Analytical essay writing tips

It is very sad that creating of different academic assignments takes so much time. Student’s life is full of competitions, adventures and other very interesting activities. Unfortunately, they can’t feel the beauty of such life, because most of their time students spend on studying. They get a range of different writing tasks, including essay writing. This is the common type of essay at schools, colleges, and universities. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready to pass the best texts. In this brief article, you will see a couple of very advantageous writing tips that will be helpful when you need to handle this uneasy task as best as possible. Although, if you don’t have sureness that you can handle this on your own, it is necessary to take urgent measures and choose the finest online writing provider that has the excellent writing staff. Only this way, you can gain your success at college or university and still have your free time for yourself, your friends and family.

Before you write your essay

As any academic paper, an analytical essay requires thorough preparation, especially for those, who have never written it before. Read below what you should do be prepared to create your excellent paper.

Understand the peculiarities

At the start, it is essential to understand clearly all the peculiar features of this type of essay. Writing of this type of academic paper requires from the author a couple of things:

  • Present some argument or claim that should be analyzed;
  • Film, book, problem, idea, etc. that you need to analyze;
  • Provide trustworthy evidence that can prove your viewpoint.

In most of the cases, students don’t have the right understanding of the definition of an essay. They take it as a piece of academic writing that analyzes some text, film, etc. Yet, it is possible to understand this definition differently. If you have an intention to create a brilliant paper, you should realize that this essay isn’t just a summary. Your task is to analyze the problem, but not to state what happened. To write a superb analytical paper, you should ask yourself “how” questions. For instance: how the book is written, how the theme is presented, how the author uses metaphors and so on.

Pick a successful topic

After you have found out about the major purpose of the analytical paper, you can start thinking of the successful topic for it. If you need to complete this analytical assignment for a class, your teacher/instructor will give you some general topic that you have to disclose in your paper. This is the reason, why the reading process of your task should be very careful and attentive. There are several examples that will help with the process of choosing the ideas for your topic:

  • If your paper is about some fiction work, then you can focus on the motives of some character or characters.
  • If your paper is about some historical event, then you can focus on the causes of this event or the forces that were contributed towards it.
  • If your paper is about some science project or method, you can focus on the analysis of the results, or you can analyze the actions that lead to them.

Create a successful thesis statement

Unfortunately, if you have decided what your topic is, it doesn’t mean that your thesis statement is determined. Although, there is no reason for panic, because some brainstorming will help you to handle this problem. Look through the advantageous tips:

  • Pay attention to things that are repeated (metaphors, phrases, ideas), because they are often very important.
  • Pay attention to how the text works. In this case, everything will depend on the essay type: whether you need to write a creative analysis, or rhetorical analysis, or analysis of some research. Concentrate on what is important in the exact situation.
  • Try to create a mind map. Begin with your major topic and arrange your related ideas around it.
  • Write down every idea that comes to your main, because one of them can become very effective.

When you have the ideas for the thesis, it is also necessary to arrange them properly. Your thesis statement is the vital thing in the essay. Remember that:

  • Your thesis is analytical because it makes a claim and analyzes a text.
  • The claim isn’t a fact, it is arguable.
  • Your thesis should be narrow enough to fit the range of things of your paper.
  • Create a general (not three-prong, unless it is required) thesis statement.

How to write an analytical essay

The prewriting stage is finished, and you can begin to work on your essay. Moreover, it is advantageous to have a short outline, but it depends only on you and your desires.

Structure your paper

The structure of an essay isn’t too different from the structure of other essays. Only the purpose of every part of the structure is different.

  • Generally, the introduction paragraph should contain a short summary of the described text, film, problem, or idea. It is also well-known as an abstract. In this part, you need to provide any peripheral data that the audience should be familiar with. The last sentence of the introduction paragraph should be your thesis statement.
  • The body paragraphs are the next part of your essay. Every paragraph should have such things as: a topic sentence, short analysis related to the topic sentence, evidence, and examples that can support your ideas. Moreover, your body paragraphs should be connected to the thesis statement.
  • The last part of your essay is the conclusion paragraph. In this part, you need to remind your audience of how your argument is supported. However, it is also possible to make some broader conclusion. In other words, you can demonstrate how your argument influences on other claims about the text, film, idea, etc.

It is also very useful to utilize quotes to support your ideas. Yet, you should be very careful and don’t forget to cite them. The last thing that should be done with your essay is editing. Read it a couple of times to identify whether everything is fine with the coherence and logic. It is also necessary to correct all the mistakes. It is a good idea to give someone to read your paper and listen to his/her viewpoint.

Find the analytical essay example

Apart from the theoretical information that you need to know if you want to be good at the academic paper writing, you also can look through the examples with the detailed analysis. By doing this, you will see the weak and strong sides of the essays and will be able to write a better paper.

For instance, if you don’t know how to write a thesis statement for your essay, you need to find a couple of examples with thorough analyses. Read the parts of every essay and try to identify whether they are successful or not. After this, you need to read the analyses of the professionals to understand how they see them. In the text below, you will see a couple of the good examples:

  • The example of the topic sentence: Alexander the Great was a wonderful ruler because he had a great impact on cultures that still are present in our days.
  • The example of the support sentence: The best example of his great effect on different cultures would be the existence of a Hellenistic Society.
  • The example of the explanation of the support sentence: Hellenistic Society is the combination of Egyptian, Persian, and Greek cultures. This was a remarkable time for everyone who lived there because people were inspired to develop a lot of various kinds of art and pursue a goal of a formal education. New forms of science, art design, and math influenced on the contemporary society a lot.
  • The example that shows how the explanation of the support sentence proves the thesis: The legacy of Alexander the Great wouldn’t be so groundbreaking and memorable if the new way of life created by him wasn’t so successful.

The example of the concluding sentence: Alexander conquered a lot of countries and merged a lot of cultures, and thanks to his achievements he is credited in the World’s history.

This is only a short piece of text that shows the bright example of one paragraph of the main part. Yet, if you really want to take the maximum advantage from the reading examples of the essays, you should read a lot of them. You need to compare and contrast them and also read their analyses. Only by doing this, it is possible to learn something.

Writing of the analytical essays isn’t an easy task. It requires developed writing and analytical skills. To gain the high level of these skills is possible, only if you study a lot of information, read good and bad examples and practice all the time. If you aren’t ready to dedicate so much time for learning how to write this type of paper, you need to think of the alternative ways to get it. The best possible is to order this paper from the professional and reputable online writing company. Experts in academic writing will be happy to help you to create you this paper and handle your writing problems