What is a death penalty essay

If you are reading this article, you are probably trying to make up your mind how to deal with writing a college paper on death penalty. And you are totally in the right place! We will provide you with tips and guidelines you need to know in order to write an impressive paper and get a high mark. Most of students have a hard time dealing with writing assignments, so don’t be too strict with yourself thinking that you’re the only one who is not a writing genius enjoying academic papers. Not everybody is gifted with strong writing skills and sometimes we need to practice and learn in order to develop proper skills in that or another area. However, we also offer you an extra plan in case if you will feel lost and confused even after reading our guidelines. We are willing to provide you with all kinds of professional assistance and give you all the possible support to make it easier for you. And also, we can write your essay for you and release you from hours and even days of hard work. So how do you get started when accomplishing this task? Read further and find out what steps to take and how to come up with good ideas for your paper.

Understanding the purpose of the assignment

Usually writing assignments such as a death penalty essay are designed to help students unfold their argumentative writing skills. In most of cases this is an argumentative paper, so just stating and analyzing facts won’t work, because you need to choose certain position in regard to the death penalty, express clearly and in an understandable manner and convince your reader that your point is the only right point in this regard. Doesn’t sound too easy, does it? But it’s not as hard as you might find it to be.

First and foremost, make sure you realize the purpose: you have to convince. No matter what your point is, it has to be arguable and you have to be able to support it with proper arguments and win the battle. This is why when choosing position, ensure that you really think that or another way, otherwise how will you be able to persuade someone in what you are not sure about on your own? At the same time, just having a clear position is not enough for getting a high mark. It is also important to be able to put it into words impressively and in accordance with the requirements.

The arguments you will find below are not necessarily the best or the only possible. They will hopefully inspire you to come up with your own ideas or, if you find them appropriate, you can of course choose one of them and build your essay upon the one that you agree with. On the other hand, if your essay isn’t supposed to be argumentative, you can make it informative, which would be much easier. But we recommend you clarifying this question with your professor in order not to mismatch his requirements.

Kinds of capital punishment

Death penalty is sometimes called as capital punishment. In the most simple meaning, this is a legal way of killing a person for committing a hard crime. Different countries around the world have different laws regulating this practice, in some of them capital punishment is prohibited at all, while in the others it is applied on a regular basis. This issue is very controversial, which is why in some countries laws regulating this kind of punishment are being changed from time to time. Here are some of the most widespread ways of applying death penalty around the word:

  • Hanging. It has a long history and was applied since ancient times. Nowadays is mostly met in the East and Middle East.
  • Shooting can be used in two states of USA, such as Utah and Oklahoma, as well as in Belarus and several Asian countries.
  • Lethal injection is mostly applied in US, but also in China and some other countries.
  • Electrocution is a rare method, just as well as gas inhalation, which is usually applied if a criminal (prisoner) makes a proper request.
  • Beheading is probably the most scary method and it can only be applied in one of the most strict muslim countries, Saudi Arabia.

All the above mentioned is really hard to perceive as a legal means of dealing with criminals. But you have to be aware of it in order to understand your attitude to the capital punishment and whether you find it acceptable in contemporary society or not.

If you choose not to support capital punishment

If after reading the above methods you feel like putting people to death on a legal basis is unacceptable in today’s world, we offer you the following arguments to support your point. Reed them carefully and use in your death penalty essay, if appropriate.

  • Death penalty cannot prevent murders from happening. Not all the people who committed a hard crime did that on purpose, so basically, this kind of punishment is not fair. Besides, those who commit crimes on purpose will never be stopped by justice.
  • People should look for alternatives for the capital punishment. This is not the ultimate solution for fighting against criminals.
  • Violence gives birth to violence. Therefore, thinking that killing a criminal will decrease the amount of violence is an absurd.
  • Nobody who committed a crime, even if it’s the hardest crime ever, never did that because he was feeling good. People do bad deeds because they feel bad, which means that they have to be provided with help, rather than killed.
  • In the 21st century when everybody is fighting for human rights, legalizing of murdering is totally unacceptable. This trows us away to the ancient times, where any problem was being solved by the use of violence.
  • The idea that victims can be satisfied after capital punishment of their offender is no more than a myth. It’s only about individual’s perceptions, which is exactly what psychiatrists should work with.
  • Nobody has a right to decide who has to live or die. The fact that a criminal murdered a person doesn’t give the right to the representatives of the government to do the same. It doesn’t make another murder any more acceptable.
  • Any decent human being would not be happy to see someone being putting to death. Capital punishment is harmful for the mental health of generations who are growing up in the countries where it is practiced.
  • Democracy is about doing the way the majority wants it to be done. Statistics shows that most of people in the United States and many other countries are against death penalty. So why is it still part of the law?
  • It is very hard to draw the line. There isn’t any investigation that can give us 100% truth about the story of the crime and who’s fault it was. Therefore, there is always a chance, even if the smallest, that we punish the wrong person.
  • Mentally healthy people would never want to participate in the procedure of death penalty implementation. Therefore, either those who are involved into this process are mentally ill, or they are forced to do that, which is also against the law.
  • Everybody deserves a second chance. No matter what happened, we cannot take away a chance to live a different life from another person.
  • People can be in various psychological states, which significantly influences their behavior. Some can be influenced by other people, while others may be inadequate due to the circumstances and it cannot be always proved or investigated completely.

Make your own research on death penalty

When writing a death penalty essay you have to keep in mind that there is a possibility that your essay may be shown to the publicity. There are many stories about student’s essays that appeared to be so impressive that they literally affected the turn of events in that or another situation. Therefore, who knows, maybe it’s your chance to play a big role in society of your country or in the whole world. If the above mentioned topics don’t inspire you much, consider the following for more ideas:

  • Capital punishment goes against international law and all kinds of fundamental laws, including United Nations Convention on the human rights.
  • If a murder is a crime, why making it allowed to be committed by the government?
  • Every monotheistic religion in the world says that humans should never kill other humans.
  • There isn’t such thing as objectiveness in the world. Every court judges through his own perception, even if he follows the law.

The argument around capital punishment has been continued for centuries and yet, people are still trying to prove each other wrong. The ways of how justice can be served are literally endless, while the amount of opinions in this regard is also never ending. If you really want to be heard and play at least the smallest role in all this battle of minds, you will have to work hard on your paper. Take into consideration that writing a death penalty essay gives you an opportunity to appeal to human emotions and feelings due to the specificity of the topic.

Please keep in mind that no matter what writing assignment you have to accomplish, you can always use our professional assistance and get a perfectly written paper as soon as possible