General data on college essay examples

When it comes to writing college essays, it is necessary to use different methods to create something successful. There are three things that you can do to gain this. First of all, it is studying of theoretical information and practicing. On the internet, you can find a lot of different data sources that can help you in this task. After you have learned general information about this question, you can start practicing. The level of your writing skills depends on the number of essays that you have written. However, you need to have someone competent, who can verify your paper and correct your mistakes. Otherwise, it will be quite difficult to learn something. The second possible method to learn how to write a good college essay is by reading college essay examples. You don’t even imagine, how many information you can find out from reading them. The last method that you can use to achieve the college essay of your dreams is by ordering it from the professional writing service. This method guarantees that your paper will be perfect in all ways.

How college essay examples can help

You may not know this, but reading of college essay examples and their analyses can be very useful for those, who want to be good at college essay writing. When you read a lot of them, you can:

  • See and understand the structure;
  • See the strong points of essays;
  • See the weak points of essays;
  • Learn how to analyze your own paper;
  • Notice a few good ideas for your own paper.

Similarities of good examples of college essays

On the web, you will find many different college essay examples. The best decision for you is to read those that are analyzed. This way, you will be able to notice strong and weak points of every essay. Yet, you should know that all college essays have a few similarities:

  • Structure – every such essay consists of three parts: Introduction, body, conclusion;
  • Strong first sentence – they all have the first sentence that attracts the reader’s attention;
  • Strong thesis statement – their thesis statements are informative, but not too much;
  • Interesting story – every story that is provided in essays is unique, but it is always interesting and catching;
  • Personal voice – every paper has its own personal style of writing and voice;
  • Correctness – you won’t find grammar mistakes in good college essays.
  • These are the most important things that you should pay attention to, if you really want to take advantage from reading essay examples.

Strong and weak points in college application essay examples

There is one more advantage of reading different examples – you can notice strong and weak sides of every paper. This will help you to avoid things that make your essay ordinary and pay attention to those things that will make your essay brilliant. You should read this list below to know what to use in your paper:

  • Be honest – honesty is something that makes people believe in you;
  • Be funny – funny story or short joke will attract the reader;
  • Be creative – find the way to present something ordinary in an extraordinary manner;
  • Write about the things that matter to you – if you write about the things you care, your text will look more convincing;
  • Surprise – find something that makes you different from others, and present it in your paper.

Write about your strong and weak sides – it is necessary to demonstrate not only your strong sides but also the weak ones. Yet, you should present them from the positive point of view.

However, it is not enough just to include all these points in your college essay to make it great. You also need to exclude the things that can ruin the whole impression from your paper.

  • Don’t guess the reader’s desires – first of all, it is impossible and second of all, you won’t be able to express yourself;
  • Don’t jump from one thing to another – your paper should be coherent, so the reader didn’t lose the main idea;
  • Don’t create your own instructions – if you have got the instructions of how to write your paper – strictly follow them.
  • Don’t use too complicated words/sentences – especially if you aren’t sure that you do this properly;
  • Don’t sound like someone else – the best way to write this essay is to present yourself.

Analyses of the main parts of essay samples

Apart from the theoretical information that you have learned about the college essay examples, you also need to look through a few real samples and their analyses. Here you will see the samples of the Introduction part, body part and conclusion part. After every example, you will read the short analysis. This knowledge will help you to analyze any college essay, including yours.

Analysis of the Introduction

From the early childhood, I listened to the stories about the University of Michigan. My mother and aunt, both studied there and wanted to show me how great this place is. Their stories were so interesting and funny that I decided to become the part of this big university family one day. Later, when the time to enter some university was very close, I decided to study information about a couple of colleges, but none of them was the University of Michigan. The final decision was taken when I saw this university with my own eyes. It was a little bit frightening from the first sight, because of its size, but I liked the diversity of people and events.

This short introduction is a good example of the beginning of the college application essay. It demonstrates one idea – the desire to study at the Michigan University and shows a few reasons of why this idea appeared in the head of the author. However, the first sentence isn’t strong enough. It is also good to provide more concrete examples.

Analysis of the Body part

My decision to enter the University of Michigan forced me to develop myself from the different sides. I had a great desire to help people in the future, and my school in Springfield gave me a chance to become a part of the non-academic club of the Future Physicians. It helped me to see the medical world and understand whether it is what I need or not. During the years of participation in the Future Physicians, I had dozens of visits to children’s hospitals. It is very nice to see how children are happy when they see you and it is even more pleasant to see how they leave hospitals completely healthy.

Nowadays I have a job at Maas Brothers. It is not a job of my dream, but it also brings me a lot of advantage. I have a chance to communicate with different people, learn how to be patient and tolerant with customers and try to be independent of my parents’ money. As for me, this job will help me when the times comes to become a doctor.

I also help my church Youth Group to organize different events and concerts. Every year we help with the organization of “The Bishop’s Ball.” I also become a part of the team when I was younger. Now, I think I have even more important role – coaching of our girls’ team. This is very interesting and challenging because it is always necessary to be patient, support and know what to say in difficult situations. This season was winning for our girls, but the most important thing is that they enjoyed the game.

This is a good example of the body part of the college essay. Every paragraph describes one point (something special about the author). The text is coherent. There is a connection not only among the paragraphs in the body part but also between the Introduction and the first paragraph. The author uses specific details, which makes the text realistic. Most of the facts are about the good characteristics of the author. Yet, there is also information that tells the reader about the job she doesn’t like but still appreciates it because of several factors. The main idea is the desire to help people. However, this essay isn’t perfect. It would be better to present some special story. It could be connected to the visits to the children’ hospitals or to the job. It would be nice to mention a few specific details: names, numbers, and dates. It is also possible to include a funny story, joke or sad story. In other words, something that can touch the hearts.

Analysis of the Conclusion

The last three years gave me a lot. I could understand what future I want and how to reach it. I hope the next step to my goal will be studying at the University of Michigan. This institution of higher education is able to give the necessary knowledge and interesting everyday life. I really believe that this university will help me to become successful.

This is a good example of the Conclusion of the college essay. It summarizes the previous information and demonstrates the author’s hope to enter the desired university. It is logically connected to the previous parts. However, the writer is too concentrated on the idealizing of this university. It is also possible to provide some specific examples of the advantage of studying at this place