Argumentative abortion essay for college

Nowadays abortion is being discussed widely. In many countries in the world laws regulating this issue are constantly changing and governments come up with new arguments against it proposing different ways of prohibiting abortions. This is a very controversial question, which is hard to investigate and come up with the only one right conclusion. Both sides, those who defend the right of a woman to decide on her own whether to make abortion or not and participants and activists of abortion-right movements, as well as those who raise their voices against it have strong arguments in favor of their positions. Therefore, before making any choice in regard to your personal position, it would be better to get to know all the pros and cons and do some research. In this article, we want to help you understand the essence of argumentative paper writing and provide you with some information to investigate this sensitive and extremely important issue, which is today getting more and more argued about.

The purpose of essay on abortion

First of all, taking into consideration that abortion essay is expected to be argumentative, unless something else is required by your professor, its ultimate purpose is going to be providing a specific opinion and supporting it with strong arguments. Your arguments have to be strong enough and consist of all kinds of evidences, examples, facts, true story experiences etc. in order to persuade the reader.

To establish a clear position on such a multisided issue, there’s obviously has to be some research done, so you could have enough of facts, quotes of experts, statistics and so on to give your point a valid support. Keep in mind, though, you need to use exceptionally reliable sources and don’t go into emotions much, because appealing to emotions is a weak argument which won’t help you persuade the public. While understanding that this issue cannot be discussed without being a little emotional, you still need to set coherence and facts as you priorities if you want to achieve the best result.

After choosing a certain position you don’t have to hurry up with writing itself. You will have to establish an outline and tie together all the gathered material, thoughts and ideas, arguments and proves, facts and quotes and divide all the information into three parts, according to the needed structure. This is how you can get your essay organized appropriately, which is an inseparable part of writing success. Due to the fact that abortion is more than a controversial issue, a clear structure is on top of importance in this case. This is how you can connect one point to the other and make logic links between them so the reader could find your further conclusions absolutely obvious and rational. Also, a good structure helps fill all the possible holes in your paper, so that there was no question without an answer left.

Planning your abortion essay

As it has been already mentioned, your argumentative paper should provide both pros and cons related to the discussed problem. An effective argumentative paper is the one that has a combination of different facts and where the author is capable of acknowledging counterarguments that he was facing during the research. Being able to admit that someone has also strong arguments against your positions shows that you are confident enough not to be afraid of someone else’s opinion. In any case, to start with, make up a plan by following these steps:

  • Make a list of statements for and against abortion that you want to provide in your essay.
  • Make a list of arguments supporting both sides to support the above mentioned statements.
  • Make sure the number of arguments is satisfactory, which means that you have at least one argument to support every statement.
  • Define the order in which you are going to present your statements. A good idea would be to provide the strongest ones in the beginning and in the end of the body part of your essay, because this is what is going to be paid most of attention of the reader.
  • Work on the introduction: come up with a hook and the thesis statement.
  • Work on the conclusion: make the final statement to summarize all the provided information and to make the last impression on the audience.

Well, you’ve got your plan which means that a half of your work is done! Now the most productive part comes, where you need to put everything together and present in such a way so that everybody would be amazed by you super argumentative writing skills.

How to write your essay as a pro

No one says it is easy to write an abortion essay, but if you consider our tips, we guarantee it will ease your struggle for sure. So here are some tips to deal with the writing process:

  • Tip one is as obvious as it can be. Search. You need to find enough of material, which would be really informative. There have to be facts. You can find them in different scientific papers, laws, articles etc. Always remember about the importance of using the most reliable sources.
  • Keep it calm. The more you rush, the worse you do, that’s a fact everybody knows. Rushing things up will only lead to all kinds of mistakes and stress. Therefore, when you’ve found all the material don’t write it down immediately. At first, choose only that information, which is most impressive, reliable and to the point, while ignoring useless material.
  • Make the into sound loud. This is the must in all kinds of writing. When reading your introduction, the reader has to really want to continue reading. In order to achieve this effect you need to use a hook in the beginning (for instance, a provoking statement) and to announce the topic in a creative manner.
  • The next tip is about the importance of facts. There are never too many strong facts. Unless it’s repeating of the same info, don’t be afraid to build your essay on facts, because this is what is going to make it strong.
  • Use your knowledge. Facts are important, but you also need to express your personal opinion. No matter whether you think people will agree or disagree, you should be willing to have and express your viewpoint, based on your own beliefs.

Arguments for your paper

To make it easier for you, we provided two lists of arguments supporting different positions. Here are some of them agains abortion:

  • There is a big number of risk factors to face during the procedure, among which are bleeding, all kinds of health damage, problems with getting pregnant afterwards etc.
  • Abortion is not natural, because if a woman was destined to have a child, she has to give this birth.
  • This goes against most of monotheistic religions and considered to be a sin.
  • Scientists has proven that babies can feel the pain during the procedure.
  • Even haven’t been born yet, a child is a living human with its rights, which are being violated due to the abortion practice.
  • Instead of abortion, a woman can give her baby to a family where another woman has problems with getting pregnant.

On the other hand, we also have some arguments that support the right of a woman to decide on her own how to act in a situation if she got pregnant with an undesired baby. Check them out:

  • In case if a woman was raped or it was an incest, she must have a right to choose abortion, because a child has to be born in love, not in hate.
  • All kinds of illnesses, including both physical and mental. If the woman is unable of giving a birth to a child and raising it for any reason related to her state of health, she doesn’t have to be forced to do it.
  • Sometimes contraceptives don’t prevent from getting pregnant, which is why aborting at the early stages of pregnancy are completely acceptable.
  • In terms of population control, people should admit that abortion is sometimes the right choice, because there are too many people on the planet, while we are already facing the lack of natural resources.
  • If dong the procedure at the early stages, including the usage of proper pills, it doesn’t harm the woman.

Improving your essay

Termination of pregnancy is a serious question, so even when you’ve already written the first draft of abortion essay, take some time to make sure that it matches your personal beliefs. Be open to face any other points of view and to participate in discussion. What if you will be asked additional questions after you submit your paper? Make sure you are ready to prove your point not only in the written form, but during a face-to-face conversation. It would be helpful to remember some true stories from real life that you heard about to support whatever opinion you have.

Take into consideration the importance of being objective. Although we all know that there is no such thing as objectiveness, for everybody tends to perceive the world through his own experiences and beliefs, you still don’t have to make it too personal.

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