Looking for the Best Opinion Essay Topics

The main role of any opinion essay is to tell readers what you think and feel about a particular subject. It’s true that all people have their different opinions about things. Opinion papers are designed to let you share your point of view about a specific theme. When completing this academic assignment, pick the right topic that you have some strong emotions about. The good news is that many opinion essay topics are available to students nowadays. Be sure to support your viewpoint with strong reasoning.

Excellent Topics for Your Opinion Paper

If you find it difficult to come up with interesting and fresh ideas on what you will write about in your opinion essay, use the Internet or other available resources because this task is easier than you think. Focus on important assignment prompts and questions to ensure that your chosen topic fits them perfectly. Make your topic choice based on a particular theme that your teachers want you to discuss in opinion papers.

Brilliant Opinion Writing Ideas about Being the Only Child

If your academic assignment requires you to write about being the only child, use the following interesting writing ideas:

  1. Consider both pros and cons of being the only child, especially how people’s preferences and opinions differ under a variety of circumstances. For example, talk about your chance to enjoy parents’ undivided attention or loneliness felt by the only child.
  2. Do you agree that only children usually grow up as misfits because they have no siblings? Is it easy for them to fit in and mingle with other people? What is your rationale or evidence?
  3. Do you think that only children grow up selfish? This question should be answered because many people believe that getting all the attention and being only kids make them to be selfish adults.
  4. Are there any differences between children with siblings and only kids? If you think that they have differences, write them down in your opinion essay and support your viewpoint with enough facts and evidence.
  5. Can the only child be happy? Some people think that only children can’t be happy. Can you offer a personal opinion on how they remain happy and make the most of this situation?
  6. Can different playgrounds fill the void of being the only child? There is an opinion that they helps only children keep their loneliness at bay. What happens after their playtime?

Winning Opinion Writing Prompts on Homeschooling

When searching for unique and fresh opinion essay topics, focus on the subject of homeschooling because it involves a lot of controversy and use the following winning suggestions:

  1. Social concepts and homeschooling. Do homeschooled children lack their sense of self? There are different social interaction aspects, such as justice, morals, freedom, personality, reality, and others. Do you agree that homeschooled students miss out on learning any of them?
  2. Should parents force their kids to homeschool? What is their role in this important educational decision?
  3. Can homeschooling negative impact students? What are its possible negative effects? Are they easy to overcome?
  4. Should certain criteria be set for homeschooling? Do children need to meet specific academic requirements?
  5. Social interactions and homeschooling. Do you think that there must be a requirement for homeschooled kids to interact with other? How can it benefit them?
  6. Homeschooling and the modern educational system. Are decreased school standards guilty for homeschooling? Do they affect parents’ decision? How?
  7. What are clear homeschooling benefits? Do you agree that this option is better than standard schools?
  8. What are the main pros and cons of homeschooling and traditional schooling? What is more beneficial to children? Why?
  9. Are all homeschooled students really prepared for their adult world? When they’re homeschools, they may miss important social interactions. Does it cause any problems when they’re introduced to the real world?
  10. Homeschooling and motivation. Are homeschooled children more likely to have motivation issues? Do they handle the same workload as children in public schools?

Excellent ideas for Writing an Opinion Essay about Gender Equality

Gender equality offers a broad range of opinion essay topics for your further research. Put your thoughts into this subject to end up with a number of creative, original, and outstanding topics for your next opinion paper. Use the following examples:

  • Does any gender inequality exist in the modern workplace?
  • Can their gender help women at work?
  • Prospects and achievements of gender equality;
  • The main obstacles to achieve workplace gender equality nowadays;
  • Roots of modern gender inequality and its expression in the society today;
  • Are gender equality laws really effective?
  • Differences and common features of gender-blindness and gender equality;
  • Are modern women still held back by gender stereotypes?
  • The future goals and results of gender disparity in workplaces and education;
  • The role played by gender equality in raising kids;
  • The role played by it in economic development;
  • How much does it cost people economically?
  • Is there any gender inequality in modern families? Why?

The Most Effective Process of Writing Opinion Essays

Everything starts with prewriting ideas. All the above-mentioned opinion essay topics are perfect for this academic assignment. Brainstorm all interesting and original ideas and write them in lines. Feel free to add more lines to choose the best topic for your opinion paper. Ensure that you can gather enough facts to support the opinion that you want to share in it. For example, if you don’t have strong evidence, think about other possible essay ideas.

Use the Right Voice and Organization

In any opinion paper, you must tell the targeted audience how you really feel or think about the chosen subject, so let others hear your own voice. It must be quite confident and strong, so use vivid details and clear words.

Use a special chart or outline to organize this paper correctly. For instance, write your viewpoint in a top box, and then state clear reasons why you think and feel in a specific way. In your last row of boxes, write down different details, including useful examples, to support your reasoning. Fill in all boxes before switching to the next essay writing stage.

How to Do Your Deep Research

After choosing a good topic and creating an organization chart for your opinion essay, do your detailed research. Interviewing other people is one of the most effective ways to succeed because it provides you with the necessary information. While interviewing others, ask certain questions and get their answers. Use these helpful tips:

  • Ask other people, including your family or experts, if you can interview them;
  • Prepare a few questions about the chosen essay topic;
  • Leave some space after each one to write down important notes;
  • Listen attentively to everything they say;
  • Take notes as you hear their answers;
  • If you don’t understand something, ask additional questions;
  • Review all notes;
  • If people have different opinions and change your mind, create a new chart for your essay;
  • If they have the same viewpoint, add new details and facts to your chart.

Drafting and Revising Your Opinion Essay

After doing your research, it’s time to write the first draft of opinion papers.

  • Check your organizational chart and use information from it to write this essay;
  • Ensure that your point of view is backed up by strong reasons;
  • Don’t worry about punctuation or spelling at this essay writing stage;
  • Focus on getting all ideas on paper;
  • Write the introduction to state your viewpoint and hook people’s attention at once;
  • Write the main body to tell them why you think that your point of view is correct;
  • Write a separate section for each reason and its supporting details;
  • Write the essay conclusion to summarize all major points and end your paper in a way that will be remembered by all readers.

The Importance of Revising and Proofreading

Reread the first draft of your opinion essay and answer these questions:

  • Is your opinion stated clearly?
  • Does it include enough reasoning to support it?
  • Does its introduction catch readers’ attention at once?
  • Is its conclusion strong enough?
  • Do you support your logical reasoning with strong evidence?

Pay attention to the words you used in this paper and use suitable synonyms to replace any repeated word. To keep this piece of writing interesting to the audience, start all sentences in different ways. Finally, find and fix all mistakes.