Basic Stages when Writing Your Opinion Essay

Most students start to panic once they get assigned an opinion essay. For some reason, the idea of completing this academic assignment makes them nervous. However, if you follow the necessary formatting directions, it’s easy to complete this task. That’s because this type of paper has no wrong and right answers. All students need to do is share their opinions and give statements supporting with evidence. There are certain things that you should know about this assignment. It’s designed to help you voice personal ideas on different topics. To succeed and get higher grades, select a compelling subject, write an effective structure, and proofread as a professional editor.

The Main Characteristics of Opinion Papers

  • This essay must introduce a strongly maintained and clearly stated point of view;
  • It should have the organizational structure that offers a logical progression of all ideas to create completeness and coherence and support a stated opinion;
  • It uses an effective and clear expression of ideas, precise language, and content words that are appropriate for the targeted audience and its key purpose;
  • Your paper should introduce convincing and detailed evidence, such as relevant facts, concrete details, definitions, quotes, and examples with their references to specific sources;
  • It uses a range of effective transitional strategies to determine relationships between ideas and link evidence and reasoning to a personal viewpoint;
  • This piece of writing must have a satisfying conclusion related to a particular opinion.

Basic Things to Know about Its Elements

  1. The chosen subject can’t be too broad because you won’t be able to write a good topic sentence and argue it logically.
  2. State a topic sentence in the essay introduction that also includes the essence of all supporting elements.
  3. Select the topic that can be easily supported with strong facts. Ensure that you can gather enough information about it to substantiate your point of view.
  4. Include three or more supporting details to substantiate your statement. However, if you have more reasons, all you should do is adding more essay paragraphs.
  5. Every statement should be included in the first sentence of a separate paragraph.
  6. It should be followed by a few supporting sentences that explain its essence.
  7. Restate your opinion in a concluding paragraph.
  8. End your opinion essay with a certain call to action. Make all readers respond to it by doing something because this paper should cause them to act and stimulate further research.

The above-mentioned simple tips will let you do a great job when writing a perfect paper. As long as you follow the necessary structural guidelines and support your viewpoint with enough facts, it’s impossible to go wrong with this academic assignment.

How to Choose the Best Topic

Be timely because all opinion papers must discuss the subject related to specific events, trends, and other things. So, timeliness is extremely important when choosing the right idea. Readers tend to be more interested in the essays that relate to some ongoing debates or discuss current events than in papers that focus on something outdated. Take into account only the most compelling subjects to respond to in your essay to increase your chance to end up with winning grades after its submission.

Choose the topics that you’re passionate about. That’s because opinion papers should include quite strong viewpoints. If you don’t feel passionate about the chosen topic, think twice and pick something different to succeed. For example, when students are settled on something that they have a strong opinion about, their interest allows them to boil valid arguments down to their simplest form. Make your point clearly in a few brief sentences. If this goal is easy to achieve, you have a perfect topic to discuss in this academic assignment.

Why Choose Complex Topics You Are Knowledgeable about

To sound quite persuasive, you must understand what you will talk about in your essay. Do your detailed research to gather important and relevant information and educate yourself. Opinion papers that are filled with fact-based and valid points and supported arguments sound much stronger than the drafts that only state some vague opinions. Do your online search, check relevant archives, talk to experts, and organize all notes.

A good opinion essay shouldn’t involve any cases that are easy to disprove or prove. No one likes reading about something that sounds too obvious. Look for more complicated and controversial essay topics and write down different ideas or facets of a major argument to ensure that it’s suitable for your assignment prompts.

Tips for Completing the Best Opinion Assignment

  1. Get straight to the point. Unlike other essay types, this piece of writing should state your opinion at the very beginning. Be sure to organize relevant arguing points, make the audience care about your subject, and summarize what you suggest should be done about it.
  2. Use vivid details or examples to keep other people attentive. Most readers tend to remember only the most interesting details instead of dry facts. Although this paper shouldn’t miss strong facts, use colorful and bright details to ensure that your opinion will stay in their minds for longer. Provide readers with real examples to make them see that your topic is worth remembering and researching.
  3. Show others why they need to care. If people think that the topic discussed in your essay can’t influence them, they won’t want to read it. So, make it personal to them and explain why the chosen subject and your personal opinion will affect them in the end.
  4. Stay personal. This guideline means that you need to use your voice while conveying important messages and share personal examples to prove your point. Try to reveal your humanity via academic writing to make others engage with you while reading it. Prove readers that you’re a real personal who feels strongly about the chosen topic.
  5. Don’t use jargons and passive voice. Your essay is designed to let others become more informed about specific themes and do something about that. It shouldn’t ask them to consider or think about your topic, so use only active voice. Avoid scaring them away with your technical jargon because it often sounds confusing and pretentious.
  6. Plan everything ahead and take the minor steps involved in a larger essay writing plan.
  7. Acknowledge that there will always be people who argue against your point of view. This understanding will help you make your paper more respectful and appealing, so be sure to acknowledge your opposition.
  8. Offer effective solutions to given problems. Any opinion paper that doesn’t advise any solutions or effective steps toward them won’t be appreciated by readers, including your teachers. Find possible alternatives and discuss future improvements or other steps that must be taken to reach the best outcomes.

How to Add the Necessary Finishing Touches

  1. Close your opinion essay strongly. To wrap up this piece of writing, a strong concluding paragraph is required because it reiterates the main argument and brings the whole paper to a clear conclusion that will remain in readers’ minds for a long time.
  2. Keep the right word count in mind. Your essay paragraphs and lines should remain short and logical. Concentrate on simple, brief, and declarative sentences to get your opinion across successfully. All assignment prompts are different, so students need to read them attentively and stick to the necessary directions. Focus on the style, voice, and viewpoint of your opinion paper too.
  3. Check all facts twice. Reference all the sources used in your essay to build your academic credibility and avoid possible plagiarism issues that may cost you a lot.
  4. Offer any graphics or other extras when needed. In general, opinion papers don’t require any graphics, but students may need to attach their extras if their assignment prompts or professors demand that.
  5. Keep in mind important submission guidelines and due dates. All teachers and institutions have their unique academic requirements and directions that must be met by all students to earn sufficient grades. Check assignment prompts and take each essay writing step according to them and within given time limits. Your opinion paper will fail if you submit it too late.
  6. Revise and proofread everything before submitting. If you miss this important step, your essay may contain many unfortunate mistakes and flaws that will ruin it easily. Use professional editing services if you can’t complete this task.