Find your perfect essay check

Every student has a dream of a perfect essay. For some students it’s the easiest thing to write a paper, because they have natural writing skills and love writing. However, for the rest of them it is a big challenge requiring lots of efforts and time to be spent. But no matter how brilliant or poor your writing skills are, there is one essential step that none of us can skip when writing a paper. Before the submission, you have to proofread, check and edit your essay appropriately. Otherwise, if there are any mistakes in your essay, including grammar and punctuation errors, all your efforts will be just wasted. This is exactly why it is so important to find your perfect essay check to make sure your paper is just as great as you want it to be and as your professor expects to see it. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on essay proofreading and provide you with several online checkers to consider. At the same time, remember that no automative checking tool can be so effective as proofreading by a real professional writer. We are glad to offer you this option. Whenever you need you paper to be checked appropriately and in a professional manner, don’t hesitate to contact us or just make an order online. In any case, let us find out how to check your paper and what is needed to do it right.

What is an online checking tool

When you have finally written your paper and you feel totally exhausted, it’s not the time to submit it yet. As a matter of fact, one of the most boring parts is only about to get started. Proofreading and checking is something none of the students likes to do. It is especially scary to find out that you have tons of mistakes and all kinds of errors and you just don’t know how to correct everything. Here’s when using an online checker is a good idea.

You can find amounts of different checkers on the Internet. Generally speaking, it is a software specially designed to check the quality of your paper and improve it. It also lets you know about your mistakes by highlighting them. This kind of software deals with grammar and punctuation errors and offers certain ways to improve and correct them. While it is very convenient to use online essay check, because it is quick and doesn’t require much to do from you, since you only need to paste the text of your paper and wait for the result, it is not an ideal solution anyway. Just like anything else, this kind of checking papers has its advantages and disadvantages. Keep reading to find out which ones.

Advantages of using online checkers

Before you decide to use an essay online checker, it would be useful to know more about this software and find out its positive and negative sides. First of all, take a look at the advantages of this software:

  • Essay checkers are great because they notice errors that you would miss for a number of reasons. For example, you may be too tired to pay enough of attention to each letter in your text, so chances are really big that something will be missed.
  • Essay online checkers offer not only checking your paper for grammar and punctuation errors, but they are also capable of recognizing plagiarized content and flagging it so you could see what part of your essay should be rewritten.
  • While highlighting errors in your paper, online checkers also offer ways to correct them, which is very helpful, in case if you have hard time dealing with grammar or other issues.
  • Online essay check is a perfect tool for those who are in a hurry and need immediate results. If the deadline is coming right in a couple of hours and you have just finished your writing, there is no actually a better tool to proofread your essay other than with an online software. You can be sure to get the result in a few seconds or in a minute.

As you can see, there are many positive sides proving that using an online checker would be a great idea. However, don’t hurry up to make any conclusions before you find out its disadvantages and weaknesses.

Negative sides of using online checkers

While in some cases finding a text checker on the Internet to improve your essay is a good idea, it is still not the ultimate perfect solution. It is important that you are aware of situations that you may face when using some of the checking programs online. Take a look at disadvantages that using this kind of software has.

  • Some essay online checkers will require you to download the software first. This may take you additional time and there’s no guarantee they will not require you anything else when the downloading is finally finished.
  • Sometimes you can be required to pay for it. Of course, a good service costs money. But there is a great risk that your money will be wasted and the service won’t just work appropriately.
  • Some online checking services are designed with only one purpose of making money without benefitting the user. The quality of the service may not match your expectations and you will get your time and money wasted.
  • One of the things that many students don’t like about online checkers is that some of them require registration first. This is really annoying, especially if you are in a hurry. And the worst part about it is that after the registration stage there might appear another requirement to fulfill before you can freely use the service and another one and so on.
  • A software cannot proofread and check your paper in such a professional manner as a real expert writer can. It is still a software, which can only see a general pattern but is not capable of taking a closer look at every specific error in particular.
  • By telling you about the disadvantages of online checking service we only let you know that nobody can guarantee you will not face any of those situations. There is always a risk, so you need to be aware of it before you take it.

Top essay online checkers to consider

If you’re still thinking about using an online checker to improve your paper, let us find out which ones would be the most appropriate options. Here are some of them:

  • PlagTracker online software. It is one of the most popular checkers, because it’s totally free. Apart from grammar errors, it also can check your paper for plagiarism. You should only pay for it if you want to use it on a regular basis.
  • is very similar to the previous one. It can do three functions: check your essay for plagiarism, review it for all kinds of errors and mistakes and edit it. However, this checker is not automated. Your paper is going to be checked and edited by real people. The price of the service varies according to the length, complexity of your essay and other factors.
  • is totally free and easy, although it won’t provide you with the best checking quality. It will take you a few minutes to paste your text and wait until the result will appear on the screen.
  • has one more service apart from checking for plagiarism and errors. It can also provide you with tutoring and guidelines. Keep in mind that the price of this services can vary depending on how many papers you want to check.
  • can also check your essay for plagiarism and errors. However, you will have to subscribe for their service before you use it. They offer you two kinds of subscription, one of which is free and another one is premium.

Make sure your essay is well-written

These are only some of the existing online checking tools which we recommend you to consider. However, if you are aimed at the best result, you need to be aware of what a well-written essay should look like. Take a look at the following tips on final reviewing before you submit your paper.
The tone and the style of your paper should match the required format and instructions. Check out the requirements once again and make sure you followed them before the submission.
Check if there are any cliché, bias, repetitions or any inappropriate word expressions in your paper.
Be ready to rewrite your paper in case of need and remember that your grades are at stake. It’s always better to spend some more time working on it right now rather than getting a low mark afterwards.
Make sure you answered the question of the prompt and check if there are any holes in your paper.
When finishing the final draft, ask someone for a feedback to find out how your essay sounds to a reader.

Use professional help

While online tools are sometimes a good way to proofread your essay, the best option is still letting professional writers deal with it. We offer you an expert assistance and all kinds of writing services, including essay check by experienced writers. You can totally rely upon our professionalism and be sure we will take care of your essay and make it a perfect piece of academic writing for affordable price. You can contact us any time for more information or just make an order online on our website.