Ideas on How to Write the Best Imperialism Essay

There are different assignments that should be completed by modern students, and an imperialism essay is one of them. First, you should define the meaning of imperialism, which is an extension of the state power via many diplomacy and military strategies, and colonization is one of its most evident examples. It can be caused by a number of factors, and imperialism always has a range of effects on all the parties involved.

Basic Information about Imperialism

The origins of this word come from Roman times, so it’s been around for quite a long time. Basically, imperialism can be defined as an unequal way of how one superior empire dominates over a cultural and political life of other weaker states for a specific period of time, which can be extended in some cases. Historically, it’s a common practice that involves dominating nations seeking new sources of different markets and raw materials in weaker states.

Normally, imperialism manifests itself as an empire, and it’s observed when economically strong states dominate and exploit others for their wealth, such as raw materials used to increase their economic dominance. This empire also uses the market and labor of conquered states to enrich itself. It’s easy to trace imperialism back from the period of ancient kingdoms that conquered many areas for their exploitation. The British Empire is one of the recent and widely known examples because it dominated vast areas for its economic empowerment. Many countries in the world had to gain their independence to be free from its rule.

Western countries continued dominating in all economic and political matters in the 20th and 19th centuries, and their exploitation of other states is often described as imperialism. Their fast industrialization is associated with this trend because most of them sourced their raw materials from conquered countries. War also happened because of imperialism because the empires that practiced imperialism competed with each other for the wealth and sources of conquered areas. Because of globalization, the nations that practiced it are done away with it currently because the exploitation of other states is associated with bad morals.

In any case, imperialism is an important part of the development of many countries in the world. Its negative impact is associated with such positive and significant changes as:

  • Contributing technical skills to advance weaker countries by a dominant empire;
  • Transferring the intellect and technology of advanced nations to the less developed ones;
  • The social, economic, and political growth of weaker states;
  • The expansion of dominant territories and putting more land in its productive usage;
  • Increasing wealth and population.

Causes and Effects of Imperialism

When writing your imperialism essay, consider its main causes and effects to find an interesting topic for its further discussion.

  1. Need for different raw materials. New factories required more raw materials to operate efficiently, so their inadequacy in a country resulted in the need to explore a possibility to spread to other areas to get the necessary materials.
  2. Need to sell all kinds of manufactured goods. They all required a sufficient market to be sold, so imperialism is used to expand the market of counties to sell their goods and get economic superiority.
  3. Spreading civilization. It’s one of the major causes of imperialism is the colonial period because a belief of superior civilization led the countries that had a duty to civilize others.
  4. Spreading government ideals. For example, democracy is considered by many countries as a perfect system of governance. To its large extent, imperialism is caused by the need to spread different government ideals.

Major Imperialism Effects

There are both negative and positive effects created by imperialism, including:

  1. Pros. Imperialism is associated with a range of positive effects, such as spreading countries to others based on religious, social, political, and economical grounds resulted in improvements in their infrastructure, technology, education, social amenities, economic transformation, and so on.
  2. Cons. In the colonial period, imperialism resulted in the destruction of culture, and it’s also accompanied with oppression. The main ills committed by it include slavery, heavy taxation, and poor representation.

How to Write the Body of Your Paper about Imperialism

To write the best imperialism essay, learn how to structure its main body correctly. If you’re familiar with academic papers you know how confusing their writing norms can be. They all must be written in accordance with these norms, or you will fail to get sufficient grades after their submission. Moreover, academic writing norms are quite helpful, but you need to get used to them. They’re designed to add the necessary structure and meat on essays, which is important when you want to make a point and bring strong arguments towards proving it. The structure of your paper about imperialism must be well considered because it helps both you and your readers.

The main body of your essay should reflect all the efforts put into your detailed research. That’s why you need to write it in a way that reveals how much you worked to complete this assignment. Use the following tricks and tips because they will help you structure the body of your essay successfully:

  1. Follow the important rules of your chosen academic formatting styles, such as MLA, APA, or others. The general formatting and all citations must be written according to certain rules.
  2. Bring strong and well-structured arguments and make an essay outline in advance. Choose at least a few interesting ideas and sustaining details, including research findings and solid facts, to prove each one in a separate paragraph.
  3. Each essay paragraph should include a new idea and every beginning of it must serve as a thesis statement for further lines. This simple writing technique helps readers choose what it relevant for their research.
  4. Use suitable linking words to show that you smoothly move from one idea to another and draw a conclusion in your essay about imperialism. They really help you structure it correctly.

Effective Steps to Proofread This Piece of Writing

There is one thing that some students never take time to do and that ruins their academic papers each time. That’s because they decide to move onto their next writing projects without taking enough time to ensure that the finished one is correct to get submitted. Carefully proofreading your essay will only help you in the long run, so don’t worry about the time it takes. Find and correct both major and minor mistakes to avoid ruining your grades. Proofreading your paper about imperialism and doing the necessary corrections will save you from a possible academic failure.

  1. Always pay attention to what you write in your imperialism essay. It’s one of the first things that should be done, so avoid rushing through this assignment instead of just letting it flow through. Check every sentence and line after completing it to avoid making mistakes. Focus on the type of sentence that you write, including compact, simple, or complex.
  2. Read the whole paper out loud because it’s quite an easy way to see what it is. This proofreading method allows you to fast heat when and where you require punctuation marks, sentences that don’t sound right, improper spelling, and other errors. The best is that it’s not time consuming at all.
  3. Set aside enough time for the necessary essay revisions. Time is an important aspect that should be planned in advance if you want to succeed, and it’s a significant key to effective essay proofreading.

Simple Tips to Edit This Essay Easily

Editing is not the most favorite activity of many students, but they all need to do it. Here, you can find a few effective tips that will help you complete this task easily:

  1. Take a break before editing your paper about imperialism to create some distance between you and it. This tip allows for more critical and careful editing, especially for students who are overly familiar with their content.
  2. Decide how to edit more carefully. Some students prefer to do it on the screen, while others choose to print out their papers. Whatever is your chosen medium, use it to avoid missing any mistake that must be corrected.
  3. Conduct this process in short blocks to be less likely to miss any minor spelling, grammar, and other mistakes.
  4. Find a quiet place with no distractions to start editing your paper and fully concentrate on this task.