Understanding the essay introduction

Such parts of papers as introductions and conclusions may be the most important in the whole writing and the most challenging at the same time. Of course the rest of the paper is significant as well, but without leaving your reader with a perfect first impression and an unforgettable last one, none of your material will serve your success. It can be hard because when you’ve got the topic to write about, you may know already what you’re going to write in the body part, but sometimes it’s a total challenge to make up your mind how to begin the paper. Which is why writing intro in the end, when all the rest is ready, can be a good solution. At least, when your essay is finished, you will know what it’s about and therefore, you will know how to introduce it, so that everything could make sense.

In fact, the introduction part serves as a bridge transporting your readers from their reality into the world of your essay. It sets the mood and the overall tone of the paper. By providing an effective introduction that would take your readers from their current thoughts and teleport to the world of your writing, you will immerse them and grab their attention, which is exactly what you need to do. At the same time, without a proper essay introduction you will lose the reader’s attention, even haven’t attracted them yet.

The importance of introduction

Keep in mind that a good introduction can take many different forms, depending on the kind of writing assignment that you need to accomplish, on the subject or discipline etc. At the same time, there are common essentials in this regard, which you have to consider no matter what kind of essay or research paper you’re dealing with. Here are the main reasons why you need to take the intro part seriously:

  • There’s no way you’ll get another chance to make a first impression.
  • The introduction needs to be like a road map for your whole essay.
  • Ideally, the intro of your paper will either make your potential readers want to read your essay or to take it away and forget about it immediately.
  • It’s you chance to attract audience’s attention to some very important issue.
  • If you you really manage to make a catchy intro, there’s a huge chance that the reader will like the rest of your paper as well.
  • If the reader won’t like your intro, he won’t like the rest material. This is how the first impression works!

As you can see, intro plays a significant role and will either help you or prevent you from getting a high grade, public appreciation, etc. The intro paragraph of your essay will give your potential readers their very first impressions in regard to your work, your writing skills, your personal style, ability to express yourself in a written form, prove your point, your understanding of a certain issue and so on.

The purpose of introduction

Let us get it through the purpose of a good intro and an effect of a bad one. A weak, boring, inappropriately organized introduction will not only create a negative first impression, but also make you reader stop reading it at all. At the same time, a good, strong, comprehensive, catchy, well-organized, interesting intro will make your readers think that you are not only a talented writer, but that you are also an expert in the issue that your paper is dedicated to.

The first part conveys a lot of important information to your audience. You can let them know what your theme and the key message is, why it matters, and what methods your used when conducting the research. In most of academic disciplines, this section should also contain a thesis statement that will highlight your main argument.

Having said that, we can conclude that essay introduction is a key to your reader’s heart. Most of your paper’s success depends on it. That is exactly why you need to take it seriously and no matter whether you will make it in the beginning of the writing process or when everything is done, make sure you did the best to make it as good as possible.

How to write the intro

A good way to begin would be to think about the question you will discuss first of all. As a matter of fact, the whole paper is sort of a response to a certain question and the intro is like a first move towards getting the answer unfolded. In order to make a catchy title, consider the following options:

  • An intriguing start. It’s a good idea for those who would like to intrigue the readers and by means of this to make them want to read the paper in order to understand what you were hinting at. So, in other words, you may use a hint as a trick to grab reader’s attention.
  • A provocative statement or quotation. It will work for those who want to surprise the reader and those who are not afraid of judgements, since provocative statements are usually judged by the public.
  • A puzzling idea. If you want to make your readers think for a while trying to understand your point and by means of this make them keep reading to unfold the secret, it’s a perfect technique for you. It is especially appropriate if you’re writing a paper on literature.
  • An unexpected anecdote or a funny joke. The fact that you are writing for high school, college or university doesn’t mean that you need to be extremely serious all the time. If you feel like there’s a great joke related to the topic you are discussing in the paper, you are welcome to provide it in your intro.
  • A reflection-provoking question. This is a good technique for those who want their readers to think about the discussed problem.

Tips on making a brilliant intro

Since now you have some options on grabbing reader’s attention, we also recommend you checking out the following powerful tips to make your whole intro outstanding.

  • While intro is highly important itself, the most important part of it is the first sentence. Pay to it special attention and try to start with a real bang. You may use the above mentioned hooks or come up with your own technique. You only need to make sure that it will work out and cause the desirable effect.
  • Before getting too specific, be general at first. Give some information on the topic background, the researched material, etc. Begin in a broad manner and lead your audience to a more specific matter.
  • Outline your key points and ideas. You may not have too many of them, even one main idea is ok. The thing is, you only need to ensure that you can discuss it deeply and have enough of information, including facts and evidences, to prove your opinion in regard to the chosen idea.
  • Keep it narrow. Don’t make the sentences too long. Instead, try to write directly to the point avoiding unnecessary words and phrases.
  • Write your intro when you want. Even if the into is the first thing to read, there’s no rule whether it has to be written in the beginning or end, it’s up to you to decide.

Establishing the purpose of your essay

Apart from all the above mentioned, essay introduction is where you establish the purpose of your essay and make it clear to the reader. So, in the end of the day, what do you want to achieve? You have to be certain what you are going to address your key message to and how it answers the question of the prompt. A bright and effecting opening story is helpful indeed, but it’s important that you finish it with a comprehensive and clear statement of your main point. In the contrary to what is sometimes told in high school, more serious academic writing doesn’t always require to announce all of your ideas. It is enough to only state the most considerable of them.

Keep creative and show your originality. If you want your essay to stand out from the rest of submitted papers, show how it is different from others. Avoid common statements and phrases and instead, try to come up with your own comments and conclusions. Even if you are not sure if anyone else would agree with your opinion, you should keep expressing your own mind any way. Sometimes professors may not like what their students think, but they may appreciate the way they think and their capability and courage to express it.

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