What is a custom essay writing service

Since you’re here, let us tell you a little about our service. Custom essay is an absolutely unique piece of writing that has been created from scratch according to the desired requirements, instructions and wishes of our customers. Such paper will not have any signs of plagiarism for it is completed with the purpose of making our customers fully satisfied. In most of cases it comes in Microsoft Office Word format, although we are ready to follow your specific requirements. Our service provides high school, college and university students at different stages of their educational process with an open access to highly proficient academic writers who are capable of accomplishing any assignment the best way possible. Our company hires only the most experienced and skilled writers who deal with all kinds of paper writing, editing and proofreading.

The writing process is made of a number of stages, which are:

  • Making the order, which is possible to do online on our website.
  • Payment, which is also done by Internet.
  • The writing stage itself, which foresees interaction between the customers and writers in order to make the paper match all the details of customer’s requirements.
  • Proofreading, which is essential to make sure the paper doesn’t have any grammar, punctuational, content, plagiarism or other errors.
  • Editing, in case if the paper needs any corrections.
  • The delivery of the order.
  • Free revision, which is designed for you to make sure everything is exactly as it should be. In case if you are not totally satisfied we will edit your paper for free.

More details on the writing service

Once you made a decision to use our professional service, you will have to go on our website and fill out the order form. As a matter of fact, we designed our order form in such a way that it’s absolutely easy to deal with. There are several fields you will have to fill in order to make your order complete. When your order is made, you will have to do proper payment, considering the complexity of the assignment, the desirable date of completion, format, size and other details. Once the payment is made, we will check all our writers in order to find the one who has more proper experience and expertise in the particular area of your assignment. When we find the writer who matches all the requirements, he or she will proceed to accomplishing your assignment as soon as possible. When the assignment is ready, we will proofread and edit it until we are totally sure that this custom essay is perfect and one of a kind. When you got the paper, you are welcome to proofread it one more time on your own to see if it is exactly what you want and need and in case if you have any additional questions, remarks or comments, you can just let us know and we will correct any mismatches.

An important thing to know about our service is that it is totally secure and absolutely confidential. You can be sure that your confidentiality is on top of importance for our company. None of your personal information will be unfolded in any way or disclosed to anyone else. Basically, not even the writers who accomplish writing assignments are aware of the personal information of our customers. The only thing they know is exclusively the order itself, including all the requirements, instructions and comments related to it.

How to make the order correctly

If you want our writers to cope with your writing assignment the best possible way, you also need to be very accurate and clear about your order. Before you start filling the form, make sure you know all the details about your task. If there are any specific instructions, requirements or guidelines provided on a separate document, please attach them to your order. Also, if you have any specific ideas or suggestions, comment on that matter as well when making the order. All these things are extremely important, because this is the only way to make the potential writer understand you, your assignment and the desired outcome and, as a result, meet your expectations at the highest level.

It is also important that you feel safe about making the order. Some students don’t really feel comfortable with using custom essay writing service sometimes, because they are not sure if it’s legal and ethical. So if you’re now asking yourself the same question, we are ready to inform you with all the confidence: it is legal and it is ethical. The thing is, very often students are so overwhelmed in high schools, colleges and universities that they literally don’t have any time left for anything else except doing their homework every day and every night. We think this is the wrong approach to educate young people. In fact, there are countries where there isn’t even such thing as homework. The only place where students accomplish all kinds of tasks is the actual place where they study. When the amount of assignments is really big, students become stressed out, tired and exhausted. This is not what can make the study process any more efficient. All these things prove that using professional writing service is not only legal and ethical, but also necessary, especially if what we’ve said about tons of homework sounds like your studying.

The advantages of our service

Together with all the previously mentioned benefits you will get from using our professional service, we also want you to know some other advantages. Take a look at them:

  • You will have an access to directly communicate with the writer who is accomplishing your assignment.
  • The paper is going to be delivered on a scheduled time or even earlier, but never too late.
  • All the writers have a high educational level and a wide range of area of expertise.
  • We give you an opportunity of unlimited revision during a defined period of time.
  • You can get the needed support at any time you need, whether its late night or day by email, direct messaging, phone or live chatting.
  • You will get a writer who has experience in precisely you area of studies. We make it possible because we have many writers with various degrees, so chances that the writer will match your requirements are really big.

This is an incomplete list of our advantages, because if you really want to know more about our professionalism, you need to turn to our service on your own.

We can deal with any writing assignment

No mater what the case is, you can be sure that you can rely upon our writing service. As we have already said, we have many writers, who are experts in a very wide range of areas. This means that no matter what kind of writing work you need to accomplish, we are at your disposal. Take a look at some of the writing assignments we are totally capable of coping with in a professional manner:

  • Essay writing. No matter what kind of essay it is, we will get it done.
  • Term papers for students of high schools, colleges and universities of any degree and area of studies.
  • Research papers. Whether it’s literature, mathematics, chemistry, physics, political science, medicine, sociology, history or any other subject, we will help you get your research done the best possible way.
  • Assignment writing. This concerns homework tasks, including small writings and complex issues.
  • Critical writing. If you need to get a review on any matter, including movie, article, piece of literature, etc, we can do it.
  • Proofreading and editing services. Even if you have already completed your writing assignment on your own, but want it to be proofread and edited by a professional, we are ready to help you.
  • Coursework writing. You can ask us to write your coursework, which is usually assigned to the students as a part of their every year studies.
  • Business plans writing. If you want to start your own business, but have hard time writing a business plan, just make an order and we’ll get it done!
  • Dissertation writing. This kind of writing is designed for the elder students. Luckily enough, we have professionals that can help even with this kind of writing!
  • Thesis. This is one of the hardest things for students to deal with. However, with us you don’t have to worry about it.

Please keep in mind that you can ask us for dealing not only with the whole assignment, but even with just a part of it. For example, if you have completed the body of your paper and the conclusions, but have no idea how to formulate your introduction, you can ask us for help and we will come up with the best introduction for you.

Our custom essay service is designed for those who appreciate their time and efforts and don’t want to waste their lives on struggling with writing assignments only. We want students to live their full life and enjoy it without worrying about their grades. We want you to realize how precious your students years are and to take all the best from this amazing period, which won’t last forever. Contact us right away and we will provide you with more information!