Interesting compare and contrast essay topics for college students

Compare essays are a kind of writing requiring students to do some research and analyze certain objects or phenomena, while and pointing out the major similarities between them, as well as differences. Choosing a topic for this type of writing is not extremely challenging, especially if you are not stuck to a single area and are free to consider whatever you want. However, as it sometimes happens, the main challenge for some students appears to be the very fact that they have to choose something in particular, while the variety of variants is almost infinite. Taking this fact into consideration, we decided to provide you with some of the possible compare and contrast essay topics for college students, which you may find interesting to cover in your paper. At the same time, we are happy to offer you professional assistance, in case if you feel uncertain and want to get some help to get your paper written. We can provide with a wide range of writing services, including writing your essay, proofreading and editing it, etc. Our experienced writers are experts in lots of subjects and areas, which allows them to accomplish writing assignments on different topics and of various kinds in a highly professional manner. Anyway, let us find out more precisely what a compare and contrast essay is and come up with some interesting ideas for your topic.

Understanding the format and the purpose of the paper

Obviously the success of your paper depends significantly on the topic you choose. If the topic is not relevant enough, you have a really small chance to write a remarkable paper. This means that first of all you have to understand the format and the purpose of this particular kind of writing.

When professors in colleges or universities, or teachers in high schools ask their students to write this kind of paper, they expect students to demonstrate their capability of doing a proper research, collecting the needed material, analyzing the subject of the essay, as well as showing their writing skills and a good manner of expressing themselves in a written form. All this should serve the purpose of your paper, which is to highlight certain aspects of each chosen subject of comparison and define which of them make these objects similar and different. At the same time, just stating some facts about the objects is not enough for receiving a high mark, because you also have to prove your point with arguments, lead them to a certain logical conclusion and present all the information in such a manner that it would be easy to understand and interesting to read. Your professor is going to evaluate not only the content of your essay, but the way you structured it and organized your thoughts, what methods of research you used and how much of a meaningful analysis your paper is. Sounds quite challenging, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, with a bit of hard work you will deal with it. But first of all, let us take a look at some compare and contrast essay topics for college students. You can use them as already made topics, or just as an inspiration to come up with your own ideas.

Looking for ideas for your paper

One thing you should definitely consider when choosing a particular topic to discuss in your paper, is relevance. Your topic has to be relevant in order to serve the purpose of your essay. By this, we mean that the chosen objects should meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • They should belong to the same category. For example, you can’t compare an animal and a plant. You should compare either animals, or plants.
  • They should have differences. Comparing of things that are actually almost the same is not relevant in case of writing this kind of paper. Make sure they have at least a couple of vivid differences.
  • They should have similarities, as well. Comparing of something totally different is meaningless, because if it’s obvious that things are different, there will be nothing to prove in your paper, so it will just lose its purpose.

Having said that, our pro tip would be to choose something that you are personally interested in. You are going to spend some time on writing your paper, as well as researching etc, so its crucial that you feel excited about it and the topic doesn’t seem boring or meaningless to you. Think about your hobbies, interests, dreams, whatever sets your heart on fire and think about choosing something from that area. Besides, whatever kind of writing you do, you should always learn something from it. So let your topic teach you something that you are willing to learn.

Choosing a great topic for your essay

With all that said, it’s time for you to really make a decision. Below, we provided different topics from different areas. First of all, let us take a look at some general topics.

  • Compare the importance and the role of education in the 19th century and in contemporary society.
  • How are the major monotheistic religions in the world are different and similar?
  • What are the differences and similarities in the parenthood of a mother and a father?
  • What are the differences and similarities between Western and Eastern cultures?
  • Choose two politicians and compare their political strategies. You may choose them from the same country but different historical period or from different countries but the same historical periods, it’s up to you.

Please keep in mind that some topics don’t require deciding what is better and worse. On the opposite, when analyzing some objects it may even be inappropriate to conclude that something is better. For example, when it concerns different cultures in the world, your task is not to define the best culture, but to show how you can celebrate diversity between nations. Check out also some of the topics from the art category.

  • Choose two painters and compare their works. For example, you may choose Leonardo daVinci and Pablo Picasso.
  • Choose two works of the same painter and compare them. For example, how did the technique of the painter changed throughout his life?
  • Choose two painters and compare their painting techniques, their special features and the major messages they were trying to address the world through their works.
  • Choose two pieces of literature of the same author and compare them.
  • Think about two authors of the same historical period from different countries.
  • Compare different styles of music and analyze what makes people be fond of that or another style. Here’s where you can compare not the music itself, but the audience of particular styles of music.

Even more compare and contrast essay topics for college students

If you didn’t find anything exciting in the above provided list of topics, check out the following as well.

  • Compare different kinds of social media. For example, Facebook and Twitter. How do they both affect the way people communicate nowadays?
  • How did the speed of living change since the 19th century? Does life seem to go faster nowadays?
  • Think about printed literature and electronic books. Which one do you prefer? What is the difference in the way people immerse themselves into the story when using printed and electronic versions?
  • What is the difference in adopting and growing cats and dogs? Which is more fun and easier and which one requires more responsibility and efforts?
  • What is the difference in the way people perceive news from various sources like newspapers and television?
  • Analyze the differences and similarities between American English language and British English.
  • Choose two sports teams of the same kind of sport and compare them.
  • Think about two systems of education either from two different countries or different periods of time. Which one do you find more efficient?
  • Think about two movies you like and compare them. Which one made a bigger and stronger impression on you and why?

As you can see the variety of compare and contrast essay topics for college students is endless. Almost anything you can think about can be compared. Which, on the one hand, makes the challenge easier, but on the other hand, for some students who have hard time making choices and decisions it’s more difficult.

Consider professional help

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