Understanding the death penalty essay

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Thinking about the goal of your paper

As a rule, such writing tasks are assigned to help young people develop and, eventually, demonstrate their writing skills, which includes the ability to express themselves in a written form, do research, collect information, prove their point, provide material in a coherent, comprehensive and well-structured manner. Very often this kind of essay is written in an argumentative manner, which foresees defending your opinion and supporting it with facts, evidences, examples etc. This means that to simply state and analyze facts win’t work if you are aimed at a high mark, because you’ve got to determine your attitude regarding the issue of capital punishment, formulate it clearly and persuade your potential reader that your opinion is absolutely correct. It’s not really that easy, but with a bit of persistent work you will achieve the desired result.

To begin with, ensure you understand the purpose: to defend your opinion and persuade the reader. Whatever your opinion is, make sure it can be discussed in an arguable manner and there’s enough of facts to defend it. So before you make a decision about your position, ask yourself whether you surely believe that particular way.

We want you to remember that you have a right to think the way you feel right. You will never be able to please everyone, so it’s ok to have opponents. The thing is, are you ready to participate in this battle of opinions? Below in the article, we provided some info to consider when writing a death penalty essay.

Methods of capital punishment

Generally speaking, you are going to research and discuss a legal method of putting a certain person to death as a punishment for a hard crime. Various countries far and wide across the globe regulate this matter according to different laws. There are countries where this it is prohibited, but in some of them it is being practiced quite often. As a matter of fact, this matter is extremely controversial, and this is why laws that regulate this issue in many countries are improved, changed or removed sometimes. Take a look at some methods of capital punishment that exist in contemporary world.

  • Hanging.
  • Shooting.
  • Lethal injection.
  • Electrocution.
  • Beheading.

All the provided methods are really difficult to understand and sometimes it’s hard to believe that they are applied nowadays, because it sounds like something from the middle aged period, where life of a person wasn’t really such a value. But you’ve got to be aware of them in order to decide what you think about it and determine whether you support this phenomenon or not.

If you decide to stand against the capital punishment

If you are reading this information about the ways of punishing people and you feel like doing this legally is totally inappropriate in nowadays world, we suggest you the next arguments to defend your opinion. Reed them attentively and if you like them, take them for your death penalty essay.

  • It doesn’t and will never in the future prevent murders and other hard crimes from happening. People who are aimed at committing a certain crime will never be stopped by any law, while those who did it unintentionally do not deserve to be punished like that.
  • We should investigate and explore this issue in a deeper manner and find some alternatives. This is obviously not the only one existing solution to deal with criminals.
  • Violence cannot stop violence, quite the opposite – it gives birth to more violence. This means that to assume that putting a criminal to death will stop violence or make it happen more rare is a nonsense.
  • Not eve one criminal in the word has committed a crime because he was feeling fine. This is why criminals need to be provided with psychological help, not killed.
  • In the current century, when human rights are considered to be of the highest value in all developed countries, making murders legal is totally an absurd.
  • The suggestion that victims or relatives of victims of the criminal will ever find themselves satisfied after the criminal is dead is simply a myth. Victims should be taken care of by psychologists and psychiatrist instead of desiring any kind of death, whoever the criminal is.
  • Nobody on the planet has ever had or will have the right to make a decision who is worthy to live or not. The fact that someone committed a crime doesn’t mean that someone else has the right to kill them, whether it is government or not.
  • Any decent and psychologically healthy human being would never be glad to see another person being killed. Death penalty harms the mental health of those young people and kids who are currently growing up in the society where killing a person is a legal act of justice.
  • Democracy foresees that the state should follow the wish of the majority, doesn’t it? As far as it is known, statistics demonstrates that the majority in the United States, just like in the rest of the world, is standing against capital punishment.
  • Drawing the line when dealing with this matter is more than difficult. No investigation in the world is capable of providing us with us 100% proved facts and, eventually, truth about the crime. We can never know for sure who did that unless we saw that with our own eyes. There is always a possibility that an innocent person is being punished.
  • Participating in the scary procedure of capital punishment is simply a damage for health. People who do that job are bound to have problems with their mental health.
  • Every person, no matter what, deserves one more chance. Nobody does bad things because they feel good. If the crime was deliberately committed, it means that the criminal is mentally sick and needs help. You don’t have to be a doctor to understand that.

Looking for proper material

When writing such a serious paper as a death penalty essay, you need to remember that there is a possibility that your paper will be seeing not only by your professor or classmates, but by publicity as well. This is kind of responsibility and requires you to do a profound research on this issue, collect some examples from the history etc. Here are some ways to begin your research with:

  • Go to the library. This is a classical approach. Just tell the librarians the topic of your research and they’ll find all the matching material for you.
  • Go online. There are tons of books, articles etc. available on the Internet. Make your request and enjoy the variety of sources.
  • Watch movies about this issue. Either documentaries or fiction movies will work and help you immerse yourself into the matter so you could get really interested in it.
  • Talk to people. While you need to provide your personal opinion on the issue, a deep and meaningful conversation may inspire you to come up with great ideas and thoughts for your argumentative essay.

Do research on the historical background of death penalty as a means of legal practice. This is also a good idea to draw parallels between the past and the present to show your audience how much has the mankind changed and evolved during ages, while in some aspects we remain those ancient human beings.

Having said that, please remember that whatever kind of assignment you need to accomplish for your college, high school or university, you always can rely upon professional writers in this challenging deal. You are always welcome to contact us and receive all the needed support, consultation and help to get your outstanding paper written on-time