Leadership essay writing guidelines

Leadership is a very complex and broad term, which can be investigated from different sides and points of view. At the same time, it is a skill that is absolutely required if you want to become successful in life. Wherever you go, the capability to show and use your leadership skills will help you achieve the best results. The purpose of essay on leadership is to illuminate this issue, provide the explanation of the term, it’s specificities, controversy and its various aspects, as well as to determine what you personally mean by leadership. In this article, you will find tips and guidelines that will support you when writing your paper. In case if you find this task too challenging or need additional assistance, please contact us and we will help you get your paper written the best way as soon as possible.

Understanding the concept of leadership

When talking about leadership, one usually means a person who has a set of skills and personal features allowing to guide and inspire other people in any company, organization or community to achieve a certain goal, in most of cases a common goal. Sometimes people are born with a set of all these features and being a leader is what they can do easily and naturally, because this is who they actually are. However, it doesn’t mean that if you don’t feel like a leader at this moment, you cannot become one. Quite the opposite, if to make some efforts and dedicate time to learning how to become a leader, you can achieve even better results than those who are leaders from their birth. Nowadays there are numerous techniques, philosophies, trainings, lectures etc. that help develop leaderships skills. Some of them are really helpful, others are not so much useful, but in the end of the day, it all depends on your desire and how much of a goal oriented person you are.

On the one hand, leadership cannot be measured, because it’s impossible to say that some people have more leadership and others less. However, we can evaluate this skill by the way it unfolds. In other words, we can say if one is a good leader by looking how many people he affected positively, how many of them he inspired and motivated to do great deeds or to achieve a certain goal, how many people respect him and listen to him, while taking seriously every his word and being willing to follow him in any situation. We can also look at the way how that or another person who is considered to be a leader acts in crisis situations, how he manages all kinds of problems in the community and takes responsibility, how he organizes people and guides them throughout challenges to pursue their common desires and so on. As you can see, being a leader is a hard work, where natural skills would not be enough, if you are not eager to learn, work and grow.

How to build your leadership essay

Leadership is an issue that can be discussed in a lot of ways. One of the ways to build your essay is to do some research on how to become a good leader and write about it your paper. Also, you can choose a specific area of leadership, such as business, education, family, sports etc. and make your essay more specific. For example, if you want to investigate business leadership, here are some ideas how to become a good leader in business:

  • Becoming a good role model worthy of being followed and respected. Here’s where it is important for the leader to demonstrate his knowledgeability, competence and awareness in his field of business. It also means that a good leader should be willing to share his experience, while always acting professionally no matter what.
  • Understand well and let other people know about his rules and expectations. It is important to make it absolutely clear what you expect from other people and how you see them in your company, their roles, obligations, achievements. All this has to be clear from the very beginning each time when you start a new project or hire a new employer.
  • Respect the opinion of others. Your rules may be strict and undoubtable, but you also need to leave extra space for the corrections that may be proposed by other people. This approach helps people understand their worthiness, which is important for their motivation and inspiration.
  • Always ask other people how they think in regard to that or another issue. This is how people can feel that they are involved into something bigger than themselves, this makes the teamwork more productive and the results better.
  • Rewarding is essential. People should know that whenever they achieve a new goal or excel the expected results or simply do their best, they will be rewarded. First, it cultivates the feeling of gratitude towards the leader and second, it inspires for more positive actions and thus, more success for the whole company.
  • Make people like you. People tend to trust, respect and follow only those people, who they like. It is impossible to respect someone you don’t like, otherwise it’s not really respect, but fear. Therefore, you have to be friendly, smiling, compassionate, intelligent and, of course, it is important to be kind.

These are the main characteristics of a leader in business. You can use these ideas and develop them into a bigger essay, or you can use them as an example and come up with your own thoughts.

How to develop leadership in sports

In case if you decide to write a leadership essay describing the role of leadership in sports or providing the ways of becoming a good leader in sports, we suggest you considering the following tips:

  • A good sports leader is always positive, kind and friendly. No matter if you a the captain of the team or a trainer, you have to make a good impression on the people around you if you want them to listen to you and do what you say.
  • Never avoid eye contact and intimate talks. It is important to be friends with the members of your team, so that they could feel themselves confident around you and were not afraid to talk to you in case if they have any problems or challenges.
  • Show dignity no matter you win or lose. It’s not always about winning, sometimes it is about being able to lose as someone who respects himself and the opponent and is ready to accept the situation, while aiming at the best results in the future.
  • Show how you love people around you. If you work in team, there’s only one way to achieve a common goal, which goes though love, appreciation and support of each other. These are essentials of a teamwork, which all the team members should learn from their leader.

These are the things every sports leader has to know. If you decide to dedicate your essay to this topic, make sure to provide examples of some worldwide known sports leaders who managed to guide their teams to the best victories in the history of sports.

How to be a leader in college

In the end of the day, why don’t you write a leadership essay covering the issue of leadership in college? This is something most of the students are trying to achieve and you will never find a student who would say that he doesn’t really want to be a leader for his classmates. Check out the following tips describing how to become a great leader in college:

  • First of all, you need to be aware of your own strengths. Knowing at what areas you are the best will help you find where to start practicing your leadership skills. It all begins with one tiny group of students and if you manage to become a leader at least there, you will become a leader everywhere. It can be the school newspaper, theatre classes, dancing and so on.
  • Try to get involved into some activities. A leader is someone who is always active, you can’t just be a leader while doing nothing at all. Therefore, go for all kinds of theatre, arts or music clubs, organizations, sports teams, etc.
  • Never stop gaining new skills and experience. The more you know and the more you are good at, the better leader you are. You need to show your skills and talents in order to make other people respect you.
  • Actions are important. You need to begin taking responsibility, participate in different competition and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Leaders are those who never look for someone else’s guidelines, because they know what to do on their own.
  • Be willing to make a difference. First of all, you can make a difference by being who you are and not trying to copy anyone else. Develop your personal style and worldview and try to affect people and things around you positively, so they could always feel the difference between how it was before you and after.

These tips are great to write about, but you are also welcome to come up with your own thoughts. Remember that a good leadership essay is a unique one, providing your individual view of the issue. In case if you have hard time dealing with writing assignments, contact us right away and use our pro assistance to get a great paper done as soon as possible!