Guideline on how to write a problem solution essay

There are a lot of different academic writing assignments that professors give their students. Each of them serves different purposes. One of the most common writing assignments is a problem solution essay. The name of this academic paper tells everything that you need to know about it. You should present some problem and a good solution for it. Writing of this essay demands from students excellent writing, analytical and persuasive skills. Only some people have a natural talent for academic writing. If you aren’t one of these people but still need to write an excellent problem solution essay, then you need to make a call and order this paper from the reputable writing organization.

Preparing for problem solution essay writing

Every academic paper requires careful preparation, and this type of essay isn’t the exclusion. It is essential to spend a lot of time to choose a good topic and find relevant data for your paper. In this article, you will get to know how professional writers choose their excellent topics for their essays and how they select the relevant information sources.

Problem solution essay topics

The first task you should accomplish before writing your essay is to choose the topic. There are a few important factors that you should rely on when you need to pick the topic.

  • The current theme of your classes – if you have a got this writing assignment, you need to consider what your professor wants to see from you.
  • Your audience – take into consideration your readers, their expectations, and their social positions.
  • Your interests – your essay will be more persuasive, if you write about something that bothers you, or has a direct connection to you.
  • The Importance of the topic – you should choose the topic that is important for everyone or at least for the group of people, who are going to listen to your essay.
  • The viable solution – you need to pick the problem that has a couple of possible actionable solutions.
  • The specific problem – it is better to choose some specific problem to write about in your essay because it will be more interesting and compelling.

To choose the topic for your essay can be a difficult problem even with these highly beneficial tips. If you still can’t find a good idea for your paper, you need to look around and notice the problems that affect our society, politics, economics, nature and so own. Be confident that you will find something that is worth your attention.

Search of information for the essay

This type of academic paper is quite specific because you need to describe in your paper the information of current days. There are little chances that people will be interested in some problem that was vital in the past but isn’t important now. For this reason, you shouldn’t look for information in books – it is better to use other sources like:

  • Newspapers;
  • Magazines;
  • Articles;
  • Online sources.

Yet, before you decide what source of information include in your reference list, you need to ask yourself a few very important questions.

  • Do your source is relevant?
  • Does it contain the newest information?
  • Is it reputable?
  • Is it written with a respected writer/researcher/scientist?

If the answers to all these questions are “Yes”, then you can use this data source without any fear. It is also very useful to write down important details or even quotes of the famous people. This will help you not only to show that you know more than enough about the topic but also will demonstrate your readers that your ideas have a serious background. Yet, don’t forget to cite them otherwise, they will look like plagiarism.

Essay writing process

After you have picked the topic and gathered data for your essay, you can start the writing process of your paper. It consists of three parts: writing of an outline, writing of your paper according to the structure and verification for mistakes.

Paper outline

It isn’t obligatory to create an outline for this academic paper. Yet, you should understand that a good outline is your best helper during the writing process. You need to create your outline according to the structure of the paper and your ideas. Your main goals are:

  • Make your readers interested in the topic;
  • Convince your audience that the problem is serious and should be solved;
  • Clearly explain your solutions;
  • Prove that your solutions are better than others.
  • If you write an outline, you will be able to check whether these goals are fulfilled in your essay.

Paper Structure

Probably, the hardest part of academic papers writing is the structure. It is always necessary to follow the strict order: introduction part, body part and conclusion part. Moreover, every element also has its own structure. In the text below, you will get to know how to structure a problem-solution essay, or you can just turn to this online writing website for help.

The introduction part is the beginning of your essay. It should be excellent because the audience won’t have any desire to continue reading your paper, if it is uninteresting, or contains some mistakes. In general you introduction paragraph should:

  • Present the problem – usually the first (hook) sentence;
  • Explain the importance of the problem – a couple of sentences with the connecting information;
  • Demonstrate a vivid picture – your thesis statement that should briefly present the whole paper;

There are a few nice ideas for you introduction that can help you to make it interesting.

  • Tell some true-life story about the issue;
  • Tell the story from your personal experience;
  • Tell some imagined story that brightly illustrates the problem;
  • Use clear facts or statistics;
  • Tell the history of the problem;

Use a frame story (the story that presents the issue in the introduction part and story that presents the solution in the conclusion part).

The body part is quite specific in this type of essay. Usually, it has three and more paragraphs, but everything depends on the instructions of your teacher. The first paragraph should belong to the discussion of the issue. You need to provide the trustworthy evidence that is able to convince people this problem is necessary to solve.

The next paragraphs should be dedicated to the solution/solutions of the problem. In these paragraphs you need to:

  • Provide a clear explanation of our solutions;
  • Provide the detailed information on how your ideas will solve the problem;
  • Explain how your ideas will be funded and who will be in charge of everything (only if necessary);
  • Provide evidence that your solutions will definitely work (examples of previous success, expert viewpoint, statistics, etc.).

It is not just enough to present the problem and some solutions. In most of the cases, it is possible to find a lot of solutions to one issue. Your task is to present the best one and to prove that it is the best one. It should be the finest according to these factors:

  • It can solve the problem;
  • The price of the solution is affordable (if the problem requires money to be solved);
  • It is technically/economically/socially/politically feasible;
  • It is reasonable;
  • It can get through the possible objections;

There is a possibility that you will be asked provocative questions about your essay. This is the reason, why you need to think of all possible objections and find the good answers.

Your conclusion part can consist of one or more paragraphs. There are a few bright ideas that can help you to finish your essay effectively:

  • Tell the audience what will happen if they accept/don’t accept your ideas;
  • Use the frame story;
  • Provide the real example of similar situation where the provided solution was effective;
  • Use expert opinions, facts, and statistics.
  • Yet, you shouldn’t provide any new facts about your solution because the audience expects to see the logical end of the essay but not the continuation.

Paper verification

The last thing that should be done is verification for mistakes and plagiarism. Of course, you will work on your paper on your own, but it doesn’t guarantee that some plagiarism detection program won’t find plagiarized parts. For your own goodness, you need to check your paper. In addition, it is necessary to check whether your essay doesn’t contain mistakes. It will be very sad if you lose your high grades because of a few grammar or spelling mistakes. You also need to verify whether your text is coherent and logical.

If the process writing of this academic paper looks tedious and complicated to you, you always can rely on this online writing service. They will accomplish not only writing of the essay but any paper of any complexity. You should hesitate because this writing company sees the problem and solve it in a blink of an eye.