mind what to write about and be sure that your topic is completely relevant.

Proceed to writing your illustrative essay

At this point we recommend you making up a plan of your paper. Here’s where it would be helpful to brainstorm a little bit and practice ten or so minutes of writing in a free style. This will help you put your thoughts on paper while not worrying about how it may sound. When you’re done, you will make a plan considering what you’ve just written.

Divide all the material into three major parts in accordance with the required structure. So you need state the topic, one or two key ideas (no more than two because there has two be maximum two major points to create a ground for the further discussion) and include them into the first section, which is going to take up to five paragraphs. This is also where you need to use the hook, which is needed to make your essay catchy. The better hook you use, the more people will read your essay. The best place for it would be in the first sentence and by a hook, you can understand whatever is capable of attracting people’s attention, a joke or a provoking expression, a shocking fact or breaking news etc. In the end of the section, dedicate one or two sentences for the thesis statement, which is needed to announce the whole point of your essay.

The next section is the hardest and has to include all the results of your research, all the points, both main and supporting, all the arguments and, eventually, examples. Make sure you have an example to prove every single idea that you have and illustrate it appropriately. This can take you from three to five paragraphs, depending on the requirements provided in the writing assignment. If you have doubts in this regard, ask your professor to clarify this info. Be specific throughout the body section. Once you stated an idea, make sure it is properly supported.

Tie everything together

No matter how brilliant you got your essay written, it’s not enough unless you have a strong conclusion. Since this is the last thing your professor is going to read, you need to make it very clear and impressive. Restating the thesis statement is only good for the start, but you also have to sum up everything and announce what is really hidden behind all the information in your paper. Find specific words and put them into one sentence so that it would sound loud, understandable and effective.

Once you got your conclusion written, you’re almost done! Now you only have to proofread and edit your exemplification essay to make sure it as brilliant as you want it to be. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your work, please consider out professional writing assistance