Classification essay: let’s deal with it

Classification is a method of developing a paper by simply arranging objects, people or ideas with shared characteristics into certain groups or classes. Once you’ve settled on a theme for your classification paper and thoroughly explored this stuff through a number of prewriting strategies, you need to be ready to make a first draft. The given article will reveal how to develop and organize a five-paragraph classification paper.

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How to write a classification essay

Classification technique is utilized by many people in different works of life, in the offices, schools, laboratories, etc. You’re expected to become good at classification paper writing. We advise you to check out our sample essay papers, you can learn a lot from them.

Simple rules to follow when writing classification paper

  • Categorizing composition is crucial before writing your research paper. It’s up to you to determine how to place your subjects. For instance, if you’re writing about a holiday, then your arrangement should be places visited, accommodation, food, transportation and so on. Avoid adding work or school as, it doesn’t fit this paper.
  • Follow a standard principle, avoid changing at will. You should take from the above example. If your topic is a holiday, don’t introduce something new, such as “sports”.
  • Another pertinent skill you might require to acquire is the ability to depict things, places and your topic, of course. If you find it difficult to write, you can ask us for help, and we’ll do it quickly and without plagiarism.
  • Focus turns to be a paramount issue while writing this type of paper. You should be careful, and avoid deviating from the theme under discussion.

Classification essay topics

The principle you apply in order to classify any topic is the most crucial in a classification paper. Another thing you need to consider is what you choose will form the basis of your paper. Although there’re many creative college essay themes, not all can be considered for this type of essay. For instance, “famous strategies in world politics” happens to be a very interesting theme, but if you write a classification paper on this topic, you’ll most likely fail. You might be able to classify this stuff on the basis of the political type, though it won’t give you much to write on. However, you can take something as simple as a topic “music in my music player” and conduct some unique classification.

Now let’s enumerate topics for your essay:

  • Cars
  • Politicians
  • College majors
  • Hobbies
  • Beers
  • Bicep exercises
  • Cell phones
  • Speakers
  • Teachers
  • Sustainable lighting
  • American culture
  • Television screen technologies
  • Diets
  • Study habits
  • Cancer types
  • Neighbors
  • Computers
  • Roommates
  • Heavy metal bands
  • Types of sports fans
  • Dancing styles
  • Cooks
  • Shoppers
  • Customers
  • Video games
  • Sales clerks
  • Marijuana types
  • Jazz bands
  • Vacation destinations

Introductory paragraph

In your introduction, you need to clearly identify your subject. If you have to narrow your subject in any way such as annoying moviegoers or rock guitar players, you need to make it clear the beginning.

In your introduction, you might also want to provide some specific informative or descriptive details to attract the interest of your audience and suggest the purpose of the paper.

Finally, ensure to include a thesis sentence, which briefly identifies the major types or approaches you’re about to examine.

You should notice how this introduction generates certain expectations. Obviously, the specific details provide a setting, where we expect to see the various fans illustrated. Besides this, the labels actually assigned to these fans make the audience expect descriptions of every type in the order they’re provided.

A really good author will go on to fulfill these hopes in the body of the paper.

Body paragraphs

Each body paragraph needs to be started with a topic sentence, which identifies a certain type or approach. After this, you should illustrate every type, using specific details.

Body paragraphs should be arranged in whatever order strikes you. They should be clear and logical. Ensure that the arrangement of your body paragraphs really matches the order promised in your thesis sentence.

In the body of the paper on baseball fans, you can observe that the author has fulfilled the expectations set up in his introduction.

Notice how the author utilizes comparisons just to ensure cohesion in the body of the paper. The topic sentence in both the second as well as the third paragraphs actually refers to the preceding paragraph. In the third body paragraph the author draws explicit contrasts between the Diehards as well as the other two types of faithful baseball fans.

Such comparisons not only ensure smooth transitions from one paragraph to another, but also disclose the sympathies of the author. He starts with the type of fan he appreciates the least and concludes with the one he most adores. We actually expect the author to justify his attitude in the conclusion.

Concluding paragraph

Apparently, the concluding paragraph gives you an excellent opportunity to draw together the various types as well as approaches you’ve been examining. You might offer a final concise comment on each one, summarizing its limitations or value. Ensure that your conclusion clearly stresses the very purpose of your classification essay.

In the final paragraph to your “Baseball Fans,” essay, you require considering whether the author has been successful in his attempts to bring his or her observations together.

Notice how the author skillfully hooks his conclusion back to the introduction by simply contrasting the cold night in September with July’s warm evening. Such connections really help to unify the paper and provide a sense of completeness.

As you develop your draft, feel free to experiment with various strategies, while keeping this basic format in mind. We mean an introduction, identifying your subject as well as the different types or approaches, not to mention several body paragraphs, relying on specific details to depict the types and also a conclusion, drawing your points together and making the overall purpose of the classification paper clear.

Revising your ready-made classification paper

Well, you’ve finally finished with draft, so it’s high time to get down to revising. We don’t recommend you to skip this procedure if you don’t want to disappoint your advisor. Even if you consider yourself good enough at revising, it would be a good move to let your friend read your paper. He or she can notice a slew of glitches and errors you might have overlooked.

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