Understanding an exemplification essay

If you are searching for tips or guidelines regarding writing an essay or any other kind of academic paper, you have come to the right service, because we are willing to provide you with everything needed for writing a perfect paper. In the process of studying in college or university you are most likely going to manage different kinds of writing assignments. Such piece of writing as exemplification essay is not the most common and popular task. However, any kind of paper is similar to exemplification, so if you learn to deal with this one, it will help you dealing with the rest of them as well. This particular type of writing foresees a discussion of a certain issue by means of using a number of exemplification techniques, which we will talk about further in this article. For most of students writing assignments cause a lot of troubles, because they simply don’t have enough of time to cope with all of them. This is why we created our service, which is aimed at making college life of students all over the world better, easier and more enjoyable. We want you to rely upon our professionalism and let our expert writers do your job at a high level of proficiency for affordable and reasonable price. At the same time, we would also like to help you learn some essential techniques in regard to exemplification kind of writing and give you a bunch of helpful tips.

What are you actually dealing with

When students first hear about exemplification paper, they usually freak out because of its very name. But it is not that scary as it may seem. If you have ever heard about an argumentative type of papers, you can consider you know almost everything about exemplification essay writing. Sometimes it is also called an illustrative essay, but both have the same meaning. Shortly speaking, you are going to deal with a specified version of argumentative paper. In other words, your purpose remains the same, which is to prove your point, and the only thing that changes is the way you will do it. In this particular case, you will have to prove your point exclusively with examples, which have to be as specific as possible. When choosing a topic for writing this kind of paper, we recommend you considering the following:

  • Think about topics that can be arguable, just as if you had to choose one for an argumentative paper. This means that you cannot try to prove something that is already known or obvious.
  • Choose the topic with enough of examples to be provided. Due to the specificities of this particular type of essay, you will have to provide vivid examples. So while you can still pick a theoretical issue, it needs to have a practical side anyway.
  • Make sure the chosen topic lies in the area of your expertise. Since you will have to prove your point, you need to have certain knowledgeability about the subject your essay is dedicated to.
  • Ensure to be able to find hard and strong facts to support your point, while avoid picking a topic with only one obvious right opinion in regard to it.
  • Don’t choose anything that is too personal, and rather consider issues that are important in society.

Interesting illustrative essay topics

In case if you are not assigned a particular topic to discuss in your paper, we would like to offer you a handful of ours. Check them out:

  • Do you think drugs have to be legal?
  • Is the contemporary educational system in your country effective? If you think it’s not, suggest your ways to improve it.
  • Is it necessary to have a university degree in today’s society?
  • Discuss the accessibility of healthcare. Do you think it has to be free for everybody?
  • To your mind, do guns have to be legalized so every person could have a right to possess one?

As you can see, each of the above mentioned topics matches the requirements of an exemplification essay. All of them are arguable, you can find enough of material to research them appropriately, they have more than one opinion to be considered as right and finally, you will be able to provide examples to prove your point. All you need is to decide what position you would like to choose in regard to this or that issue.

Topics not to choose for your essay

Having provided a list of topics to consider for your paper, we would also like you to take a look at those issues that you should avoid, since they don’t match the requirements. Here are some of them:

  • What was your favorite music band in childhood? You can’t discuss this issue because it is too personal and there is no right or wrong opinion in this regard, which means that it is not arguable.
  • Is smoking cigarets harmful? Obviously, it is, so there would be nothing to prove, which makes this topic irrelevant for your discussion.
  • The recipe of cooking your favorite dish. This topic is not appropriate because it describes a certain process and cannot be argued about. On the contrary, you can choose this topic when writing a process essay.

Writing your essay step by step guidance

Now that you are aware of the essentials in regard to illustrative paper writing, let us figure out more precisely how to manage writing your essay. Just like in any other case, before jumping directly into the writing process, you need to do some preparations. Planning is always helpful, especially if you don’t have much writing experience. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Brainstorming. Whatever you are writing, always begin with brainstorming. Get all of your thoughts and ideas on paper. Don’t be afraid to come up with the wrong ideas, because you will choose the best of them later.
  • Creating an outline. Now, tie all of your thoughts and ideas together and put them into a right logical order. Divide all of them into categories, each of which will serve its purpose. One for the intro part, the other one for the body, some for the conclusion and so on.
  • Proceed to writing your introduction. In fact, some students prefer to write this part in the very end. It’s up to you. If you feel you’re not ready to begin with the intro, leave it as it is and proceed to the following part. But keep in mind that your intro is where you need to introduce the topic of your essay and engage readers into it by means of a hook.
  • Move to the most informative part of your paper, the body. Depending on the required size of your exemplification essay, you will have to make it one, three or more paragraphs. Usually it consists of three paragraphs, each of which provides new idea and is logically connected to the previous one.
  • Wrapping things up. Now it’s time to write a conclusion. This means that you need to summarize your introduction, restate the thesis statement and provide a logical and strong conclusion. Remember that this is the last thing your readers will see, so making an impressive conclusion is an essential part of your success.

Before you submit your paper

Once you have got your paper written, don’t hurry up to submit it yet. Now you will have to proofread it and edit to make sure it’s written exactly the way it should be. Our pro tip here would be to have a little break before you proceed to proofreading, because this is how you will be able take a fresh look at your paper and notice your own writing imperfections. The longer break you make, the better your proofreading is going to be, so if the deadline is not coming yet, take your time and come back to your essay in a couple of days.

Start with reading it carefully at least two times. Pay attention to every word and letter in order to identify even a tiny error, which may be grammar, spelling, punctuation or any other kind of mistake. You can find online checking tools on the Internet, but if they are automatized we don’t recommend you relying upon them only. It’s a good idea to ask someone for a feedback. Let your friend or parents read your essay and comment on it. Thus, you will know how your essay looks like from aside and it will help you improve it. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to rewrite all your paper only if someone didn’t like it. Pay attention to someone else’s comments, but keep your own writing style anyway.

Consider using professional service

Another great option would be to ask professionals to help you in this uneasy deal. Our team of experienced writers is always ready to help you proofread, edit and even write your paper, when needed. We can do it for you in a highly professional manner and for affordable price. Our clients are students of different degrees and specializations, who trust our competence when it comes to academic writing. Since our writers have a wide range of expertise, you can rely upon us, no matter how difficult your writing assignment may seem and regardless of the subject. We will always find someone who would match your requirements. All you need is to make your order and let us take care of your paper. Feel free to contact us any time and ask for more information about our professional writing service.