Tips for Writing the Best 500 Word Essay

All students need to complete different academic tasks, including writing 500 words in their essays. This assignment seems simple, but it requires certain talents and understanding to earn better grades. Furthermore, negative attitudes toward it will only cause a failure, so be optimistic and take it easy.

How Long Is an Essay?

There is no exact answer to this question because students are assigned to write different essays. Some of them need to submit a short 1-page essay, while others are asked to produce lengthy essays. Everything depends on assignment prompts and teachers’ requirements.

How Long Is a 500 Word Essay?

What is this essay all about? Basically, it’s a standard 3-part essay of the required type and focused on a specific topic. How long is this essay? In most cases, students write one page and a half, but you should ask your professors about going over the assigned essay word count because it may vary.

Using Any Essay Word Counter

Knowing the work count of this paper is. For example, teachers ask you to write 500 words a for your college essay, stick to this limit. Browse the Internet to find free essay word counters because they are simple and convenient tools that let you easily count words.

The Main Purpose of Your 500 Word Essay

Thinking about the purpose of this essay is all about asking questions to find the answers that will perfectly meet the requirements set by instructors. So, its key purpose is the biggest point to be considered when writing this assignment, and it always depends on a particular essay type. For example, when coping with a college admissions essay, write something that will convince the committee to admit you as a student. When writing any informative essay, gain access to the necessary information.

Consider the Targeted Audience and Essay Length

Future readers often affect the writing style chosen by students and the information that they decide to include in their essays. Evaluate any changes that should be made to accommodate your audience.

Your essay must contain about 500 words, so this paper is long enough to include relevant and valuable information while being short enough to avoid being both redundant and boring to readers. You need to adequately present your ideas and findings.

How to Write an Interesting Essay

Usually, it consists of the following basic parts:

  1. The introduction that contains a thesis statement to the chose or given topic. If it’s assigned to you, think about possible ways to make it fresh and interesting. If not, spend enough time to choose a good one. Most teachers give broad topics to their students, so consider possible subtopics to identify any relevant thesis statement.
  2. In the main body, you need to achieve a few basic goals. Be sure to arouse specific feelings and emotions in readers by using original writing approaches. Present key images to help them feel whether they like your ideas and opinions. Share personal feelings about different events and objects described in your essay.
  3. The conclusion ends your paper and restate or sums up the most notable ideas and facts discussed in the main body. Don’t introduce any new ideas here.

The Most Helpful Considerations

When you get ready, try to put yourself in your readers’ shoes or think out of the box. Research materials play an important role, and the authenticity of details and facts should provide your paper with some clout. You should reference only from reliable sources to add more credibility and interest to it. Look for any efficient essay help from familiar and genuine sources. Follow available writing tips to become successful and remember that the most significant feature of this assignment is its freedom of presentation in terms of personal feelings, ideas, and emotions.

How Long You Need to Study to Write a Good Essay

To develop the necessary skills and understand how to write this paper, you should study for a while. Improve writing skills to produce a great paper that will be evaluated by professors. For most students, it takes at least a few months to master stable skills and produce good results, so you definitely need enough practice. Be systematic in your approach and be dedicated to this assignment to ensure its high efficiency. Use different skills in practice with careful monitoring and professional help when needed. Write clearly and briefly when completing this task because all professors expect students to show the ability to introduce and prove their opinion on given questions based on independent ideas and knowledge.

The Basic Peculiarities of Such Essays

  1. The main theme. Sometimes, specific subjects are given to students, but you may be asked to create a custom paper on any problem that you choose. Consider something that you like and find interesting to discuss in 500 words.
  2. Readers. Think about people who will read this essay and take their peculiarities into consideration.
  3. Formatting. This subject includes the number of pages, measure of this paper, and common performance of your material. Follow the necessary instructions and meet requirements when writing an essay to get a high evaluation from teachers.

Important Things to Do and Avoid

Don’t ignore the allegations and things that contradict your main argument. In perfect essays, students mention contradicting ideas and provide strong facts against them. You can talk about other viewpoints and change your outlook under their influence.

Read a few book abstracts and key articles dedicate to the main theme of your essay. The material offered by others can be quite useful and help you end up with excellent paragraphs. Use the ideas and tips of other students in your own work. The frame of this assignment consists of several basic parts where you need to give brief definitions of key terms, but make their number small.

Write only one idea in one essay paragraph to avoid any overload. Use expert quotes in your text and put them into special quotation marks to give the necessary links to the sources that you use. Otherwise, your paper will be regarded as plagiarized.

Control Questions

  • Do you use arguments and facts?
  • Do you understand the main theme of your writing work?
  • Do you look through relevant books and other sources carefully?
  • Do you have a plan for your essay writing?
  • Are all paragraphs in your essay constructed in a logical sequence?
  • Are they comfortable to read for people who aren’t familiar with your chosen theme?
  • Do you check the common writing style of your work?

What Professors Don’t Like in Essays

  • When students can’t provide confident and detailed answers to their prompt questions;
  • If they present a bad organization of these answers;
  • The use of rhetoric materials instead of reasoning;
  • If you can’t answer basic essay questions;
  • When you careless use data with some concrete facts;
  • If you provide the opinions of other people without sharing your point of view.

The Main Essay Writing Mistake

When writing this essay, use enough argumentation and data. It’s quite formidable to prove your stance without offering any serious arguments or data. Find relevant information that will help you prove a certain standpoint and convince teachers in its correctness. If you haven’t enough experience in this writing work, ask others to help you. Otherwise, you will make the main essay writing mistake.

Original Ideas and Helpful Tips

If you don’t fully understand a particular essay topic, or you don’t know what to write in it, consider the following clues:

  1. Go online. Sometimes, students find very interesting materials online, but ensure that any information that you use is objective and correct.
  2. Find vivid examples. Determine how you can use different findings in practice and look for their real-life examples.
  3. Ask someone. You will be surprised as to how much other people can help you, especially your family and friends.

Valuable Pointers

Watch the word count of your essay because you need to stick to 500 words. The number one rule to follow is to devote about 10% of this word count to your conclusion and introduction. The rest of your paper can be divided into equal parts. Include quotes based on the chosen subject, and they are easy to find in academic books and journals, texts and course materials. Add some strong stats whenever it’s appropriate because this tool usually speaks louder than words. Represent all interesting ideas in succinct and concise sentences. When everything is done, proofread your writing piece to root out all poor sections.