Useful 5 paragraph essay tips

One of the classic writing assignments given to students is a 5 paragraph essay. Every undergraduate needs to know how to handle this paper. Yet, everyone has its first time of writing an essay and it is impossible to do it well without careful preparation. It takes a lot of time and efforts and no one can become a master of essay writing in a week. Most students prefer to write their academic papers on their own, but almost everyone can have a situation when he/she is in need of a professional writing help. If you need to have any essay for tomorrow, but you don’t know much about its writing, you should take a helping hand of a reputable writing service. In case, if you want to master a five paragraph essay writing, you need to read this article from the top to the bottom and learn by heart the basic principles of creating such assignments.

What is a five paragraph essay?

A five paragraph essay is a common format of compositions given to students and pupils. Moreover, it is not only the format for creating essays, but it is an advantageous model that it is necessary to keep in mind, because it is widely used during studying.

Basic purposes of writing five paragraph essays

Students may not understand why their teachers, instructors or professor assign them with writing five paragraph essays. Yet, you should know that there are a few main reasons, why it is necessary to become proficient in creating a 5 paragraph essay.

  • Development of composition skills (you learn how to make your paper coherent and meaningful);
  • Development of thinking skills (you learn how to organize your thoughts, ideas and arguments);
  • Development of comprehension skills (you learn how to understand tasks correctly and provide proper responses);
  • Plasticity in various essay styles (this format of essay is used in most of the situation, when you need to write some essay);
  • Preparation for writing more complicated types of academic papers (knowledge of how to write a five paragraph essay, helps in writing other papers, like: research papers, term papers, theses, dissertations, etc.);
  • Preparation for exams (you will meet this kind of task in most of the exams, including the SAT, IELTS and TOEFL).
  • As you can see, the information on how to create a five paragraph essay is something that every student should have. You need to practice much, to be able to provide a quick and effective answer to any essay writing assignment in any situation.

Types of 5 paragraph essays

It was already mentioned that this essay format is a common one for most essay styles. Moreover, most of the essay types have a five paragraph structure. You should know where exactly you can utilize it during your work on your academic papers.

  • Personal essay;
  • Responsive essay;
  • Narrative essay;
  • Persuasive essay;
  • Expository essay;
  • Literary essay;
  • Argumentative essay and so on.

This list isn’t full, because there are a lot of essay types and it is impossible to mention all of them. However, you must remember that only your professor can say for 100% what your essay should be. He/she may ask you to write not a five paragraph narrative essay, but a seven paragraph paper. If you don’t know how your task sounds for sure, you need to ask your professor this question.

How to write a 5 paragraph essay

Writing a 5 paragraph essay can be very simple, if you have enough information and practice. In the text below, you will find some practical advice on how to create this essay. Yet, before you start writing, you need to organize yourself. First of all, you should read the task carefully and be confident that you understand it right. After that, in your task, you need to pay attention to the words, like: argue, compare, discuss, summarize and so on. They determine how you will organize your writing.

5 paragraph essay outline

The first thing you should be aware of when writing a five paragraph essay is an outline. You already have understood that it consists of 5 paragraphs:

  1. Introduction part;
  2. Body part – paragraph 1;
  3. Body part – paragraph 2;
  4. Body part – paragraph 3;
  5. Conclusion part.

You need to use this outline every time when you need to create a 5 paragraph essay. Moreover, it is essential to learn it by heart, so it was possible to use it quickly and effectively in any situation.

How to start a 5 paragraph essay

The introduction is vital for every paper. If you want to make it successful, you need to remember about three things when writing it.

  • It should catch the reader’s attention;
  • It should inform the reader what your paper is about;
  • It should provide short data about the structure of your essay.

Your introduction should consist of 3-5 sentences. It is necessary to write it briefly, but include important information. The first sentence of the introduction is called the hook sentence. Its main goal is to interest the reader. You can use different methods to reach this goal, including rhetorical sentence, some interesting facts or life examples. The next sentence (a couple of sentences) is a short presentation of supporting arguments. When you write this part, you need to concentrate on what you write there, because you have to provide some information from the main part of your essay, so it was interesting, but not too much, so you could force the reader to continue reading it. The final sentence of your introduction is the thesis statement. It is the most important part of your introduction and even paper, because it is your argument.

The main part of a five paragraph essay

This part of your essay is up of made three paragraphs. Every paragraph should contain from 5 to seven sentences. The main thing you should remember about the body part is that every paragraph can have only one thought that supports your argument. Moreover, these paragraphs have their own structure:

Topic sentence – a sentence that gives the reader the understanding of the main idea of your paragraph.
Supporting evidence – a few sentences (about three), where you need to support your argument. Writing this part, it is necessary to provide undeniable facts and examples that can help you to convince the reader that you are right.
Concluding sentence – a sentence where you briefly conclude your argument and transit your ideas to the next argument.
The first paragraph of the main part, usually, is the strongest one. In other words, your argument is the strongest, which means that it has bright examples, undeniable facts and an obvious beginning point. The second paragraph should have the strongest argument after the first one. It also should be an obvious following of the previous argument. The last paragraph of the main part, usually, has the weakest argument. The last sentence of this paragraph should demonstrate the reader that your essay is almost finished. It is very important to make these paragraphs coherent and logical, because jumping from one idea to another will ruin the whole impression from your paper.

The conclusion of a five paragraph essay

The last paragraph of a five paragraph essay is called the conclusion. Usually, it consists of 3-5 sentences. There are a few thing that you can do to make your conclusion successful:

  • Restate your thesis statement – basically, you need to paraphrase your introduction.
  • Summarize your main arguments – you need to rephrase the main points of your body part.
  • Surprise the reader – the good way to finish your paper is to write something unexpected.
  • Ask your reader a question – you can write a rhetorical question or just a simple question to end your paper. It will force the reader to think.
  • Provide a suggestion to think of – it is possible to transit to a topic that is related to the topic of your paper, which also will make your reader see the importance of the discussed problem.

After writing part

The last thing that is vital for getting high grades is a revision. You shouldn’t forget about this part, even if you hate it. It doesn’t matter how attentive you are, there always will be mistakes that you miss. However, you shouldn’t conduct a revision right after you have finished with writing, because there are high chances that you don’t notice a lot of mistakes. It is better to revise your paper after a couple hours of rest or even the next day. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage and coherence mistakes when revising your essay.

Now, you already know the basic things about writing a five paragraph essay. It is not very hard to learn everything and to use this knowledge in practice. However, there are always situations, when students can’t cope with their writing assignments to due to various reasons. In this case, there is a first writing aid that is able to handle any writing problem. Never forget that you are not alone with your problems and there is a writing company that can save you at least from writing issues.