Dealing with college application essay

Every student knows that writing an application essay for college is a tough deal. However, whether you want it or not, if you are going to study in college, you will have to get it written anyway. And a good thing would be, of course, to get it written really great. Sometimes people are born with strong writing skills and no amounts or complexity of writing assignments can scare or bother them. If you’re not one of those lucky guys, we will tell you a secret: you can become one of them. One of the key strategies of becoming good at writing is knowing how to choose a great topic. Topic is actually what gives life to your paper. Moreover, a good topic is something that you personally care about. Basically, not just care, but something that you are really passionate about. If you find what your topic interesting, meaningful and worthy of your attention, this will definitely help you and it will be seen in the way your essay is written. So how can you find a worthy topic to discuss in your college application essay? This is exactly what we are answering in this article.

What makes your college admission essay important

Here, it would be helpful to answer a question, what can your paper tell the college committee about you and your personality on the whole? First of all, it’s obviously the most simple facts and a couple of numbers: your name, date and place of birth, grades and your background. However, this is absolutely not what the committee is looking for when reading students’ admission papers. Instead, this writing assignment is exactly your perfect opportunity to not only introduce yourself with several briefly mentioned facts, but to share your story, to express yourself and let them know what kind of person you are, what dreams, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, goals you have, how you see the world and yourself in it and how you want to contribute to it. This is what makes your essay important.

Considering the above mentioned idea, it is crucial to find such a topic for your paper, that would help you provide all the above mentioned information or at least major part of it. You need to show that you are a highly conscious individual, creative thinker and a skilled writer, that you know what you want from this life and how you are going to achieve it. This matters because committee in every college is looking for students that would not only meet their requirements, but stand out from the rest of applicants due to their special talents, life position or other things.

How can you evaluate your essay topic

  • Before you make a decision regarding your college application essay, you have to ensure that it is what you were looking for. In order to evaluate the worthiness of the topic, answer these questions:
  • Do you personally find the chosen topic important, interesting, worthy of your attention and caring?
  • How many students do you think could have chosen the same or similar topic to cover in their essays? We recommend you not choosing anything common or something that has been already discussed a thousand times.

Is it deep enough to provide a meaningful discussion? We recommend you choosing something profound and avoiding easy going and superficial issues.
When answering the above provided questions, it is necessary that you always keep in mind your target audience, which is the college admission committee in this particular case. It doesn’t mean that you have to please them. Quite the opposite, you’d better be honest and have the courage to express yourself freely and confidently. But on the other hand, you need to remember that you are aiming at a high level, so just telling a story like you would tell it your friend won’t go. Make your essay remarkable and your writing style unique. Describe every single thing you are talking about with passion and deep emotion. You are not going to use smiles in your paper, so you need to find words to express yourself in such a way, that it would be understandable and impressive at the same time.

Looking for ideas for your topic

Here a good advice would be to do some research on already existing essay prompts on the internet.

Below, we provided some of them that you may find helpful or just use them as a source to generate your own ideas.

  • Remember the most exciting and happy event in your life and share it with your reader. Give some curious details and most importantly, tell about your feelings at that moment and how they influenced your personality.
  • Tell about the hardest decision you have ever made in your life. Why was it so hard? Do you consider it to be the right decision now? Would you change your mind if you could travel in past?
  • What is your favorite book? What do you find attractive about it? How did it affect your worldview?
  • What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your life?
  • What is your dream in life? How do you see it related to your life purpose?
  • What do you want to achieve? Do you know already the ways how you’re going to achieve it?
  • What talents do you have? Do you write music or poetry? Maybe you are a talented dancer or a football player?
  • How do you see the world and humanity in one hundred years? Provide your personal forecast of the future of human race.
  • What do you think about the technological progress? Where do you think it will lead us? Is it a good or a bad thing that technologies have developed this far? Support your opinion with arguments.
  • What person has influenced you a lot in your life and how? This can be your friend, a member of your family or even a celebrity.
  • What can you tell about strengths and weaknesses of your personality?
  • If you could have anything in the world, what would it be and why?
  • What global problem are you concerned about the most? For example, this can be global warming or the lack of resources. Do you see any solution how to overcome it?
  • Imagine as if you were your best friend. How would you describe yourself? This will help you discover and analyze your personal features of character from an objective point of view.

Making your essay remarkable

When you know your college application essay topic, you need to start writing immediately. We suggest you not procrastinating and use your time wisely. Even if there’s a lot of time before the submission deadline, the sooner you begin, the sooner you finish and get your essay done. But how do you come up with the right topic? Before you finally choose it, consider the following:

  • How can this topic let the college admission committee know you better? How can it help you express yourself and your bright sides?
  • Do you have any ideas how you’re going to discuss the topic? Make sure it’s understandable for you in order not to waste time on brainstorming if you are not completely aware of what the prompt is asking you about.
  • Is the topic deep enough to be discussed in a meaningful way? Is any additional research needed to be done?

In the end of the day, you have to immerse yourself into the brainstorming process and simply write down all the ideas coming to your mind, without overthinking and judging. Let your thoughts flow in a chaos of your memories, dreams, knowledge and feelings. It is a good exercise for those who have hard time beginning to write their papers. But as they say, inspiration comes in the middle of the process. If you feel like you got stuck now, it only means that you have to keep writing until ideas appear one after another in your mind.

When you finished brainstorming, take a look at the ideas you’ve got. Which one do you like most? Which one really resonates with you? This is going to be your main idea that you will have to develop in your paper. This idea will serve as a ground to build all the following thoughts. In fact, the key idea of your essay determines its style and, eventually, it is related to your purpose. These two concepts cannot go into different directions. For example, if your purpose is to prove your worthiness of being a student of that particular college, then your main idea would be showing what makes you a special candidate by describing yourself in the way that would serve you best.

Ask for help if needed

Everybody knows that it’s a challenging task to write an application essay, which is why it is absolutely fine to ask someone for help. At every step of the writing process don’t be shy to ask one of your parents or teachers to support you with an advice or a useful comment. Any kind of feedback would be helpful to have a bigger picture and a better understanding of how your essay looks like from the prospective of the reader. Don’t be afraid of negative comments, because they can help you improve and achieve better results.

Also, remember that our company is always ready to provide you with highly qualified assistance and all kinds of support throughout your academic challenges, including writing a remarkable college application essay for you