At we are glad to provide students from all over the world with quality academic help. It the text material does not meet your requirements we are always ready to make a revision. We provide you with free revision for three times if your request follows these terms:

  1. Instructions. Make sure that your revision instructions do not conflict with the initial requirements. Your revision request will be rejected, if the text material follows your initial instructions.
  2. Submission. To send a revision request press a "Send for revision" button before approving the text material. Please, make sure, that you read the document in the preview mode and then approve your order.
  3. Deadline. The revision request can be made at any time before you approve the order. But after the approval you are free to request the revision within 7 days.
  4. Number of revisions. If your revision request meets the conditions above, we provide you with three free revisions.

If your revision request does not meet these conditions, please, place a new editing or proofreading order and specify the changes you need to be made in the text material.