What is an essay heading

There are many essay styles, each of which provides a set of guidelines and requirements in regard to formatting the paper. One of the most common styles is Modern Language Association style for writing academic papers, which is known as MLA style. It provides a list of recommendations specifying how you need to write paper headings for any type of writing assignments, including research papers, literature essays of all kinds and more complicated works such as dissertations and so on. At the same time, this style also has a set of formatting guidelines and recommendations as for the other matters, such as title, structure etc. In this article, we will explain to you the general features of this kind of writing style and help you deal with formatting your paper the best possible way. Keep reading and check out our professional tips and guidelines and in case of need, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and additional support.

What to begin with

First thing to do when beginning your essay is providing your personal information. One of the specificities of MLA style is that it doesn’t require you to have a title page, so you need to begin directly with your personal info. This means that instead of making a title you need to include the info about yourself, including your name and surname, the name of your class and the professor, the day of submission of the assignment in the upper left part of the paper sheet. Start with your full name and the professor’s name one under the other followed by the rest of info mentioned above. Remember to make double spaces.

Once you get it done, proceed to the title of your work. It goes under the above mentioned info and should be placed in the center of the same page. According to MLA requirements, the title letters of the main words should be capitalized, while the title itself should be informative enough to let the reader know what you’re going to dedicate you essay to. Make it clear, narrow and understandable. Too long titles are usually confusing and most professors don’t really like them. You can also have a subtitle, if needed. For example, if the topic of your work is quite complicated and cannot be fully announced in one sentence, you can divide it into two parts, one of which would be the main title and the other one would be more specific.

Creating a proper essay heading

Your next step is going to be dealing with the heading properly. It’s going to be visible on every page of your work and you have to place it in the upper part of the paper sheet on the right side. Keep in mind that you don’t have to include it into the previous page, where you provided your personal information and instead, locate it beginning with the second page. Read the following tips how to make a good heading as it should be:

  • When including the numbers of pages, use numbers without any additional signs such as “p.” etc, if you were not asked to do the other way.
  • Come back to the given instructions every time you have doubts. Read and reread them until you make sure you match them fully. For instance, sometimes professors may require special things, that are not mentioned in the MLA guidelines.
  • Use the advantages of Microsoft Office to make the formatting process easier and less time consuming. For instance, creating an essay heading is one of the things you can do with the help of its functions.
  • Make sure all the information in your paper follows the same style. In other words, if it’s Times New Roman, check if text on every page follows it appropriately.

How to deal with essay sections

Our recommendation would be to talk to your professor first of all and clarify if any section headings are needed or required, unless it is provided in the instructions. It is always better to know things like these for sure in order to avoid confusions when your paper is written and submitted.

If the answer is positive, you need to divide all your essay into main parts, each of which serves its own purpose. This is one of the thing why you need and paper heading, since every heading will determine the name of that or another part. In accordance with commonly accepted rules, your part is going to include the following main parts:

  • The introduction part to announce the topic of your work, explain it in a few brief sentences and let the reader know about the key message of your whole paper in the last sentence of the part, which is going to be the thesis statement. It is also the part where you will need to provide a hook or any trick to attract attention to the topic and the paper accordingly.
  • The middle part is where you include all the discussion, including the research materials, all the ideas that you have one after another in a separate paragraph, arguments and facts, evidences and examples etc. in order to make your essay complete and effective.
  • Conclusions. Unless anything else is required, you may write conclusions by the use of the thesis statement that you wrote in the first part. Just rewrite it in different words and you will get your conclusions done.
  • Works cited. This section is dedicated to the information sources you used while researching.

As long as you’re dealing with MLA formatting style, you will have to specify the name of every part of your paper and announce it in the essay heading. Just like it was with the title of your essay, you need to make the titles of your sections narrow, clear, informative and understandable.

The importance of correct formatting

It is known well that essay formatting is responsible for minimum fifteen percent of the grade you will get for your work. Even if you’ve gathered the best material, conducted the deepest research and had the most outstanding ideas, such a simple matter as the absence of proper formatting can turn your “A” into “D”. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate the huge importance of formatting and pay enough attention to it.

Taking into consideration that formatting is usually done in the very end, right after the research is conducted and writing is finished, most of the students are too lazy or sometimes just tired to deal with formatting afterwards. In other cases they may not have enough time to spend on formatting because they need to submit their paper as soon as possible. These are the major reasons why this significant step of accomplishing writing assignments is missed or ignored. Well, there are two ways how to solve this problem. Either you get the formatting done on your own by following certain instructions and guidelines, or you use professional service and let experience writers do this piece of work for you.

Tips on perfecting your paper

We would like you to consider the following tips in order to avoid common mistakes and know how to make your paper look and sound awesome. Check them out:

  • Keep your sentences short and clear. Writing long boring complicated sentences about everything and nothing all at once isn’t a good way to impress your professor. Instead, make it straight forward and to the point.
  • Make sure that you really understand the topic. There so many cases when students don’t understand completely the assigned topic and find it out when they have already written their paper. If you don’t want to do the same job twice, keep asking yourself when writing every next sentence if it covers the topic properly.
  • Make it logical and keep the sentences and paragraphs connected to each other. This means that every previous paragraph should lead to the following.
  • Stuck to the main idea. Don’t try to cover a dozen of ideas because it’s simply impossible to do in only one paper. Your professor is most likely looking for one or two main ideas in your paper which are discussed deeply and in a meaningful way.
  • Once you’ve come up with an outline, follow it accurately. Ideas should be discussed one by one in the right order, so avoid mixing different points in the same paragraph.
  • It’s all about a catchy title and promising start. Most of the success of your paper is determined by the first sentences, because it sets the whole tone of your paper.
  • Make sure to leave a strong last impression. If you want your paper to be remembered, make the last sentence loud and impressive, because it’s the last thing your professor is going to read.

We highly recommend you follow these tips to get the highest grade. The combination of all features a good essay should have, including the proper formatting of essay heading, references, conclusions etc., guarantees that your professor will like it and evaluate accordingly.

Remember asking for professional help

Essay writing is challenging for most of young people, although it plays a significant role in your studies. If you feel a lack of skills, it’s ok to ask for help from experienced expert writers, at least until you learn to deal with it on your own. Contact us to get to know more about our service