What is a good critical lens essay

In each single conversation where an author speaks to the potential reader through his essay, every word and sentence have a special purpose. Taking into consideration that the author attempts to create a topic or explain an opinion that will be highlighted and proved in the essay, you have to do your best in order to make statements that would be not only interesting, but also have a deep meaning. A good critical lens essay is a paper where a reader gets to know the discussed point and analyzes it at the same time through reading the writer’s work. Just like the explanation of certain point of view about the importance of the quote, the author should also provide appropriate references to prove the statements at the same time.

What does the analysis mean

If your purpose is to explore and analyze a certain quote, it is essential that you realize what information should go into an overall analysis and what should be ignored. Considering the specific quote that you as the author of the paper have chosen, you will need to come up with a strong argument, based on reliable literature sources. Your task as a writer is to support and prove your personal suggestion. In other words, your main job is to find the best and most reliable literature references that would match your personal point of view and the idea of your paper on the whole. For instance, in case if you have picked a quote related to strength, you need to look for minimum two and maximum five (depending on the required size of your essay) literary pieces that would provide a good support of the key idea or opinion that you dedicated your paper to. All these literature references should demonstrate how the used quote is a strong prove.

Creating an outline for your essay

The assigned kind of writing is usually required during studies in a high school, but also in colleges and universities. It can be as a part of class work to be accomplished within one hour, or sometimes it is also assigned as a part of a home work. In the second case, you have much more time to spend on writing, of course. These types of papers have many common features with the analytical papers, but their main unique characteristic is that they are designed to discuss not so much a certain idea or a concept, but to provide a deep analysis of a quote. With that said, the structure of this precise kind of essay has all the commonly accepted elements and their order is also the same. Look at the following:

Introduction part to announce the topic and the quote that you are going to discuss in your paper, as well as a hook and other tricks to grab the audience’s attention. Also, here you are expected to let the reader know if you personally agree with the quote or whether you find it wrong.

Body paragraphs, which usually takes from three to five paragraphs, depending on the overall length of your essay. As a rule the required number of words to be written in a paper is provided in the assignment. This is where you will primarily support, explain and prove your point of view.

Conclusion part. This is where you will have to restate the provided in the introduction part thesis statement, and announce the ultimate conclusion which should be a logical and vivid statement based on the discussion.

Below in the article we provided a little bit more detailed discussion of each of the elements of the critical lens essay. Keep reading to learn them better.

Dealing with the introduction

To begin with, you need to look for an outstanding quote to analyze in your paper. Keep in mind that if you are aimed at a high mark and you are actually interested in writing an effective essay, just taking any quote from anywhere won’t work. This has to be something absolutely remarkable, something that not only makes sense to you (or doesn’t make sense and seems absurd, as long as it makes a strong impression), but what you cannot ignore and really want to discuss. There has to be a quote that either made a huge impact in terms of history, or impressed you as a person in a certain way.

When you have found that outstanding quote, you need to come up with an idea how to interpret it in such a way that it would make sense or sound understandable not only to you, but to the reader as well. Keep in mind that while you might have known this quote already, your readers may see it for the first time. This is why you need to totally make sure that it sounds clear and the reader won’t have hard time guessing what it’s supposed to mean. You need to make it clear right in the beginning of your paper. The very interpretation of the chosen quote is exactly what we call the thesis statement which you will have to provide in the end of the intro.

Now this is time for you to decide whether you personally agree with the quote or your opinion differs from it. The fact whether you agree or disagree won’t play any role in terms of evaluation of your paper and it’s success. What really plays role is the way how you are going to support your point of view. So you will have to give a brief explanation showing the methods you will use to support your opinion, as well as provide appropriate literature references. This gives you the right to be completely honest with yourself and the reader as for your personal position.

As for the position to choose in regard to the discussed quote, we recommend you think about it thoroughly. You need to be really sure, because during the whole writing you will need to stuck to a certain point and not change your mind from one paragraph to another. That is why in order not to get lost in your own thoughts, you need to know 100% that you think that or another way.

Let’s make a brief list of steps to take when writing an introduction:

  • Choosing a great quote to analyze in your essay.
  • Dealing with the right interpretation of the quote.
  • Choosing your personal position in regard to the chosen quote.
  • Ensuring that you have chosen the exact position that matches your beliefs.

Dealing with the body paragraph(s)

As in writing of any other kind of essay, a critical lens essay has the middle part, where most of material is to be provided. The ultimate purpose of the body paragraphs, which need to be mo more than five and no less than three, unless anything else is required in the assignment, is to completely support and prove your opinion, which was stated in the introduction part as a thesis statement. As a matter of fact, mostly it has to be done by the use of literature references, but you shouldn’t also underestimate the importance of your own knowledge, beliefs and thoughts to defend a specific point of view.

Each paragraph in the body provides its little story. In other words, it has to begin with a new idea, statement or thought. Every time you want to discuss the chosen quote from a new perspective, you need to open a new paragraph. At the same time, make sure that every though needs to have arguments and proves. If you don’t know how to defend a certain statement, a better way would be not to provide it at all. And, finally, keep in mind that the paragraphs should have a specific order to make the material sound logic and reasonable. Every next paragraph should be a continuation of the previous paragraph and so on.

Writing the conclusion part

The conclusion part of your essay will have two ultimate goals. The first one is to rewrite the thesis statement provided in the introduction, while the second goal is to sum up all the material in the essay, including your arguments, evidences, examples and other things you used to support your viewpoint. Take into consideration that rewriting your thesis statement is not only putting it into different words, because you need to show how it makes sense after the whole discussion. Take a look at the following tips (questions) to come up with a strong conclusion for your critical lens essay.

  • What kind of impact on the society does the discussed quote have? Is it positive or negative?
  • What could influence you so that you would be ready to change your mind in regard to the discussed quote?
  • Should this quote be discussed at a bigger level? In other words, is it worthy of attracting attention of the society?

Remember that your purpose is to make a general concluding statement, that would finish your paper so that the reader could feel that the issue is discussed fully and there are no holes left.

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