Finding a Reliable Essay Proofreader Service

Many students wonder how they can correctly format college papers. The majority of students does not correctly format their assignments and make mistakes and as a result of this they get low grades. If you have prepared your term paper or essay and you need somebody to check it for mistakes and possible errors, our essay proofreader service will help you.

Why You Should Get Our Assistance

Our service is an educational platform with many years of experience. We offer quality education services. We are the best assistant to students both during the examination session and throughout the academic year. Our specialists are professionals in their field and they fulfill orders quickly and qualitatively, as evidenced by numerous positive customer testimonials. Our service for many years has been helping students achieve their goals and cope with the tasks set. For works performed with the help of our service, students get high grades and, as a rule, use our service again.

However, even though we have many years of experience and positive reviews, students often doubt this kind of services. These doubts, as a rule, are of the same type, however, when ordering a paper on our service, you don’t have to worry. Usually, students worry about the following:

  • The paper will be downloaded from online. There’s nothing simpler than finding a ready-made paper on Google and offering it to a naive student. Such a paper, of course, won’t pass the plagiarism test. A lot of companies do so, however, the trust of our customers is important for us and we set a goal for long-term cooperation, therefore our policy is the provision of only unique and individually executed papers. We accompany all works testing them for plagiarism, so you can see that the texts we provide have high level of uniqueness.
  • Old sources of information will be used. Many firms that provide educational services have a huge database of ready-made works, but they apply outdated sources of information. The papers done by our service are always founded on the latest editions since our performers make them from scratch individually for every client.
  • The work will refer to outdated regulations. If references to the outdated literature are not so critical because the trends in economics, law, and other sciences change too soon, then a reference to outdated or invalid regulations can ruin the whole work. The paper composed on the basis of old documents is useless and has no scientific value. In addition, it won’t be allowed to defense. The successes of our clients are our successes. Thus, we are interested in performing works of high quality that will be allowed to defense and will be highly graded.
  • The paper will not be done on time. Time and sometimes the lack of it make students seek help from our specialists. We cherish your time and guarantee that the performance of all the papers will be done the appointed deadline. Our managers set such terms for the work for writers that there always remains enough time for modifications or a force majeure.
  • The paper will need to be modified in case there are comments from the teacher. Our work finishes only when you are admitted to the defense or the work is accepted by the teacher. We carry out all the required improvements and remove the comments.

Certainly, certain kinds of doubts are not unfounded, but our essay proofreader website assumes liability for the quality of the services provided and compliance with their indicated requirements. We are striving to build long partnerships with our clients. This means that it is crucial for us not only to perform the order, but do everything possible to make the students fully satisfied, as this is the basis for a long-term cooperation.

Guarantees You Get

With us, you’re getting the following benefits:

  • Quality
  • Observance of deadlines
  • Assistance until successful defense
  • Return policy
  • Confidentiality


Guarantees of high quality of the diploma, coursework, essay, and other types of works performed are the following:

  • Work on the basis of the contract.
  • Experience of our work.
  • Cooperation with highly qualified authors.
  • Work in a team for each direction of work performed, which minimizes the occurrence of force majeure circumstances.
  • Every finished paper before being sent to the customer is checked by the manager in order to monitor compliance with all requirements.

Observance of Deadlines

All works are provided in a timely manner.

Assistance until Successful Defense

If the teacher made some comments and asked you to modify some parts of the paper, we guarantee you free modifications in the shortest possible time (no more than 3 working days). Remarks are accepted for elimination within 30 days from the receipt of the finished work.

Return Policy

If you do not agree with the quality of the services provided, you can apply for a return of funds for the purchase within 30 days of receipt of the order.


We guarantee the non-disclosure of personal data of customers and the terms of the order.

Purchasing Papers on Our Service

Any visitor to our essay proofreader website can buy or order a diploma, term paper, essay, or any other type of college paper. You can also order the proofreading services, when we are going to check your paper for any possible mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting. With us, you can be sure that your paper is of the highest quality.

If you want to buy a ready-made paper, do the following:

  • Go to the section Ready-made works.
  • Select the subject, for example Mathematics.
  • You will see a list of available papers on the subject. Each paper has the indication of its type, theme, size (number of pages), year of delivery, author (who uploaded to the site), and where it was defended.
  • Open the paper by clicking on its name. You will see an internal work page with the same fields as on the previous page, but instead of the link to buy there will be a shopping cart icon. Additionally on the page of the work in the left part of the page, there is a description of the paper, as well as on the right side of the page the link for downloading the preview (preview) of the work. After downloading it, you can get acquainted with the work.
  • Click on the buy link or the shopping cart icon (if you are not authorized on the site, you will be asked to login or register)
  • You will get to the payment page where you need to choose the most suitable payment option to you.
  • After successful payment, in your personal account in the section Purchases, there will be a link for downloading the purchased work.

Ordering a Paper from Scratch

  • On the main page of the essay proofreader service, fill in the order form (type of work, deadline, and number of pages). You will immediately see the cost of work. Click the Order button.
  • The order page consists of 3 steps. On the first step, you need to complete the following: the type of work, the deadline, and the number of pages. On the second step, you choose a specialization and subject, indicate the theme of the work, the institution, and give a description (recommendations) for the work. Attach all the necessary files.
  • On the third step, if you are not yet registered on the website, you will be prompted to log in or register. As soon as you register or log in you will see the button Order.
  • Once you have made an order, you will be notified with the e-mail that you have made an order. Also, information about the details of your order will be available in the section Orders in your account.
  • Your order is under moderation. As soon as the customer support approves the order and appoints the author for you, you will be notified by e-mail, as well as in the section Orders in your personal account, the status of the order will be Waiting for Advance Payment.
  • The implementation of the order will not be started until you make an advance payment of 50% of the cost. On the order page, you will find the link Make a Prepayment, by going to which you will get to the payment page where you need to select a payment method. Methods of payment are similar to the ones when you buy ready-made papers.
  • Once you have made a prepayment, the order is transferred to the status In Work. A message will be sent to your email.
  • As soon as the author finishes the paper, you will receive a notification on the email, as well as on the website in your personal account in the Orders section. The status of the order will change to Waiting for Final Payment. At this step, the work for the order is completed, and you need to pay the rest of the order amount.
  • As soon as you have paid the rest of the order, in the personal account, you will get a link to download the work, which the author uploaded. Order status is Paid.
  • Within 30 days of the final settlement, you have the right to submit the work for revision. To do this, you should click on the link Send for Revision, or if you do not have any complaints about the work, click Close Order. If you do not perform any actions, then after 30 days the order will close automatically.