Dealing with a gender equality essay

Equality is an important issue, indeed. Together with freedom, equality is what people all over the world have been fighting for ages and still keep doing that in pursue of having equal rights. While the equality between races is already in the past, for all people regardless of their nationality are considered to be of the same worth, the fight for gender equality is still having place in some countries, where women don’t have the same rights as men. Writing a gender equality essay is very helpful in terms of improving students’ awareness of this problem and involving them into an interactive discussion. Taking into consideration that this issue has a huge historical context, religious background and many other aspects, you will have a huge field to conduct your research, which might be quite challenging. However, a proper research is an absolutely essential part, especially when it comes to such a serious matter as gender equality. Luckily, we are glad to offer you our professional assistance. Whenever you face difficulties with writing your papers, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with all the needed support and all kinds of writing services to get your paper written as soon as possible in a professional manner. In any case, let us get to know more about gender equality further in the article.

Understanding the term of gender equality

Before you proceed to writing your paper, it is important that you understand the term you are going to work with. Gender equality is sometimes called as sexual equality and can be explained differently. However, the most general meaning of this term is that everybody can have equal opportunities and access to all kinds of resources regardless of what gender they have. This term has a long history, but for the first time it has been fully declared in the ABC of Women Worker’s Rights and Gender Equality published in 2000.

In fact, the equality itself is the goal and we can’t ignore the fact that in many countries this goal has been already achieved completely. In the United States of America, Canada, European countries, including Eastern Europe and Australia women can do the same things as men without anyone’s permission. They can make their decisions regardless of what other people may say, whether someone else would like that or not. They can get higher education and get committed to their careers or they can get married and dedicate their lives to their kinds, it’s up to them. They can become politicians, lawyers, teachers, professors, doctors, scientists, soldiers, writers, artists and so on. More than that, women in these countries can wear whatever clothes they like or even walk naked around the streets and no one would say anything. But at the same time, there are also countries where the rights of women are suppressed and they are forced by society to do things that they do not want to do. Women in India, Pakistan, Chechnya, Indonesia and many other countries are still fighting for equality and freedom.

Topics to cover in your paper

While at first sight it may seem that a gender equality essay is already a topic to discuss, it’s not really that simple. Unless this should be the title of your essay, we suggest you narrowing down this topic. The thing is, in order to write an effective paper, you need to show profound knowledge and understanding of the issue, which requires deep research to be conducted. At the same time, it is much easier and less time consuming to do research on a narrow issue than on the problem of gender equality on the whole. This is why we have a list of topics for you to discuss in your paper.

  • The appearance of the fight for gender equality. This is where you will have to research the historical background of the issue and find out what it started from and where.
  • Discuss the legal aspects of sexual equality, their importance and role in contemporary society. It’s a great opportunity for you to find out more about your own rights, their protection and recognition.
  • Equal employment opportunities for both genders. This topic covers the career aspect, highlights the barriers and accesses, benefits and challenges of building a career for men and women.
  • The role of media in the gender equality issue. You may discuss here if media corporations provide people with enough of information about this matter and whether they highlight it objectively.
  • Gender and the access to power in the workplace. This topic highlights the problem of allocation of power in terms of the gender.
  • The gender identity. You may discuss how people in contemporary society are able to accept themselves as they are. This involves the issue of changing a gender through surgeries and medicines and so on.
  • Gender inequality. You may do research on the countries where women have not the same rights as men and discuss it in your paper, while providing your ideas of how this problem can be solved.
  • The importance of education for gender equality. As a rule, in countries where education is more accessible, there is a higher level of gender equality than in those countries where people have hardships getting basic education degree.
  • Gender discrimination. Here, it would be interesting to do research on statistical data in regard to the crimes committed in your country within last years and find out which gender seems to be more criminal.

More topics for your essay

Unless you have found interesting ideas for your gender equality essay in the above provided list of topics, we suggest you considering the following. In terms of gender equality, it would be great to discuss feminism as a social phenomenon. It is being spoken far and wide across the world, while some people will have hard time understanding the concept of feminism at all. In fact, feminism is a number of movements and ideologies sharing a common purpose of defining, establishing and achieving all kinds of rights for women. Therefore, one of the topics of your discussion may be how to become a feminist. Here are some steps you may consider:

  • Loving yourself is the first step towards becoming a feminist. For a woman, everything begins with a self love, which is a means of self empowering and the only way to love other people.
  • Sharing responsibilities in relationships is also important. Feminism foresees that a woman should cooperate with a man and share household and other responsibilities, while achieving equality this way.
  • Maintaining positive equality everywhere. If you are firm about gender equality and want it to be the core value in any society, you should foster such an environment around yourself that everyone could feel confident regardless of gender, race, age and so on.
  • Motivate other women and inspire them to get involved into self growth and self awareness.

While to some people feminism may seem an aggressive kind of movement, the true nature of this phenomenon lies within spreading love, respect, freedom and equality for all people in the world.

Even more ideas for your essay

Since we were talking about feminism, it would be great to write a gender equality essay highlighting the common misconceptions in regard to feminism, since this term remains very mysterious to many people. Sometimes when hearing the word “feminist” the first thing that comes to mind is a women looking like a man, wearing short haircut, male clothes and behaving aggressively towards everybody, especially men. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The real feminist can also be a mother of three kinds, who is a housekeeper spending all her time on cleaning the house and cooking for her husband. So you would do a nice deed if you explained in your essay that:

  • Feminists do not have to be lesbians or single all their lives.
  • They don’t have to be committed to their careers or strive to become billionaires.
  • Feminists do not have to wear specific clothes or have any special look expressing their feminist views.
  • Feminism has a long history, although the term appeared not so long ago.

As you can see, you have a huge choice of what to write in your paper about. On the one hand, it makes things easier, but on the other hand, you may get confused and lost when trying to tie things together and figure out what specific issue to discuss.

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