Understanding the concept of writing a 1000 word essay

On the one hand, you may think that writing of a paper with no more than a thousand words is a rather simple task not requiring much efforts and struggling. However, the truth is, the less words you need to use in order to discuss that or another issue, the more specific, precise and clear you are expected to be. In other words, you need to make your content as good as possible while using not much phrases and at the same time to make it informative and interesting. In this kind of essay, every single phrase that you use is going to count and provide an important message. Your paper needs to be structured properly and be well-organized, so that it could grab your potential reader’s attention right from the start and keep him interested to the very end. Also, you need to come up with strong arguments to support your ideas. The point is, you will not be able to include many different arguments, so you have to find the strongest ones and present them in a clear and persuasive manner. At the same time, you need to include a couple of counterarguments, which is important if you are aimed at getting a high mark.

More than that, your essay needs to have logical connections and proper structure, because this is how you can make it understandable and easy to read. You have to present the discussed issue or the topic of your paper narrow but clear and make sure all of your thoughts are logically connected to each other.

To cut a long story short, you are going to deal with a good piece of work so be prepared to spend some time on it. The good news is, however, that if you have some experience in writing essays and if you are actually good at writing, this kind of assignment may take only a few hours of your time. Although, if writing papers is not really your strength, this task may take you much more time. Here, we provided tips and guidelines that will be helpful in dealing with your perfect 1000 word essay.

Managing your time properly is half of success

Not a secret that many students find themselves dealing with a writing assignment the very last day before it has to be done, which makes them nervous, confused and prevents them from staying focused on the assignment itself. It’s not really the best way to deal with your essay. In fact, you will only succeed if you get prepared beforehand and not wait until the deadline. An average writing task that students are assigned to deal with throughout their academic career takes around several days to complete. It’s because you can never know how hard the topic may appear to be and you don’t have the necessary information yet. Very often gathering information takes much more time than writing of the paper itself. Some students prefer using professional help to deal with their writing assignments, which of course guarantees them that they will get their essay written perfectly and on time. But if you decided to do everything on your own, please read further and check out our tips and guidelines.

Necessary steps to get your 1000 word essay done

No matter how big or small your paper is going to be, there are several essential steps that you will have to undertake anyway.

  • Research is the first step. There are tonnes of sources of information that you can use, although we suggest asking your professor which of them he finds appropriate to be used and which not.
  • Reading is the second step. You are going to read a lot of information before you come up with the facts that you will use and with your own ideas.
  • Analysis is the third step. Not only reading is important, but analyzing of what you have read is necessary as well. You are going to process all the information that you have read in order to structure it and separate the facts that you are going to use from those that you will not.
  • Finally, the fourth step is writing. This is also a complicated process, we will tell you more detailed about it below in the article.
  • The fifth and the last step, is revisioning. This is something that no one likes, but it is absolutely important to revise your paper and make sure it’s written without mistakes and imperfections.

Throughout your research you will get familiarized with the discussed object or problem. At first your topic may seem completely unknown, but it’s ok, since you don’t have to know everything from the beginning. Keep doing your research and you will see that you get closer and closer to understanding the issue and soon you will form your personal point of view in regard to it. While analyzing the information, you will get more involved into the subject and you can be sure that up to the end of the analyzing step you will feel yourself like an expert in the area that your topic lies in.

Writing with no limits

Nothing can be as hard as starting to write your paper when you have no idea what to begin with. Here’s our major tip concerning this problem. Allow yourself to make mistakes, don’t be afraid of writing ridiculous things and let your thoughts just flow, no matter how they may seem in the beginning. The truth is, you will rewrite your paper anyway, this is going to be only the first draft, so in order to make your thoughts and ideas flow, you don’t have to focus on the mistakes that you make or that you may make, and instead, to express yourself fully while setting no limits. This is a great way to deal with lack of confidence and also it is useful, if you are struggling with coming up with new ideas.

In other words, you will succeed only if you write at least two times. First time, in order to let your thoughts just flow, and the second time to rewrite. You may also need to rewrite it twice, but it only depends on how much a perfectionist you are.

The importance of the structure

The structure itself is always very important. But when it comes to a 1000 word essay, it becomes even more important, because with a minimum of phrases you will have to give informative and deep content. In this task, you cannot spend much words providing general statements. On the contrary, you need to be narrow and specific. So we suggest you considering the language itself as a core resource. Below, take a look at the structure that will help you organize your essay.

  • The introduction part comes first and it involves also the thesis statement. Taking into consideration the size of your paper, it needs to take not less that a hundred words and not more than three hundred words.
  • The body part of your paper is the biggest one and this is where you will provide your thoughts, ideas, observations, arguments, examples and all kinds of information in regard to the discussed issue.
  • The conclusion part is expected to be the smallest one. It will take nearly a hundred words, but not more than two hundred words.

Every part of your paper has its own purpose and needs to be taken seriously. It is the conclusion where you will leave your final word and which will make the last impression on your potential reader so make sure it sounds solid and that its written in a highly precise and understandable manner.

Adding the finishing touches to your essay

Once you have got your conclusion written, don’t think that your job is already done. Here’s where the revision part comes. Many students don’t often bother revisioning their essays which leads to low marks and disappointment. That is why you will have to pay much attention to every detail in your essay, read and reread it several times until you are absolutely satisfied with what you have written. Consider even giving your essay to someone else in order to hear their comments and suggestions.

  • Take a look at the order of the paragraphs in your essay. Do you find them logically structured or not? Are there logical links and connections between the arguments? All of your arguments showld follow one another easily and lead to the conclusion part so that the conclusion could seem absolutely obvious for your reader like there could be no other conclusion except the one that you have given.
  • We also suggest you reviewing the instructions for the assignment that your professor provided you with. There are various formats and it is important that you follow precisely those that you have been given with to reach the result that you are aimed at.
  • Finally, it is time to check your essay one more time in order to make sure that it is written without mistakes, including both grammar and spelling mistakes as well. Once you made sure everything is perfect, you can consider your task completed.

Hopefully the information provided in this article is helpful and now you are ready to deal with your writing assignment. However, in case if you still don’t have a clue, feel free to use professional help of experienced writers that are always here ready to give you all kinds of support you may need. This will save your time and make your academic life much easier.