Guideline on how to start an argumentative essay

To create an argumentative essay requires from you proper preparation because it is necessary not just to provide information but also prove it with your arguments. Sometimes, it takes years of hard work to master the skill of persuasion. Not everyone is able to do this and, what is more important, not everyone has a desire to do this. In this article, you will find tips on how to start an argumentative essay and how to finish it successfully. Unfortunately, knowing this information doesn’t guarantee you high grades for your paper because it is necessary to practice a lot to be able to impress your professors. If you really want to pass the best argumentative essay in your life, then you need to contact this professional writing organization and ask to help you. There is no doubt that these expert writers will successfully accomplish this task.

You have already read that preparation for writing an argumentative essay is quite long and complicated. Below, you will find simplified tips that will help you to cope with this task.

Understand what to write

Firstly, it is necessary to understand what this paper is. An argumentative essay is one of the types of academic papers that requires from you:

  • To investigate the topic;
  • To gather, produce, and evaluate evidence;
  • To demonstrate a position on the topic briefly.

In general, to write an argumentative essay requires the deep search of the literature, including books, articles, magazines, newspapers and online sources. Moreover, it can be very beneficial to use empirical research. In other words, you need to gather information by providing interviews, observations, surveys, or experiments. This kind of research allows the students to understand the topic and gather the freshest information. Moreover, the facts collected from empirical research are beneficial because every professor appreciates when their students conduct them and put high grades for such works.

Except the understanding of what an argumentative essay is, you also need to understand the task clearly, if you want to learn how to start an argumentative essay properly. It is essential to read the task twice and focus on its main points. It is also very useful to write them down, so it was possible to read them from time to time and remind yourself what you need to write about. If you still unsure how to organize your thoughts, you should think of the desired outcome. In other words, you need to create the outcome of your essay and lead your readers to it. Yet, everything should look simple and logical.

Decide on the topic

The next logical step of preparation before writing your argumentative essay is the process of topic selection. If you ask yourself how to start an argumentative essay well, then you need to know that everything begins with the successful choice of your topic. If you didn’t get a topic from your teacher/instructor, then you should create by yourself relying on a few beneficial tips:

  • It should fit the format – it means that your topic should be debatable because, if it is not, it will be very difficult to prove your point of view.
  • It should be interesting for you – research on this assignment can take a lot of time, and it is better for you to be interested in it. Moreover, your paper will be more interesting to read.
  • Try to discuss your argument with someone – it will help you to generate new ideas and verify whether this topic is what you need.
  • Think of your audience – you should take into consideration what audience will read or listen to your essay. Your main goal is to prove that you are right and do this you need to understand your readers’ strengths, weaknesses, desires, and fears.
  • Think of the rhetorical situation – it consists of the text (your essay), the author (you), the setting, the purpose of the communication and the audience.

Search of information

To find the necessary information for your argumentative essay, you need to follow the instructions that are provided below:

  • Use different sources of information – go to the library and read the books, magazines, newspapers that are related to your topic, or use reliable online sources. It doesn’t matter how many information sources you use it matters only how valuable the information is.
  • Choose new and reputable sources – it will be very difficult to prove your point of view if you sources of information aren’t trustworthy.
  • Use quotes – when you study various sources, you need to write down quotes that support your argument. Yet, don’t forget to cite them.
  • Conduct empirical research – information gather from such research is valuable and can easily prove your points.

If your topic is wide, you may need to look through a lot of different books and articles. To save your time, you can choose only those that are the most reputable and famous. Yet, if you really want to impress your readers, it is useful to pick rare sources too.

How to write an argumentative essay properly

Writing process of this type of essay isn’t too different from the writing process of other essay types. The preparation process is unique and requires much time, but the writing process is the same because this paper also has the introduction part, body part and conclusion part.

Argumentative essay title

First of all, you need to learn how to start an argumentative essay, so it was interesting and catching. The first thing you should do is to create the title of your paper. Make sure that:

  • It isn’t too long – try not write you title longer than 5-7 words because most of the readers do not like long titles.
  • It promises the reader some interesting information – your title should present a piece of information from your essay that tells what your paper is about but doesn’t disclose everything.
  • It is catchy – use tricks that can make you title catchy (rhetorical questions, numbers, bright adjectives, etc.).

Argumentative essay introduction part

In the first part, you need to describe the topic of your paper in a general way. The author also should provide a clear explanation why the topic he/she writes about is important and why the readers should care about it. The last sentence of your argumentative essay is a thesis statement. If you want to create a good thesis statement, you need to:

  • Make it clear and concise;
  • Tell the reader about the point of your paper;
  • Include a claim;

Remember that your thesis statement is the most important thing in your introduction part. Everything else that will be written in your body and conclusion parts should be connected to it.

Argumentative essay main part

There is one important rule that you need to remember – one paragraph should discuss only one idea. In general, most of the essays have main parts that include three paragraphs. This means that they discuss three ideas. Such division is necessary because it allows the readers to follow your thoughts without problems.
To create an argumentative essay means to write not only about the ideas you support but also to provide some opposed ideas. It shows that you know everything about the topic and can explain to the readers why your point of view is more accurate and logical.

You also need to make sure that evidential support of your ideas is well-researched, detailed, accurate and current. You can use any evidence (logical, factual, statistical, or anecdotal), but you need to prove your ideas.

In addition, you shouldn’t tell the reader that someone’s viewpoint isn’t right because this can be not ethical and create the wrong impression of your paper. Instead, it is necessary to write that the people with other opinions aren’t informed well.

Argumentative essay conclusion part

In the last part of your argumentative essay, you need not just to rewrite the thesis statement, but to do it in the light of provided evidential support.

  • Do not present any new facts – the readers won’t accept any new information because they expect from you the end of the essay;
  • Restate the importance of your topic – it is useful to write once again why you have chosen it;
  • Review the major ideas – it is good to remind your readers about the main points of your essay;
  • Review the thesis statement – it is the essential element that should be present in every argumentative essay.

You also can include some “call to action” or provide information about other research that can be accomplished in light of your paper.

An argumentative essay is a complicated academic paper that requires deep knowledge of the information about the topic and highly developed writing skills. If you feel that writing of this academic paper can become a nightmare for you, then you should leave the idea to write it on your own and use the help of the professional writing organization.