Global warming essay guidelines

For the last decades the issue of global warming has become one of the most widely discussed and worried about. Basically it is the greatest challenge that humanity is currently facing. Shortly speaking, global warming can be explained as the phenomenon of temperature increase, which leads to a huge number of changes on the planet and is characterized by negative impact on the life on Earth on the whole. Statistics demonstrates that within the past years global warming has influenced the biodiversity and the overall climate, it leads to the risk of disappearance of some animals, plants and affects negatively general living conditions. Writing as essay on this issue may require you to do certain research and investigate the term of global warming by the use of previously written scientific articles, statistics, documentary movies and so on. In this article, we will provide you with information on global warming, as well as with some helpful guidelines to get your paper written the best possible way.

How to write a good essay on global warming

If you have been assigned to accomplish this kind of task, you will have to focus on the major problems related to the issue of global warming, find out the possible solutions and ways to reduce it, and at the same time to show your writing and argumentative skills. So before you proceed to the writing, you need to work on the topic first by narrowing it down in order to make more specific. It would be a good idea to choose a specific point to focus on and to elaborate in your paper, because it’s always better to provide a deep and meaningful discussion of a narrow topic rather than writing about everything and nothing at once. Global warming is a broad concept, so choose one of the aspects to pay most of your attention to. Consider the following:

  • The relation between the global warming and the greenhouse effect.
  • The history of global warming: what was the main root of the problem and when has it all started.
  • Preventing actions to reduce the future influence of global warming and fight with the already existing negative consequences.
  • The role of each person in dealing with global warming. How can everybody help stop the process?
  • Global warming in the context of India. How will the problem influence the agricultural industry of the country?
  • How will the change in climate conditions influence the desert expanse?
  • The relation between the appearance of new diseases and global warming.
  • How can the global warming affect the population on Earth?

These are only some of possible topics to discuss. You can use them as examples or choose one of them to elaborate in your paper.

How to research the global warming issue

When writing global warming essay, one of the major steps to take is to do certain research. As a matter of fact, there are tons of sources available on the Internet, so you don’t even need to go anywhere to find the necessary material. You can conduct a good research while sitting at home and using your computer. However, we want to give you some tips that will help you save your time during research and achieve the best results with minimum efforts wasted. Check out the following:

  • From the very beginning you have to determine the number of sources you are going to use. If you don’t set the limit, you’re going to spend eternity on the research. In order to write an effective essay, it’s enough to use no more than ten sources.
  • Find out which sources are allowed to be used and which not. Some professors prohibit to use Wikipedia, for example. If you don’t know for sure, you’d better ask your professor for clarifications.
  • Use only reliable sources. Make sure the information you use is true and proved appropriately. Don’t use facts if you don’t know where they come from or quotes if you don’t know their author.
  • Make notes when doing research. Every time you find something worthy to pay attention to or to mention in your paper, make sure you jot it down in order not to forget.
  • Take into consideration evidences that support in that or another way your point.
  • Acknowledge the opposite opinions. For example, the fact that we are currently facing global warming on the planet doesn’t change the fact that there is also the opposite process going on, the global cooling.
  • Write down all the info needed for making up the bibliography section of your paper while researching, in order not to waste extra time doing this afterwards.

Coming up with ideas for your essay

The next step in writing a good global warming essay is working on your ideas. You need to generate interesting, arguable and worthy ideas and make a list of them. In order to come up with ideas, consider the following tips:

  • Creating a mind map. Write down the name of the topic in the center of a paper sheet. And then, draw lines leading to every idea occurring in your head related to the discussed subject. From each new idea you can draw additional lines and so on until you will have enough ideas.
  • Taking into consideration all the material that you have gathered during your research, look for some hot questions that made the biggest impression on you and use them as ideas to provide in your essay.
  • Choose one or two key ideas that you like the most. You will provide them in the first section of your essay right after you announce the topic.

Once you have all the possible ideas written in that or the other way, you need to filter them and leave behind the ones that you find less interesting and important. It is better to focus on a few good ideas rather than on a dozen of mediocre thoughts.

Proceeding to the implementation of your ideas

Your next step is going to be dividing your essay into parts and putting all the material that you have in the right order. Primarily, you need to create an outstanding introduction. These three paragraphs play significant role, because they will set the style, mood and tone of the rest of your paper and make it attractive to the reader. For example, you may begin with a good quote of a famous person. We recommend you watching the video where Leonardo DiCaprio gives a speech on the conference dedicated to the climate change. This is one of his the most famous speeches, where you can not only find a couple of brilliant quotes, but which can also inspire and motivate you to write a remarkable global warming essay. The last sentence of your introduction is where you need to write down the thesis statement, which includes the key message of your essay.

When the introduction is ready, you can start writing the body part. Depending on the required size of your essay, the body part will consist of three or five paragraphs. Each paragraph should be dedicated to a specific idea. The key idea goes in the first paragraph and in case if you have two of them, you can provide the second idea in the last paragraph of the body part. The reason why you have to put them in such an order is because most of reader’s attention usually goes to the beginning of the paper and to its end, which is why they have to be the most impressive.

Make sure you support every idea with arguments. If you’re saying that global warming leads to decrease of biodiversity, give at least one or two examples showing what exactly species have already disappeared because of this harmful phenomenon. Also, consider the logical links between your ideas in the text. You need to finish every paragraph in such a way that it leads to the following paragraph and so on.

If you focus on a certain problem related to global warming, make sure you provide at least one possible solution. For example, consider the following ways of reducing climate change:

  • Saving forests around the globe are a good way to positively affect the climate conditions. Deforestation is one of the reasons of global warming increase, which is why saving trees will lead to the opposite.
  • Minimize the usage of plastic bottles and other things made from plastic, including bags etc. This material is very harmful for the environment and its manufacturing also causes changes in the climate.
  • Stop burning plastic and all kinds of toxic material because it increases toxic emissions.
  • Organize all kinds of trainings and lectures to let people know about their role in reducing of global warming. Environmental education is a very important step towards saving our planet.

The final step before your essay is ready

The last three or five sentences of your global warming essay should be dedicated to the conclusions, where you restate the thesis statement and summarize all the ideas and the provided material. Considering the topic, it would be great if you make a motivational statement in the end and inspire your readers to proceed to certain actions, because the future of our planet depends on every person.

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