Choosing Good Proposal Essay Topics

If your instructor asked you to write a proposal essay, you might find yourself at a loss. It seems like a difficult task coming up with a problem and finding a feasible solution for it. At the same time, you need to bring your thoughts together in a solid and cohesive essay. At first, it might seem that it is hard to come up with a problem and a plan of action for it, but it isn’t that hard as it seems. With a little of guidance you can definitely prepare a paper that will bring top marks. You just need to think about a specific topic and concentrate on it, pinpointing the changes you will need to make to solve the problem you are proposing. If you have difficulties and need some assistance, check out the proposal essay topics and tips to get further help.

About a Proposal Essay

A proposal essay represents a type of work that includes your proposal to reach solution on a certain topic. This kind of paper proposes some idea and offers evidence that is supposed to persuade the reader why that idea is a bad or good one. Although proposal essays are usually an important part of economic and business transactions, they are not restricted to just these two areas. They can be prepared for any college subjects, as well as professional and personal areas.

Pre-Writing Strategies

The biggest art of the preparation process is made before you even start typing the first sentence of your essay. Before writing your proposal you will need to consider the following:

  • Know your audience. Your essay is an attempt to persuade a reader that your proposal is worth chasing, or that some other proposal is not worth chasing. In order to convince, you need to know who you are writing to. Are they academics? Business people? Government representatives? If you are writing to business people, you need to justify your offer by pointing out potential financial advantages. If you are writing to government representatives, you need to point out how popular a particular idea is.
  • Do the research. If you have secondary sources that can help support your claim, it will take you a long way in convincing others of your idea. Spend some time reading various researches or communicating to experts.
  • Pre-write. Before you begin writing an actual essay, brainstorm good ideas. Once you have a lot of them, think about how you want to structure them.
  • Revise. Don’t turn in your first draft. Ask somebody, a colleague, or a peer, to read your essay and give their thoughts. Incorporate those thoughts into the second draft.

Preparing a Proposal Essay

Your essay proposal will include an argument, a plan of action, and refutations of any counterarguments that could be raised against your idea. First of all, identify a problem you want to find a solution for. Find the evidence that can support your argument. Emphasize that you have identified a problem X and that you have made a plan for its feasible solution. Note all the other possible solutions to your problem, as well as any potential catches of your idea.

It is important to create a plan for your essay as it will assist you to be on track when you start writing your paper. When you have all the evidence and an outline, take into account the audience you are writing for. Unless otherwise states, it is usually assumed that you are writing to the audience that knows nothing about what you are writing about. Thus, you will need to clarify and define important elements and concepts.

Where You Can Get Help?

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Proposal Essay in APA Format

When you need to prepare a proposal essay, it is likely needs to be done in a certain format, most often APA. This format has its own requirements that are unique specifically to this type of format. If you need to prepare an APA essay, you need to know the main aspects of this format.

  • When making an APA essay, you are required to have an essay cover page which includes the title of your paper, your initials, your professor’s name, and the running head.
  • An abstract is required. It comes after the title page and is a summary of your essay proposal.
  • Citations in text. When using evidence, data, a theory, or an idea from some source that is not you, you need to cite the source. The citation must be included directly in the text, as well as in the resources section. Text citations should include the author’s last name and the year the work the citation is coming from was published.
  • Footnotes and endnotes are usually not used in APA papers because there is an appendix section with the detailed information. However, if you need to provide additional details than you can do it in the body of the paper. Footnotes are used in the same way as they are in any other formatting styles.
  • All sources you use have to be cited in the resources section. Even if you cite sources in the text of your work, you should still include them in this section. The alphabetical order is required for the citation of sources.

Proposal Essay in MLA Format

The other popular format you might be asked to prepare a paper in is MLA. There are also certain requirements for this formatting style that you need to know.

  • MLA format doesn’t require the use of title pages unless otherwise it is stated by your instructor. In the upper-left part of the first page of your work, you need to include your initials, your paper’s title, course, and your instructor’s name.
  • Page numbers should start on the first page.
  • You should use a double space for the body of your essay and have margins of one inch.
  • You can use end notes to provide additional information about a source you are citing in the text. You should place the end notes on the page before the section of references.
  • You need to use citations in text. To cite a source in the text, you need to use last name of the author and the page number.
  • A cited page of the work presents all the resources you have used in your paper. It should be made in an alphabetical order.

Effective Proposal Essay Topics

One of the most difficult parts of writing a proposal essay is to come up with good proposal essay topics. It is better if you select something you are comfortable with and know enough about it. Don’t choose a very broad topic, or the one with too many different solutions. If you select something you know well, will make your proposal more convincing and make it easier to define the potential solutions to your problem.

Main Parts of a Proposal Essay

Note that depending on your proposal, sections of the paper may need to be taken out or added. The parts listed below may be redesigned to suit your individual needs, except for the introduction and conclusion.

  • Introduction
  • Proposal
  • Outline
  • Outcomes
  • Resources
  • Conclusion


The introduction lets the reader know about the proposal’s history or defines an object to an audience.

This is the most important section of your essay. You have to introduce your idea and demonstrate why the audience should bother reading about it. It is recommended to start with an anecdote, interesting fact, or statistic.

Usually, the proposal is made only to solve the problem. You will need to select a certain problem that you think can be solved in your proposal. Point out the benefits of your proposal.


This part should be short and only talks about your actual proposal. It is fine, if it is only a several sentences. Do not insert information about how you are going to implement the plan of action to find a solution for your proposal.


You need to provide a plan how you are going to achieve your proposal. You need to demostrate your audience the actions you will take to reach the solution. In the plan you need to include the following:

Persuade. You need to persuade that your proposal is not only a good idea, but also you are the one who needs to implement it. Highlight your qualifications and why you are suited to do the research.

Detail. Provide detail to demonstrate that you’ve thought the whole process through and it will work.

Anticipate. Show the potential outcomes and the obstacles that might be on your way. This will show that you have prepared well.


Focus on why your idea will work. You can provide the past experience, or focus on what you consider your readers want to hear. Indicate the goals of your proposal.


List the resources needs to finish your proposal.


Here you can briefly restate each section of your paper and focus on the main outcome of your proposal.