Thematic essay writing tips and guidelines

Writing а paper of any kind could never be considered an easy assignment to accomplish. Since the beginning of times, it still stays one of the most popular kinds of writing tasks, although not always the one which most young people adore. While only a few students have natural writing talent and creative skills, for others it seems an unbearable burden each time they need to deal with this issue. The truth is, however, that strong skills of writing and the ability to express yourself accurately in a written form can be really useful. Even though they are not responsible for the whole picture without patience, efforts and persisting work. In order to create an outstanding essay on any theme, you need be serious about it and ready to spend a while on achieving a good result. Concentration is an important thing here, so you have to focus and not procrastinate till the deadline, because things may appear to be more complicated than you expect them to be. So you’re going to do some preparation work, get acquainted with the essentials of essay writing and proceed to the task as soon as possible.

Basic tips for essay writing

This task is about going far beyond stating your opinion and listing facts, because it requires you to make links and draw logical connections between different viewpoints to come up with proper conclusions in the end. If you are aimed at getting a high grade, be ready to show your deep comprehension of the subject, prove your ability to analyze and express your position and defend it.

We’ve prepared a bunch of tips that will hopefully be helpful when preparing to write a coherent and effective thematic essay:

  • Give yourself enough of time. To be good at writing, you need to have certain knowledge, otherwise you won’t be able to choose your position regarding certain point, which is essential in any kind of essay. Some extra time will help you gather prior base of information to understand the topic better and come up with a clear position.
  • Research is always needed. Whether it’s a research paper or a literature essay, research has to be done anyway, because this is an inseparable part of writing process, which includes looking for the info sources, facts, evidences etc. that you will later use in your paper.
  • Build your personal attitude. Your professor doesn’t want you to simply make a list of facts. He wants to see that you are competent enough to have your personal viewpoint, based on the prior knowledge and experience. You don’t need to make any discoveries, but showing you attitude to the problem is important indeed.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of structure. Even the best essay will lose its grades if it doesn’t have an accurate structure. Having a good plan or an outline and following it carefully will help you create a good structure.
  • Make as many drafts as needed until you have a perfect essay. It’s impossible to write a brilliant paper from the very first time. This is why be patient and make attempts, fail and make new attempts over and over again until you make sure you’ve got what you need.

These tips are good to consider when you make your first steps in writing. In order not to get tired too much before the actual writing begins, take a little break and allow yourself to change activity to let your brain have some rest. Anyway, when you’re done preparing, it’s time to proceed to the real writing. We have tips in this regard as well. Check them out below.

Get your real writing started

So it’s time to get your thematic essay completed. If you followed the previous tips, the hardest part of your work is done and now it’s time for the practical part, which is not that difficult if you have all the material gathered and position chosen. Here’s what you’re going to do next:

  • Write the introduction. This is the first section, where the hook (a specific trick to attract reader’s attention), the announcement of the chosen topic and the thesis statement, giving a brief explanation of the topic should be provided. A thesis statement is where you also provide the key message of the whole writing.
  • Write down the body paragraphs. Most of the information should be located in this section. Make sure to begin every new paragraph with a new key message, followed by supporting facts and a brief summary of the paragraph in its last sentence. Also, pay attention to the connections between the last sentences of each paragraph and the first sentences of the following paragraphs, which is how the coherence and logical links are determined.
  • Come up with a strong conclusion, which would be a worthy finish of your discussion. It has to be build easily and align with every point you provided in your paper. Also a good idea would be to make the last sentence impressive by using a good quote or making a motivational or inspiring statement.

Once you’ve done all this, it’s only a matter of a small piece of work to make sure everything’s all right. Therefore, don’t hurry up to submit your paper until you consider the following guidelines.

The final step before you submit your paper

We know you got tired of writing already, but there’s also a small thing you need to deal with before your thematic essay is ready for submission. So take a deep breath, have a walk to refresh your mind, if needed, and proceed to the following.

  • Read and reread your essay carefully a couple of times. Pay attention to every word and phrase, to every letter and mark. Look for any grammar or spelling errors and to the exclamation marks, because using them is inappropriate in academic writing.
  • Try to simplify and narrow long sentences and make sure none of them looks awkward or apologetic in any way.
  • If there’s too much passive voice, you also need to improve it. Try to use as much active voice as possible and when using verbs in general, make sure they are strong enough, because this is how you can demonstrate your confidence.
  • Don’t rely upon the spellchecker only. In most of cases it can’t provide you with a 100% checking results, so you need two options how to deal with it. Either you proofread your essay on your own or you ask professional editors to help you deal with it. The second option is good if you want to get the highest grade. Sometimes you cannot evaluate your own work objectively and there’s where you may need support. Experienced editors can proofread and edit your essay and send you back an improved version.

Above all, stay creative and show how rich your vocabulary is. You don’t have to overuse complicated words and scientific terms, but it is important that you can express yourself as an intelligent person. Therefore, avoid any kinds of repetitions. Even if you need to repeat certain statement, you’d better paraphrase it and add a little variance. Finally, remember asking someone for a feedback. It is a great way to know how your essay sounds to someone else and get some comments that may help you make it even better. While considering their opinion, keep your own style and don’t repeat after anyone else.

Practice makes perfect

Even those students who were born with incredible writing skills need to practice their writing to achieve better results. If you have hard time dealing with essays or other writing assignments, you’ve got to understand that it takes time to become a good author. The more you practice, the better you are at everything. Success doesn’t happen by accident and brilliant writing doesn’t come by magic touch. Even if you read someone else’s paper and it seems absolutely remarkable to you and you lose your confidence because you think you will never achieve that level of proficiency, we assure you that not even one writer in the world did his perfect writing from the first draft. The truth is, thematic essay writing requires patience and hard work. At the same time, it is of course challenging to take first steps on your own. In this case, we recommend you choosing professional support and assistance.

High quality writing service is a real option for students who for many reasons can’t deal with it on their own. You may have a part time job or be involved in other activities that require much time so that you simply can’t cope with everything all at once. Or you may be so overwhelmed by tons of assignments that it’s too hard to manage everything appropriately. Whatever reason relates to your situation, we can understand your struggle and want to make your college life easier.

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