Looking for Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

When you become a high-school student, you must accept the fact that writing different essays will be an important part of your academic life. Nowadays, it’s a popular assignment, so you need to practice relevant skills and learn effective tricks to write impressive papers with ease. When it comes to persuasive essays, a topic is one of the main things that should be considered by all high-school students. Choose something interesting and original to catch readers’ attention at once. Good persuasive essay topics for high school must meet these basic requirements:

  • Concerning relevant issues that really deserve to be discussed;
  • Being worded in a manner that can help you draw attention to it;
  • Being narrow enough to be fully covered in your academic paper of the assigned length.

Focus on the areas that you have already covered in classes when making this choice. Writing a persuasive essay about the issues that you’ll need to do your research from scratch will take more time and effort. Most students don’t have free hours to do this job because of other classes and high-school assignments.

Your Key to Choosing Excellent Ideas for Persuasive Essays

To write a great persuasive paper, pick some controversial subject that you feel strongly about. This type of essay is designed to let students take their stand on the chosen topic and persuade others to agree with it. Besides, it’s a great way to get you start giving strong evidence to support your claims. When completing this academic task, prove a thesis to succeed. However, some students forget that they not only should do it, but they also need to back up their claims.
A persuasive essay offers an effective tool to help all high-school students learn to support their statements. You can’t simply make claims when writing it because it’s necessary to explain and prove to the audience why you think you’re right. Make a certain claim that supports one side of the chosen issue and prove readers that it’s correct. Explain all supporting facts to let them understand your logical reasoning.

The Importance of Choosing Controversial Essay Topics

Why choose controversial topics for your persuasive essay? They have both supporters and the opposition and two sides of the debate. They are excellent persuasive essay topics for high school students because they have a strict line drawn for them to pick a certain side. Another benefit is that controversial ideas have a lot of evidence to back up each side. Ensure that you have some strong conviction for the side of the chosen topic. Writing an academic paper on the subject that you don’t believe is a bad idea, so it’s advisable to be all in one side of the issue.

Struggling with Picking Great Topics for Your Persuasive Paper

If this task seems struggling and confusing, use available guides on how to make this choice and end up with a good essay. It’s not necessary to search for the most original idea or subjects that professors want to read about. It’s not something that will help you stand out or show the best of you. The main point is choosing the idea that can awoke specific emotions in readers, both negative and positive. Why is this emotional response so important?

  • It’s easier for you to research more sources on the subject that you’re interested in;
  • You have a strong stance that makes it easier to prove it to others;
  • It makes the whole essay more emotional and interesting to read.

Effective Filters When Making This Choice

Once your persuasive essay topic is chosen and you’ve thought about it, determine how good it is. There are certain requirements that a good one should meet, so use a few effective tactics to throw all bad ideas away and avoid wasting your valuable time. Answer the following questions:

  • Is your persuasive topic really debatable? It may concern you personally, but readers need to have their set position about it. Otherwise, there’s no need to prove anything in your essay.
  • Can you find enough sources to prove your stance? It’s impossible to base persuasive papers only on what you think is right, so you must find strong evidence to correspond with and prove your position.
  • Is your subject socially acceptable? There are many persuasive essay topics for high school students that provide endless debates among people, but not all of them are suitable.

Basic Things to Stay Away from

When choosing the best topic for your next persuasive essay, there are some things that you need to stay away from:

  • Avoid the topics that you don’t really care about. If you no interest or passion for the chosen subject or you don’t agree with it, look for other suitable suggestions.
  • Avoid too broad ideas to over in your academic paper. For example, if you’re assigned to write a 5-page essay, be sure to introduce and analyze your topic in this span. Narrow down broad ideas to something more concise, but steer clear from the ones that are too narrow.
  • Avoid the subjects that aren’t related to your high-school assignment prompts. Review them in detail before getting started because there are many students who fail only because they miss this important step. Take into account all restrictions and requests given by your teacher.
  • Avoid any topic that doesn’t have 2 sides. That’s because all persuasive essays resolve around a certain debate or argument. If there are no counter-arguments, you’ll make a big mistake if you keep writing your paper about this subject.

Great Sources to Find Excellent Topic Ideas

Selecting an interesting and fresh topic for persuasive essays always helps high-school students score extra points that improve their overall grades in the long run. If you can’t come up with anything catchy and original when you get this assignment, look for the necessary inspiration from different sources.

  • Read the news. This technique can help you find the most popular persuasive topics nowadays. Appealing to the interests of the targeted audience will let you motivate others to read your paper. The best part is that a particular angle is always represented in the news, and it makes arguing a statement in this essay easier. Pick a certain position that will be supported and find some ironclad proofs to support and present it in a way that can encourage readers to start thinking critically.
  • Follow popular social network threads. Modern people tend to spend a lot of their time online, and this trend affects many debates. Visit popular blogs and public pages to get more references to the sources that can be used in persuasive essays as excellent topic ideas.
  • Read more. That’s because regular reading can provide you with many unique persuasive essay topics for high school. Be sure to offer your original and interesting variation of these ideas to catch more attention when addressing them in your papers.
  • Socialize. Talk to other people about different things and visit social gatherings to get more suitable ideas for the next persuasive essay. This strategy of choosing the right topic can help you a possible reaction of readers. So, if you fail to get people interested in the chosen subject and you can’t convince them, consider other available topics.

What Else Can Help You Succeed

If you’re tasked with writing a high-school persuasive paper, pick the topic that can engage the targeted audience. Search for the issues that you have some knowledge or feel interested in and take these simple steps. This is what makes a huge different in a persuasive essay that stands out.

  • Brainstorm with other people to come up with different topics and choose something that can fuel your feelings.
  • Avoid all kinds of over-done ideas, such as global warming, recycling, affirmative action, etc. If you want to narrow your academic persuasive essay ideas, look for something really fresh and interesting.
  • Find a specific topic instead of writing a high-school paper that sounds too overwhelming and general to readers.
  • Concentrate on the ideas that are easy to research and ensure that you can find a lot of information about them. For example, when writing your persuasive essay about any technology that is only in its initial development stage, you may find it really hard to find credible and sufficient sources of information.
  • Find a good topic with a specific edge. It means that the chosen idea should have both passionate opponents and supporters in addition to some logical reasoning. As you already know, the best one is always easily debatable (a problem that is still unsolved).

If anything else fails, you can count on professional persuasive essay writing services available online.