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Perhaps, you’ve just found an essay rather a daunting task. Whether the essay is for a class, a scholarship or even for a contest, a great number of learners consider this writing assignment to be extremely stressful and difficult. While an essay happens to be a relatively large project, there’re a lot of steps an author should take, which will help to divide it into quite manageable parts. If you follow it, you’ll succeed in drafting a successful paper.

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Writing essays can be easy

  • Choose a theme

Perhaps, you might have your essay topic assigned or you might be given an opportunity to work on the theme of your choice. If you’ve been assigned a certain topic, you should consider the type of paper you’re eager to produce. Perhaps, it’s going to be rather a general overview of the topic or you’d like to conduct a specific analysis. Additionally, you’re free to narrow your focus if required.

However, if you haven’t been given a particular theme, get ready to work harder. However, it can give you a real advantage if you decide to work with a subject of your interest.

Having determined the purpose, do some research on the theme you’ve just found intriguing and worthy.

Finally, you should have your options estimated. If your primary goal is to educate, select a subject, which you’ve already mastered. If your goal is to convince the audience, then you should stick to a subject you’re really passionate about. Regardless of the mission of your essay writing, you need to ensure you really adore the subject.

  • Make an outline of your thoughts

You can hardly become an ace of essay writing without an ability to organize your exclusive thoughts. Just take what’s already in your mind and put this stuff to a sheet of paper. You’ll spot connections as well as links between ideas. The given structure will act as a solid foundation for your essay. Utilize either an outline or a diagram for jotting down your ideas and organizing them.

To create a diagram, write your theme in the middle of your page. Then, you should draw 3-5 lines branching off from this theme and write down your key ideas at the ends of the lines. After this, draw more lines off the key ideas and add any thoughts you might have on these ideas.

If you prefer creating an outline, place your topic at the top of the page. Exactly from there, ist your major ideas. You should leave space under each one. Here, list other smaller ideas, which relate to every key idea. Thus, you’ll spot connections, enabling you to write a more organized paper.

  • Create your thesis statement

Well, you’ve just picked up a topic and sorted your ideas into corresponding categories. Now it’s time to generate a thesis statement. Evidently, it should tell the audience the point of your paper. Look at your newly-created diagram or outline. What are the major ideas?

It should come with two parts. The first part is expected to state the topic, and the second once should state the point of the paper. For example, if you were highlighting Bill Clinton as well as his impact on America, then a good thesis statement would be, “Bill Clinton has influenced the future of the United States via his two consecutive presidential terms.”

  • Work on the body

The body of your paper explains, argues or depicts your topic. Every major idea you mentioned in your outline or diagram will become a separate section of your paper’s body.

Any of your body paragraphs should come with the same basic structure. First, write one of your key ideas as the introductory sentence. Secondly, write each of your backing ideas in sentence format, leaving 3-4 lines in between every point in order to get back and provide detailed examples to back your position. You should fill in these spaces with relative information, which will help you to link smaller ideas together.

  • Make your introduction

Having created your thesis as well as the overall body, you’re bound to generate an introduction. The given section should draw the audience’s attention and stress the focus of the essay.

An attention grabber should start. Obviously, you can make use of shocking information, a story, a quote, dialogue or a simple summary of your theme. Regardless of the angle, ensure it ties in with your thesis statement that should be included as the final sentence of the introduction.

  • Make the conclusion

it traditionally brings closure of the theme and also sums up your overall ideas, simultaneously providing a final perspective on your theme. Your conclusion should come with 3-5 strong sentences. Review your crucial points and ensure reinforcement of your thesis.

  • Your finishing touches

Having written the conclusion, you might think that you’ve finally completed your paper. It’s wrong, as a slew of small details shouldn’t be neglected. However, you’re currently getting closer to the final point of your essay writing.

Your paragraphs’ order needs to be checked. Your strongest points should be naturally the first. The last paragraphs should be within the body, while the others should fall in the middle. Besides this, ensure your paragraph order really makes sense. If your paper is illustrating a particular process, such as how to cook a tasty chocolate cake, ensure that your paragraphs fall in the right order.

Attentively review the instructions for your paper, if applicable. The matter is that many tutors as well as scholarship forms follow different formats, so you require double checking instructions just to ensure that your paper is in the desired format.

You should review what you’ve just written. You need to reread your essay to ensure it really makes sense. Ensure that sentence flow happens to be smooth enough and add phrases to better connect ideas. Finally, check your paper for spelling and grammar errors. Now we can congratulate you with a successfully written essay!

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