Understanding the essence of an argumentative essay

Before you write the first word in your paper, you need to really make sure that you understand what its style actually means. Generally speaking, an argumentative paper is such a writing genre which requires a student to from a certain position in regard to particular issue, phenomenon, situation or a problem, establish a strong position on the topic that may be assigned or chosen by the student personally and to convince the audience in the rightness of his opinion by the use of a number of techniques, arguments, facts, statistical data, evidences etc. in order to write an outstanding argumentative paper students first need to do research and find at least a couple of sides of their argument, because this is the way of making a serious stance. And, with the help of proper argumentation, students then prove their point.

Generally, the educational goal of creating an argumentative piece of writing is learning the techniques of convincing people to challenge their beliefs and even change them, now matter how firm they might have been before reading the paper. In fact, being able to structure and write in an argumentative style is a very useful skill. This can help you deal with many matters in your life, because once you know how to persuade people in a written form, you will be capable of persuading them in any situation, defending your personal position and beliefs.

The purpose of your assignment

This kind of writing is very similar to persuasive type of essays, but their main difference is in the ultimate goal they are designed for. While persuasive writing is aimed primarily at persuasion, which means that the ways and techniques are not of such a big importance, since the most important is the final result itself, an argumentative paper has a little bit different specific purpose. It’s specificity can be explained by the fact that the most important thing about writing this kind of paper is not really the final goal of convincing the audience, but the very process of working on the paper. This means, that you need to pay most of your attention to the stage of research and make sure to completely investigate the predetermined issue. This includes not only collecting facts, but also reflecting on them, while developing your personal viewpoint and learning to defend it, no matter if everybody is going to agree or disagree with you. Finally, this kind of writing is also special due to the importance of a well-grounded summary you need to provide in the end of the paper.

The purpose of argumentative essay is closely connected with the methodology of its writing. Without the second one, you won’t be able to make your paper sound argumentative. So if you’re aimed at getting high grades, it is essential that you fully understand and know how to apply particular methods. On the whole, the entire essence of argumentative methodology lies within the capability of immersing oneself in the explored subject and deeply learn the material.

On how professionally you manage the above mentioned methodology depends the effectiveness of this essay. You’re going to dive into various aspects of the topic and lead the audience towards a vivid and logical conclusion. In its turn, it means that it is necessary for you to find out opinions about the issue of other people who’ve done research on it and consider all the counterarguments, while being willing to admit that there are also quite the opposite points of view.

Get properly prepared before you write

This is about your understanding the following: what is the desired result of all the writing? In the end of the day, there’s always a key reason, or it would be better to say, an intention, that motivates someone to write an argumentative paper (or any other kind of essay). So try to determine it clear for yourself: what is you intention? What do you want to achieve by writing an argumentative essay?

Make sure to keep your desired result in mind and follow your intention as you move forward in the process or researching and writing. Every word in your essay must serve your purpose, otherwise you don’t need to use this word at all. Taking into consideration all these facts, we recommend you the following tips:

  • When choosing a topic, make sure it fits the format. It means that the topic has to be arguable and there has to be enough of material to do proper research.
  • Keep it balanced. Don’t choose to simple or too complicated topic to cover. If it’s too easy, there won’t be what to argue about, because it’s going to be obvious anyway. If it’s too complicated, you won’t be able to cover all the material and your essay will be incomplete.
  • Pick something that falls into the area of your personal interest. You’re going to spend much time dealing with this work. So it is highly important for you to find something that you personally find interesting and worth research and discussion.
  • Avoid choosing a common issue or something that has been over researched already. At the same time, don’t choose anything that hasn’t been researched at all, otherwise there will be not enough of material to do research, no counterarguments etc.

Why the audience matters

When writing argumentative paper, you always need to keep your potential reader in mind. Find out as much as possible about your audience, understand its needs and preferences, beliefs and values. This is important in terms of finding the right approach to it. Check out the following tips in this regard:

  • Ask yourself these questions: whom are you writing for? Is it only your professor or your classmates? Is it a committee or admission officers? Do you want to reach big audience far beyond the high school or your college? Whom are you addressing your paper to?
  • Considering the answers to the above mentioned questions, think about where your potential reader is coming from to understand better your audience’s beliefs and common views.
  • Think about your reader’s background. This is important because you need to consider the level of their knowledgeability in the area where the topic of your essay lies. Otherwise, you won’t know if they have any experience of knowledge related to the discussed matter and thus, you won’t know which info to include in your essay and which would be better to skip.
  • When appealing to various groups of people different language has to be used. For instance, you cannot speak with your professor in the same manner as you do with your family or friends. This also concerns terminology. While some terms, jargons etc. are fine to use when talking to your classmates, they may seem inappropriate when appealing to admission officers.

Choosing a good topic for your essay

Let us illuminate the issue of choosing a topic a little bit more. Unless you are assigned with a specific topic to cover in your argumentative essay, you will need to come up with your own. To begin with, consider something you are already familiar with. Even if you decided to ask a professional writer to assist you with this task, when presenting your essay, you will to speak about it anyway. This is why it is certainly better and easier to choose something that you know at least a little bit about. Think of an idea to pick an emotional topic to discuss. Using readers’ sensitiveness and appealing to their emotions is a great way to develop a strong connection allowing to immerse readers in the issue of your discussion. We’ve made a short list of possible topics for you. Check them out:

  • Should students have a right to grade their professors?
  • Should students in high school and college be tested on drugs?
  • Should all the students learn mathematics?
  • What is the importance of education nowadays?
  • How many students should learn in one class?
  • Should students be separated in different classes due to their gender?
  • Do social websites have a bad impact on young people?
  • Should cellphones be used during classes?
  • Should social media be prohibited for students?
  • Do men and woman have totally equal rights in all aspects of life nowadays?
  • Is there any pressure on young ladies to have a commonly accepted “perfect” body?

Use professional assistance

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