Great Depression Essay Writing Tips and Ideas

There are different topics and subjects assigned to students, and writing a Great Depression essay is one of them. Basically, it’s quite an interesting assignment because you need to learn many historical facts that can fill up your mind with enough knowledge of the Great Depression story. Before you get started, learn how to write a brilliant academic paper and understand the ins and outs involved for succeeding.

Everything about Writing a Good Paper on This Topic

A standard essay usually consists of a few pages and paragraphs, but everything depends on your assignment prompts and requirements. Successful students who want to impress the targeted audience and improve their grades must follow several essential steps to achieve this goal.

Writing a Title Page and a Table of Contents

There are different procedures that you can use to make the title page of your essay look great, including such popular academic formats as APA and MLA. For example, if you prefer MLA, this formatting style requires double-spacing. Write a title with each word capitalized and center-aligned. Don’t forget to include your course, name, submission date, and other important details. When writing a table of contents, it’s necessary to list all the subheading and headings with their corresponding page numbers.

Writing an Introductory Paragraph

In the introductory paragraph of your paper on any Great Depression topic, you’re required to state these basic points:

  • Your brief explanation of a central problem or idea;
  • The main goal of your essay;
  • All the questions that will be answered in it;
  • The relevance of your chosen topic;
  • A brief outline of your research;
  • Your research process.

This section of your essay is focused on making all readers familiar with the chosen topic and creating more interest in reading further paragraphs.

Writing the Main Body

The main body of your Great Depression essay is the longest one and it must include specific sections and sub-sections. In each one, it’s required to state a central idea, your argument, and relevant information to prove it. This is where you should develop your central argument in some intelligible manner. Use relevant in-text citations when you quote something from books, journals, or other sources of information. Ensure that the main body of your paper contains the following important points:

  • The interpretation of relevant literature;
  • The current state of research;
  • Existing methodological issues;
  • Your point of view.

Writing a Perfect Essay Conclusion

In this paragraph of your paper, be sure to state the main problem and explain the results of your discussion. Provide readers with an interesting and logical summary of your interpretations and observations. Besides, it’s worth explaining the limitations and strengths of your subject while making valuable suggestions for the future when needed.

Writing Other Essay Sections

Ensure that your essay about the Great Depression subject includes a bibliography or references. This is where you’re required to write down all the sources used in this paper in the chosen citation style. Attach the necessary appendices that offer complete information as special maps, figures, images, survey forms, questioners, stats, or anything else if your assignment prompts and teachers demand that. They aren’t included in the actual word count of your assignment.

Looking for Fresh and Interesting Essay Topics

Choosing a good topic is one of the main problems faced by students writing a Great Depression essay. Check this list of useful ideas that can guide you and offer helpful topic suggestions:

  • Children and women during the Great Depression;
  • The Great Depression and Nazism or WWII;
  • The basic causes and effects of the Great Depression.

How to Make the Right Topic Choice

When searching for interesting ideas on picking a great essay topic about the Great Depression, you should understand that this task is not as challenging as many students think. Use the following helpful tips to make the best choice.

Look for something you really like. Choosing the subject that you like is one of the most important things. Once you become engaged in the topic that you will discuss in your assignment, it will impact the whole essay writing positively. Look for the ideas that you’re passionate about, and people who will read your piece of writing will feel your passion and interest at once.

Brainstorm good topics, consider their different areas, and how they can be related. For example, use these interesting and helpful suggestions:

  • If you like everything related to the money, research how the Great Depression affected the money flow;
  • If you’re interested in politics, search for a possible way to connect the Great Depression with this subject, including specific political changes;
  • If you like gardening, think about how the Great Depression led to the need for many families to cultivate gardens to get the groceries that were absent in local stores.

Once you succeed to get some links between the things you like and the ones connected to the chosen topic, it becomes much easier to write an interesting paper that will be enjoyed by the targeted audience.

Review relevant magazines, books, journals, and other credible sources of information. It’s obvious that you can’t write a successful academic paper on something that you don’t understand clearly. So, if you want to end up with a brilliant piece of writing on this subject, ensure that you get familiar with it. Magazines offer a lot of useful information for finding the necessary ideas and facts. Read different articles on the chosen topic and go through available documentaries. The more you understand about your subject, the simpler it becomes to narrow it down. Once you get familiar with it and its background information, you’ll realize that there are many subtopics to choose from.

Brilliant Examples of Essay Topics

Are you still looking for good ideas for your Great Depression essay? Take into account the following ideas that can focus your attention on what happened at that period of time:

  1. Describe a few main causes of the Great Depression. For every cause that you write down, explain its impact, major players, and other basic facts. Share your opinion on whether it was resulted by one or few major causes.
  2. Analyze the role played by Herbert Hoover and reflect on the extent of his power and guilt for economic problems.
  3. Focus on a connection between crimes and the Great Depression in the US. Consider the crimes that dropped and rose most significantly at that time and their geographic locations.
  4. Explain the approach of Franklin Roosevelt to handling this period, especially the New Deal. Decide how you can account for it and evaluate any political obstacles that he had to face.
  5. Determine the role played by women at that period of time and think about the impact of the Great Depression on them. Concentrate on any relationship between genders and economics too.
  6. Discuss different ways it played out in a variety of communities and society groups. Find out why these differences happened and evaluate their meaning.
  7. Define how the Great Depression impacted the lives of families and children in the US. Write an academic paper that describes several important changes that were common at that time. Try to theorize about people’s experiences of undergoing these changes.

The Basics of Discussing Causes and Effects

Many students agree that the introductions of cause and effect essays are simple, but this assignment still gives them some trouble. When writing a cause and effect paper about the Great Depression, understand how to effectively present a structured form. Use these effective hints to achieve this goal:

  • Narrow down the chosen topic to something easy to manage. Don’t make this assignment harder than it really is. Check your prompts and narrow the focus of your paper to meet the necessary requirements completely.
  • Make a good thesis statement that indicates both causes and effects. Present the audience your exact position and keep everything to the point.
  • Select and develop a helpful outline for your essay. The right plan guides your essay writing because you brainstorm and outline the most useful ideas and facts in advance.
  • Revise, proofread, and edit a final version to fix all mistakes because there is always some space for improvements. It’s extremely important to set your piece of writing aside before taking this step because your mind needs to relax.