Easy ways to learn how to write a college essay

Every student in the world has to be able of writing a college essay because this kind of task is very often assigned through their studying in college. More than that, such tasks as essays are also required if you want to take part in a writing contest or when you are going to enter a college. Therefore, we prepared some of the tips that you may find useful when figuring out how to write a college essay. In this article, you’ll find great tips on the process of writing itself, and on doing an effective research as well.

Learning how to start a college essay

To start with, you need to make a great opening paragraph for your essay. Here, the most important part is the preparation itself. You have to choose a good topic to discuss, unless the topic is already given by your professor. Usually it is allowed to use all kinds of open sources of information, beginning with libraries, including online libraries, up to books and newspapers. But primarily, take the following steps.

  • Talk to your professor to make it clear what sources you are allowed to use. For some, such sources as wikipedia are unacceptable, while the others find this site quite appropriate. So make sure you’re going to use the right sources not to get into trouble afterwards.
  • While researching the chosen topic, take notes and write down the most important or the most interesting facts. You need to use the citation format appropriately, so make sure you know all the rules in regard to this issue.
  • Include arguments that not only support your main point but also disprove it, so that your essay can be complete and provide different aspects of the same issue.

Getting to know the format of the college essay

In order to have a clear image of how to write a college essay, we propose going online and searching for well-written ones. Try doing a little analyze to figure out what makes these papers good and interesting enough, informative and well-organized or the opposite, find out what mistakes are made in their structure or in the content. In other words, consider asking yourself the following questions.

  • What claims can you see there? Do you like them? If yes, find out the reason why they sound good. It may be the logical order, the style of writing or the evidences.
  • What evidences did you find in the writing? Just like before, you need to analyze whether they sound strong or weak and why. Pay attention to the manner of presenting the evidence and to the personal style of the author of the essay.
  • Do you like the writer’s personal style? If you do, then why? What makes is special?
  • What about the logical links? Do you think that all facts are logically structured? How important is that in the overall impression on the reader?

Learning to come up with your own original ideas

As it is known, brainstorming is an efficient method of creating new ideas. It is quite popular among the students, because it helps organize all of your thoughts into a short list. At the same time, you can turn to the arguments of other students who have done research on the same topic as you do previously. But if you’re aiming at a high mark, it is much better to provide your own unique arguments and make your paper original.

At first, take a pen and make a list of all possible ideas about the discussed issue, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. The thing is, you will filter them afterwards, but sometimes the best ideas can be hidden somewhere where you would never expect to find them. Here, a good way to do it is to use mind mapping. Go online to learn about this way of brainstorming more.

Also, be prepared that this step is going to take a while. Don’t try to rush the process, stay still and pay attention to every thought coming to your mind. It’s not necessary to struggle with brainstorming while sitting in the library or at the class, on the contrary, it would be even better to go outside and give yourself an opportunity to think in a stress-free atmosphere. Besides, sometimes the best ideas can come when you don’t expect them to come at all.

College essay tips on planning the paper

Knowing how to write a college essay foresees that you give all the facts in the right order, and that information is well-structured and easy to understand for everybody. As any other essay, you will start with a thesis statement, which means that this part is bound to make the first impression, on which much of your success depends. Start with analyzing all the ideas that came to your mind while brainstorming. Choose the strongest ideas. This is what you are going to support in your paper with examples and evidences. Connect these ideas one to another and write down a summary you are planning to provide. You need to know exactly how you will explain to the reader your personal viewpoint and what you are trying to prove.

Keep in mind that throughout writing the thesis statement you need to keep very focused and avoid telling about everything all at once, otherwise your reader will get confused. In other words, your focus needs to be rather narrow and it cannot be a question.

Make an outline. If this part is great, the rest of the work will be great as well. A good outline is almost a half of your paper done. Decide what you will put in the first sentence of your paper and then come up with logically strong arguments, evidences, examples etc to support your viewpoint. Keep in mind that very new idea usually begins with a new paragraph and looks like a small essay itself.

The most significant part of essay

The body part is obviously the most significant part of your work, although it is also the most challenging one. This is exactly where you will put all your ideas, arguments, facts and the rest of material. The length of the body part depends on the requirements, so make sure you know them well. That is why make sure you know the requirements first in order not to lose the grades.

When working on the body part, don’t generalize. Generalizing is something that will make your professor think that you know nothing about the discussed topic. General statements prevent from getting to the main point and distract from what is really important. Also, avoid using such expressions as “to my mind”, “according to my observations” and so on. In academic writing, you need to be specific and don’t make it too personal, while supporting all of your arguments with proper facts. Thus, it will sound authoritative.

The most important thing to know about the title and introduction

Not a surprise that the title is something that makes the reader wand or not want to read your paper. That is why it is so important to create such a title that will hook your audience from the very first look they take at your essay. As a rule, obvious statements don’t make a good title, because they sound boring and can’t attract the audience. On the contrary, the more bright and specific your title is, the more chances to hook the reader you have. So try to make it unique, loud and with a glimpse of innovation.

There’s a method some students try when dealing with the title. It is called the inverted pyramid formula. It means that you need to begin with quite a broad statement of the discussed problem and then narrowing it down until it is specific enough. As for the introduction, it is going to take not more than five and not less than three sentences. Here, you are expected to present your main points and uncover the main idea of the whole paper.

Dealing with the conclusion

Conclusion will obviously end your essay make the last impression on the reader. In fact, one of the easiest and best ways to conclude your paper is to make a summary of all your ideas that made the body part. We suggest you considering the next steps to deal with it.

  • What would you suggest as a next step in researching the discussed issue? Are there any questions regarding the topic that are still not answered and require further reflection and research? Include this information using one or two sentences.
  • Is there any forecast that you want to make through the prism of the research that you have done? If yes, describe it in one or two sentences.
  • Make sure your last sentence sounds quite impressive. This is where the reader will finish reading, and if you want to succeed, he needs to remember you afterwards. Good essay writers use conclusions as a chance to influence their audience, provoke it to certain action or reflection.

Revision is also essential, so when you’ve got your paper done, you need to check it for possible mistakes or imperfections, including grammar and the structure. If you’re willing to find out more about how to write a college essay, consider using help of professional writers, who have much experience in this particular area.