Tips on how to choose good essay topics

The question of choosing topics is very important because your topic should disclose the information that is interesting for the audience. It happens very often that students aren’t able to cope with the writing of some paper, just because they don’t know how to pick the right topic. Unfortunately, it is quite complicated to learn all the nuances of this process. Yet, it is possible if to read and practice a lot or just to hire an expert. The professional writing provider is able to provide you with the academic papers have the excellent topics. It is your chance to achieve your high points, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Successful essay topics for different essays

Professors, teachers, and instructors assign their students with different essays because each type has its own goal of writing. Therefore, it means that the topics also should fit the essay type. In the text below, you will disclose for yourself very useful information that will help you to create the good essay topics for three the most common essay types.

Good argumentative essay topics

Argumentative essay is one of the academic papers, which main purpose is to investigate a topic fully. If you want to have a good topic for your essay, you have to consider a couple of the vital factors:

  • Pick the topic that is arguable – if you choose the topic that has only advantages or disadvantages, you won’t be able to develop your paper, because argumentative essay writing requires claim, evidence and contradicting ideas.
  • Choose the issue that you are interested in – writing of an argumentative essay takes much time that is why your research will be much more effective if you work with the interesting topic.
  • Remember about the readers – it is very important to take into consideration info about the readers. Think of their desires, interests, fears and views of your audience, to understand what topic will be more effective.

For your convenience, there is a short list of the good essay topics for an argumentative type that you can use as they are or relying on them create something yours.

Legal topics:

  • What are the situations when the women should have a right to an abortion?
  • Are there any reasons to legalize prostitution?
  • Is it right to outlaw all tobacco products?

Moral topics:

  • Is it so necessary to test products on animals?
  • Is it fine to allow sick people to die by using physician-assistance suicide?
  • Is it necessary to ban the demonstration of the naked bodies in the films?

Social topics:

  • Are young people under pressure to enter college?
  • Is it fine to allow prisoners to vote?
  • Does online communication replace the real one?

There are a lot of the topics that can be very effectively used in an argumentative essay. It is just necessary to think about it carefully or try some brainstorming to get the best one.

Good persuasive essay topics

Persuasive writing needs from you the argument that you will prove. To consider the good essay topics for a persuasive paper, you need to do a few things:

  • Choose the topic that appeals to you – in most of the cases persuasive writing relies on the emotions. If you have strong intentions to write a great essay, you need to choose the topic that you can argue about and prove your point of view.
  • Choose the topic that is deep, or complex – if you choose a complex topic you will have more information to argue about.
  • Take into consideration opposing arguments – if you can’t come up with enough opposing arguments, your topic isn’t controversial enough to write the good paper.
  • Choose the topic you know about everything – if don’t have enough arguments and evidence, you won’t be able to convince the audience that your topic is interesting and important. You need to know not only facts that support your ideas, but also facts that disagree with them.
  • Choose the narrow topic – you should be able to disclose everything important about the topic in your essay.

There is also a short list of the good essay topics for this type of paper:

  • Should young people be allowed to bring their mobile phones in schools?
  • Is it important to wear the school uniform?
  • Does our country need free health care?
  • Is it necessary to teach sexual education in schools?
  • In what cases the abortion should be legal?
  • Is it necessary to spend more money on the space projects?
  • Is it necessary to sell genetically modified food with the special label on it?

Good analysis essay topics

First of all, you need to know that the main purpose of the good analysis essays is to answer the question “Why”. You as an author, need to answer this question and support your answer with the trustworthy evidence. There are also a few helpful rules that will be useful when choosing your topic.

  • If you need to write your paper about some fiction piece of writing, you should concentrate on the most important things in the text, for instance: main characters, reasons of their actions, historical background, cultural background, etc. You should not only read the text, but you should analyze everything starting from the plot and finishing with the grammar.
  • If you need to write your work about some real event, you should pay attention to the people, who are responsible for it, to the causes of the event, to the circumstances, to the forces that were against this event, etc.
  • If you need to describe some scientific invention or research, you need to concentrate on the reasons of why it was developed or conducted, on the advantages and disadvantages that they bring people, on the methods, on the practical experiments, etc.
  • If you need to explain the issue, problem or idea, you need to pay attention to the reasons of why this problem or idea exists, to the people who are responsible for it, to the consequences or perspectives.

There are a few examples that can be useful to know:

  • Why do some people believe that love has a chemical cause?
  • Why is it important to sleep enough?
  • Why do teens don’t listen to their parents’ advice?
  • Why do insects fly to light?
  • Why was Nazism so popular in German?
  • Why was the Africa colonized?

Bad essay topics for different essays

It is may sound strange, but it is also necessary to know the weak side of the essay topics, to be able to avoid them.

Bad argumentative essay topics

If you really want to come up with a good topic for your argumentative essay, you need to know the topics that aren’t good for your paper.

  • Something that is too obvious, for instance: “Alcohol abuse is a bad thing that should be avoided”, or “Smoking is very bad for health”.
  • Something that is too personal, for instance: “My can is the best pet in the world” or “Sewing is the most interesting hobby”.
  • Something that is vague, for instance: “Smoking is a bad habit” or “Physical exercises are adventurous”.

Bad persuasive essay topics

There are also a few things that it is necessary to know about in order to avoid them in your essays.

  • Don’t choose for the persuasive essay too simple topics – they aren’t interesting for the readers, and it is difficult to provide arguments.
  • Don’t choose too general topics – it is hard to develop them in your essay fully.
  • Don’t choose topics that aren’t interesting to your audience – people, who don’t have children wouldn’t like to listen to the essay about the complexity of children education.
  • Don’t choose the topics that are described too many times – you can choose this topic, only if you have some new information or bright example that is closely related to the readers.
  • Don’t choose the topics with a small number of arguments – you won’t be able to prove the importance of your ideas.
  • Don’t choose the topics that may be offensive in any way – usually, these are the topics about minorities, religion, politics, etc.

Bad analysis essay topics

This type of essay is very good because most of the topics that have the question “why” can be used. However, it is also very important not to take:

  • Topics that are too simple, because they are uninteresting. For instance: “Why do children like ice-cream”.
  • Topics that are too wide, because you have only a small essay and you can’t include everything in it. For instance: “Why do people live”.
  • Topics that are can be offensive to some people. For instance, you should very careful with the religious, minorities, health problems and other topics.
  • Topics that are uninteresting to the certain group of people, because it is necessary to take into consideration the views of the audience. People who have nothing in common with physics, won’t be interested in any research related to it.

As you can see, to come up with a successful topic for an essay isn’t an easy task for an ordinary. If you really want to see your academic paper perfect, you should use the help of the professional writing personnel, who know all the peculiarities about this question.