Existing Academic Types of Essays

If you have a great topic for the next essay, it may not be enough for producing the best paper. Clarify the right type of essay that you’re expected to create and know what professors want you to write before getting started. That’s because there are different types of essays and they all require specific skills and understanding. To write each one successfully, know their differences and use appropriate tools.

Essay Types: All You Need to Know

First, there is a descriptive essay that all students are required to write. As its name suggests, its primary goal is describing the key traits of specific phenomena, processes, objects, etc. This assignment is all about expressive writing and it often involves all senses while encouraging many details. When completing it, don’t be laconic because teachers expect you to use your imagination and talents to create a desirable feeling.

Analytical Essays

Their basic purpose is critically evaluating and analyzing specific topics. Many students agree that this type of writing is the most exacting about a structure and logic, so be careful when organizing all ideas. Make your clear statements and use suitable linking words to help others follow important thoughts.

Argumentative Essays

They are designed to provide the audience with strong arguments both against and for specific positions. Their main principle is characterizing specific phenomena and organizing interesting examples and ideas. A good argumentative paper can be produced only after doing your in-depth research.

Persuasive Essays

Don’t confuse them with argumentative papers because their primary purpose is persuading people that your personal opinion is viable. They always involve discussions, and students need to persuade others to accept their ideas instead of sharing their general views and informative facts. This assignment is designed to manipulate emotions while using strong evidence and logic without any emotional pressure.

Definition Essays

Among other similar types, this one is designed to define particular phenomena or objects. When writing this paper, students are expected to cover specific terms, and their basic task is explaining to readers their meanings and uses. It’s suitable to discuss the spheres of usage and origins of terms.

Classification Essays

They always classify a certain group of objects based on specific criteria. Such essays sort things into different groups of categories, so they are quite helpful when analyzing existing differences between given objects. Your classification should be clear and every point must be linked to others.

Compare and Contrast Essays

They discuss the main differences and similarities between given objects. They may seem similar to classification papers, but students are asked to determine differences, not only in overall categories, but also specific subjects.

Cause and Effect Essays

Their key goal is explaining the factors that lead to specific results and why. Here, students can discuss only one cause and a few effects or one effect and different causes. This assignment is perfect for all kinds of political and ecological topics.

Types of Essays: Helpful Suggestions

To better understand why different types of essays require completely different approaches, check these helpful suggestions dedicated to the same topic of smiling:

  • In your descriptive essay, describe a smile of someone else and how you feel when you see it;
  • In any argumentative paper, share strong arguments both against and for forced smiles in personal relationships or at work and include any relevant findings or studies on this subject;
  • In analytical essays, analyze any things that make you smile and specify what about them make you smile;
  • In persuasive papers, take a particular stance and persuade readers if it’s good to use any artificial smiles;
  • In a classification essay, use a level of sincerity in all smiles to divide them into specific groups, including forced, natural, and polite;
  • In your cause and effect paper, discuss the main consequences and causes of smiling;
  • In definition essays, define what smiles are and use varying perspectives to discuss their meaning;
  • In any compare and contrast paper, pick different types of smiles to find differences and similarities between them.

Other Classifications of Essays

Students are often asked to write opinion essays where they need to either agree or disagree with a specific stance. To make this task easier, pick a side without trying to persuade others that all opinions are possible. After deciding if you agree or disagree, stick to your stance and prove it with arguments while answering these questions:

  • What is your topic?
  • Do you disagree or agree with a given statement?
  • To What extent and why?
  • How can your point of view be proven?

To make everything clear, state your stance in both concluding and starting paragraphs to let readers understand it. Support it with strong examples and arguments.

Advantages and Disadvantages Essays

This assignment is not connected with any personal opinion. When completing it, show what others think. Usually, most students describe only one disadvantage and one advantage in this essay because it’s hard to discuss more points without exceeding their allowed word count. This paper should give answers to these questions:

  • What is the topic discussed in it?
  • What is the advantage of your discussed matter?
  • What is its disadvantage?
  • How can you prove points?

Students should write their opinion on the chosen topic on a concluding section. Include the results of every point.

Problem and Solution Essays

It’s one of the main types of essays written by modern students who need to state a specific problem and give their effective solution to it. In most cases, teachers ask them to deal only with one issue due to a limited word count. This paper always answers the following questions:

  • What is the subject discussed?
  • What are its negative effects?
  • How can you tackle them?

Notice that both the chosen problem and your offered solution should be described in separate essay paragraphs to let readers comprehend everything. Show them the results that will follow after using this solution too.

Discussion Essays

This assignment is similar to advantage and disadvantage essays based on its subject matter because they discuss opposing view on the same subject. When writing this type of essay, describe all statements and determine if you agree with them while answering these basic questions:

  • What is your topic?
  • What is the first opinion that will be commented on?
  • What is the second opinion?
  • What do you think about them?

Include interesting and supporting examples in this paper. If you would like to share your view on a topic, write it in the essay conclusion.

Two-Part Question Essays

This essay type is quite popular nowadays, and it includes a specific statement and part questions to be answered.

  • What is the matter discussed?
  • How do you answer the first question?
  • What is your answer to the other question?
  • Why do you think this way?

When completing this assignment, give your structured and clear answers while using effective linking devices and proving a personal opinion.

As you see, knowing a particular topic doesn’t necessarily mean that you should use only one way to approach it. Determine the right type of essay that must be written, pick the right approach, and produce outstanding results. If you still have difficulties with different types of writing, get the expert assistance of professional essayists online.

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