Accomplishing a film analysis essay

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Understanding the film analysis format

Among all kinds of assignments, analyzing a movie is one of the most interesting. Everybody loves watching movies and it’s more exciting to discuss a film rather than conducting a statistical research. However, it doesn’t mean it’s only about having fun. In fact, you will have to work a little as well. So before you proceed to writing your paper, we want you to pay attention to the following tips that will help you deal with it:

  • Obviously, start with watching the movie. Get yourself some popcorn, take a comfortable seat and enjoy.
  • Pay attention to your impression form the very beginning.
  • Note memorable and interesting details. It’s a good idea to write them down as you watch the movie.
  • Read some reviews and listen to what other people say about it.
  • Come up with your personal understanding of the movie.
  • Get to know the essentials of a movie theory and consider it when building your arguments.
  • Outline any conflicting points of view in regard to the movie.
  • Tie together the theory and the practical analysis.
  • Discuss the plot, the main characters and other elements.
  • Compare this particular movie to some other of the same genre you have watched already.
  • Try to find out details that have not been noticed by others.
  • Conduct an analysis in an interactive manner. You need to discuss it, as if you were having a dialogue with your target audience.

These are the common tips helpful when managing a film analysis essay. However, keep reading if you want to learn more and be able to accomplish your assignment the best way possible.

Studying the movie source material

At this stage of your analysis, you need to do some research in order to get as much information about the movie as possible. Take the following steps:

  • Collect facts about the film. Begin with such simple things as the title, slogan, the genre, the year, names of the director and the main actors etc.
  • Analyze the technical moments. This is about the quality of direction, script evaluation, analyzing the cinematography, which includes the techniques used when making the movie etc, discussing the costumes and other decorative elements.
  • Reading critical material from different sources. You may find them online, in magazines and newspapers, etc.

Note that in case if the movie is based on a novel, it would be great to read the book as well and analyze if the director managed to express the main idea of the author of the book.

How to write a movie review

Depending on the purpose of your essay, you may follow different approaches to writing it. For example, you may be assigned to analyze a certain character or the plot itself, the technical characteristics or just to write a review. This is why you need to clarify this question with your professor and make sure you understand the purpose of your assignment. As for writing a movie review, here are some basic guidelines in this regard:

  • Begin with formulation your opinion in regard to the movie. In order to grab your audience’s attention, you need to provide a hook right from the start. The best way to do this would be to compel a certain fact on the movie in a catchy, loud or even surprising way.
  • Develop the above stated opinion and make it a clear, comprehensive and well-established statement. You don’t want your readers to guess and instead, make things understandable. If you think it’s a great movie, this is exactly what you have to say. And on the contrary, if you think it could be better for nay reason, be confident in declaring your point of view.
  • Support your opinion with evidences taken from the movie directly. Use the notes you have taken when watching the film. You need to provide facts here that would illustrate every statement you make, otherwise your opinion will not count.
  • Make it bigger than just a plot analysis. Even though it is essential to analyze the plot, you don’t have to make a purpose of the whole writing out of it. Dive deeper and discuss the music (did you like the soundtracks? Did they match the style and mood of the movie?), the cinematography, decoration, the acting etc.

The difference between analysis and review

Sometimes when students are assigned to write a film analysis essay, they are expected to do a critical review, although it is not the same. There is a huge difference between these two writings and in order to be more of an expert in this area, we suggest you learning the essentials of these two types of essay:

  • An analysis in often assigned as a part of academic writing, while a review is usually what journalists do for the mass audience.
  • An analysis is expected to provide an objective opinion, while review can rely on subjective perception and personal ideas of the writer.
  • An analysis provides an evaluation and summary in a well-structured order, while review doesn’t necessarily have a vivid structure and may be written in a free form due to the preferences of the author.
  • An analysis is more about the technical details, such as the script, decorations, soundtrack, cinematography, etc, while a review is expected to discuss some interesting or surprising facts, personal impression, the actors and so on.

As you can see, it is very important that you know from the very beginning what exactly your professor wants you to do. Thus, you will understand what you are allowed to write about and save your time.

Approaches to the movie analysis

There are several ways of writing a movie analysis, which serve different purposes. Unless you are given a particular one, you will have to choose it on your own. Look at the following most popular types of movie analysis and figure out which one you like the most:

  • A way to entertain the audience. It is written in an easy flowing funny manner and doesn’t provide a deep and profound analysis.
  • Documentation. It is more about analyzing the place and time period, where the plot of the movie takes place.
  • A way to express your personal opinion. This is the easiest one, because all you have to do is provide you personal point of view and not worry much whether someone is going to agree or disagree with it.
  • A way of story telling. This is in some way a continuation of the movie itself. You need to discuss certain events in the plot and suggest your own ways to solve that or another problem, think how you would manage that or another situation if your were the main character.

You can see now that the funniest and easiest thing about writing a film analysis essay is actually watching the movie. But once you start working on it, you realize that there are numerous of theoretical essay types and techniques, dozens of movie genres and styles and all of this plays a significant role in the way your paper needs to look like. More than that, every movie may seem so simple on the surface, but the very purpose of your essay will require you to find all the hidden meanings and shadows and unfold them. Doesn’t seem too easy, does it? Hopefully these tips and guidelines will help you cope with it, but even if they won’t, we still have an additional option for you.

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