Learning how to write a persuasive essay

Writing struggles are normal. In fact, every average student is at some level struggling with writing, especially those who are not super gifted in this area and those for whom writing is not really fun. However, it’s all a matter of experience and knowing a couple of techniques, with writing essentials such as format and the structure. It’s also important to be willing to spend some time not only on writing itself, but also on research which is needed for building the ground for your thoughts and ideas. In this article, you will get acquainted with the basics of writing a persuasive paper and conducting the necessary research, as well as get some tips that will hopefully help you deal with this struggle.

Understanding how to start a persuasive essay

First things first, so you need to be aware of the ultimate goal of this type of academic writing. In general, persuasive writing assignments are designed for students to learn how to do research, analysis of certain material, how to come up with their own thoughts in regard to particular issue and how to provide them in a persuasive manner in order to convince the potential audience in the rightness of their arguments. Sometimes persuasive essays provide a call for an action or serve to motivate someone to make a certain decision, etc. But one thing that is common for all kinds of persuasive papers is that their ultimate goal is to make the reader understand your viewpoint completely and agree with your statement and provided arguments and if the reader has a different opinion in regard to discussed issue, your task is to make him change his mind after reading your paper.

The writer has to support each idea with profound real facts and reasonable explanation, including providing vivid examples, evidences and so on. Also, it is about your confidence and ability to write and sound like an expert, even if you heard about that particular issue a day ago, in order to make the audience take your ideas seriously. The thing is, how are you going to persuade someone in something that you don’t believe in or know nothing about? It sounds not that easy, doesn’t it? Luckily enough, we are here to help you.

The essentials of persuasion

To know how to write a persuasive essay is to understand the art of persuasion. This includes the ability to use certain persuasive techniques when writing and combining them to achieve the best results. Choose only one technique won’t work if you really want to convince your reader. In fact, persuasion is an antique art, that has been researched and developed since the first civilizations on Earth. Here, we have some of the easiest and effective techniques to use when writing your paper.

  • Repetition of the key statement. You are going to have one main idea and a couple of additional ideas. And a good way to persuade is to keep repeating the key one, although it doesn’t mean to repeat in exactly the same way. Try to restate it several times and put into different words, while keeping the key message clear.
  • Social validation. This is helpful because you can gain some support from other people who are famous and known for their strong position in regard to certain issue. To do this, use quotations, when appropriate and remember mentioning the name of the author of the quote. Also, don’t overuse this technique because it’s still about your own position, not someone else’s.
  • Agitation of the discussed issue. This is a good way to let your reader understand the importance of the problem covered in your persuasive essay and thus, to grab target audience’s attention.

Creating a good structure

In terms of knowing how to write a persuasive essay, one of the main things is get your paper structured as a professional. Every single thought, idea, sentence and paragraph in your essay should be organized appropriately and follow each other in the right order. Here are the essential sections to divide your writing into:

  • An introduction. This is what your essay is going to begin with. Announce your topic in the first sentence, followed by thesis statement unfolding the key idea and a couple of sentences providing the methods you were using during research.
  • The body. This is the middle part of your essay, where you have to write the major amount of material, including all of the ideas, facts, supporting arguments in the form of evidences, quotes and examples and so on. This section should also be divided into subsections in order to separate one idea from another. Every each paragraph has to begin with a new idea leading to further discussion in the next paragraph.
  • The conclusions. This is exactly what your whole writing is about. Tie together all the material, make a profound summary and explain what conclusions everyone has to come up with after reading your persuasive essay. Make sure you sound as convincing as possible and don’t limit yourself with restating the thesis statement only. Make it deep and meaningful.

Admit and provide opposing views

To understand how to write a persuasive essay is also to manage opposing opinions. It’s not necessarily required in every persuasive essay writing assignment, but it’s certainly helpful if you are aimed at a high mark and if you actually want to sound convincing. You have to do some research on opposing views in regard to the discussed topic. Find the most appropriate and acknowledge them in your paper, while letting your reader know that you are aware of other existing points of view. If you are confident about yourself and your rightness, you should be able to deal with conflicting claims and explain why you find them wrong with as strong argumentation, as you were using when providing your own arguments.

At the same time, it’s not always about proving the opposing arguments wrong. Instead, you may explain why this point of view may be not of current importance or misinformed. Try to find a couple of contrasting examples and avoid being emotional, since real confidence is about the ability to keep calm no matter how many people may disagree with you.

Explore your audience

You always have to keep your reader in mind. Remember that a brilliant persuasive essay is the one where a dialogue between the writer and his target audience is possible. It doesn’t mean, though, that you have to address your paper directly to certain people. Instead, you need to imaging like you are talking to someone in front of you. There has to be someone you think about when writing. This will help you make your essay dynamic and interesting. It is also used as a technique to immerse the reader into the writing material and make him totally involved into the reading process.

Look for some information about your target audience. Imagine your average reader. How old is he? What is his field of occupation and specialization? What is his background? What are his likes and dislikes, major beliefs and disbeliefs? What do you think he would like to hear from you in order to change his mind and accept your point of view as the only right? In the end of the day, if you learn to do it now, this technique will definitely help you in other areas of your life, when you have to prepare speeches or get ready for important conversations.

Be an expert in your topic

Even of you are not really an expert in this particular area, you need to pretend like you are, and convince about it not only your target audience, but yourself as well. When choosing the topic for discussion, consider the following:

  • Choose something that you personally find important, exciting and interesting. Something that you are passionate about. You can’t be persuasive about something that you don’t care about, can you?
  • Find a topic that can be discussed deeply and in a serious manner. There has to be some complexity or conflict, something that is arguable and has at least a coupe of aspects to cover in your essay.
  • Think about the opposing opining once you know your topic. Make sure you will be able to fight with your opposition and win the fight.
  • Keep your topic balanced and remain stable when it comes to your personal point of view. There’s no way you can change your mind throughout essay, which means that you have to be stable and confident when expressing yourself and to keep your focus.

Make a unique statement

One of the best ways to write a remarkable persuasive essay and make it stand out, is to make a unique statement. You will have more chances to sound convincing if you don’t repeat someone else’s statement or approach, but instead, come up with a surprising and unexpected viewpoint. Avoid common statements and widely used arguments. Come up with something profoundly new and surprise your audience with a provoking fact.

If you still don’t understand how to write a persuasive essay, please contact us and get the needed support as soon as possible