Good tips on a definition essay

If you have a task to write a definition essay, you have two possible choices. First of all, you can create it by yourself. Although, if you want to achieve high grades for your piece of writing, you have to be completely confident that you have right skills and knowledge to accomplish this task. If you have any even the slightest doubts, you need to forget about writing your paper on your own for some time and order your essay from a real professional. It is understandable that you have a desire to learn how to write this essay and you can do this by reading this article.

A definition paper is a composition that serves to explain what a term or a concept means. In the English language as in many other languages, there are terms that have quite concrete and easily understandable meanings. However, there are also the terms that have meanings that can be argued, due to their subjectivity and abstraction. Writing this type of essay you will have to work with the second group of terms. The next paragraphs will tell you how to choose a good topic for your essay and how to create it so it was not only logical and coherent, but also interesting to read.

How to be ready for writing

Writing process of a definition essay begins with a process of choosing an appropriate topic. It is very important to pick the topic for your paper properly, because it won’t be successful.

Step by step guide on how to choose a topic

It is necessary to choose the term you are going to describe so it could be evaluated from two sides: the direct meaning and subjective meaning. You can’t use words that have only exact meaning, because, the goal of writing this paper isn’t in providing the definition taken from the dictionary, but in expounding on why the term is defined like this. In most of the cases, people have several points of view on different abstract terms. Some of them are negative, others are very positive or even neutral. When you write your academic paper, you need to take into consideration such things as your subject, the purpose of your essay and the reader. All this will have an impact on the point of view of the description of your term.

If you still have problems with choosing your term for creating this essay, you need to remember a few easy steps.

  • Abstract object that has several meanings;
  • Controversial topic;
  • It should be related to your subject;
  • It should be interesting to the reader;
  • It should fulfil the purpose of your task.

Common definition essay topics

You may get a topic from your teacher/instructor, which means that you only need to develop it. Yet, if you need to come up with the term on your own, you can use for your inspiration a short list of common topics used for writing definition essays.

  • God, faith, religion;
  • Love, marriage, family;
  • Friendship, trust;
  • Lie, betrayal, pain;
  • Welfare, happiness;
  • Death, life, reasons for life;
  • Evilness, crime, justice;
  • Money, poverty, wealth.

This list can be endless, but now you can imagine what kind of term you need to use to create a good definition essay.

Before writing steps

In previous paragraphs, you have read about the first step that leads you to the paper of your dreams. However, it isn’t enough to select the topic to start the writing process. You need to take a few more vital steps, before you are ready to write.

  • Choose a word (term, concept) – this is the first step that has been already described;
  • Check your term in the dictionary and write it down with your own words;
  • Find out what it means to you and people around you;
  • Analyze how different people define your term;
  • Find how it is utilized in mass media, movies, magazines, books;
  • Check whether your term had a different meaning in the past.

If you follow all these steps, your essay will be interesting and comprehensive.

Writing of a definition essay

Now, you are ready to discover the basic information that will help you to handle every phase of writing your definition paper.

Elements of a strong definition essay

It is understandable that you want to learn how to make your essay effective. There a few secrets that can help to succeed in this task.

  • Don’t forget to tell the reader the definition of your term (it shouldn’t be copied from the dictionary, but written in your own words);
  • Provide basic information about your word clearly;
  • It is possible to separate the word and define its parts;
  • You also can classify your term.
  • Explain how it is used in speech;
  • If the term is uncommon, you can compare it to the synonym.
  • Provide examples, illustrations and stories;
  • Provide points of view of ordinary people;
  • Provide your point of view.

Structure of a definition paper

As you already know, every academic paper has its structure. This paper is a definition essay, which means that it has the identical structure as other essay types. However, its paragraphs have completely different goals.

  • Introduction – start this part from a general presenting of your topic. Don’t forget about the thesis statement that should be written at the end of your introduction.
  • Body part – define your term by a structure, function, analysis and by what it doesn’t mean.
  • Conclusion – you can rewrite the thesis statement or summarize the main point of your essay.
  • The final part of writing your paper should always be a revision. You need to be sure that your essay doesn’t contain any spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. It is also should have coherence and logic. Moreover, you need to verify whether your paper doesn’t contain plagiarism. Of course, you will write your paper on your own, but for your safety you need to do this.

Definition essay examples

One of the best ways to understand how to write a paper is through studying examples. Below, you will be able to look through a few samples.

Introduction samples

“Nothing” is a term that is very hard to define, but people of all times are trying to do this. Yet, it is impossible, because when people give the word “nothing” any definition, it isn’t “nothing” anymore, it is something. To provide the definition of the term “nothing” is possible only if you think of it as an abstract concept.
It is believed that sense of humor can be very helpful in various life situations. However, what one group of people finds funny, the other one may find boring and uninteresting. Some individuals like only one kind of humor, while others find something comic in everything. Simply speaking, there isn’t a universal definition of such term as “humor”.

Body part samples

In accordance with, the term “justice” is a synonym of such words as lawfulness, righteousness and equality. If to look at this concept from the point of view of an ethical category, the term “justice” can be explained as a doctrine of fairness. According to this definition, the punishment should be proportional to the fault. Yet, the same attitude should be to rewards for success. In other dictionaries it is possible to find different definitions. For instance, the Merriam-Webster dictionary states that the term “justice” means an unprejudiced adjustment of contradictory claims or the assignment of earned punishments or rewards.

According to the online Free Dictionary, the term “humor” is defined as speeches, situations, or writings that are considered to be humorous and funny. This reminds us of things that are usually considered to be comical, like comedies and jokes. However, it is necessary to understand that some word or event can’t be funny on their own. It is the context that makes things humorous. It means that people who are not familiar with the context, will think that the joke or situation is meaningless and dull.

Conclusion samples

The term “justice” can be perceived and explained in different ways, especially when we talk about socioeconomic aspect. In general, we can define this concept as acting in accordance with the perfect of fair-doing accepted in a particular society or country, and treating an individual (his/her doings) according to this perfect and state laws.

It is better to get rid of the idea to define the term “nothing”, because it is impossible to accomplish this task. Such thing as “nothing” even doesn’t exist. If it existed, it wouldn’t “nothing” anymore. Probably, the best possible definition of this term sounds like this: “Nothing is something that isn’t something”. Yet it is quite a contradictive definition. Such word as “nothing” exists, but such thing as “nothing” doesn’t exist.

If you are confused with writing a definition essay, you always have a chance to ask for an expert assistance. You have already seen a few small parts of their works and know that they write well. It is very easy, you just need to rely on a trustworthy writing service and forget about all your problems with writing