About Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay requires students to conduct an analysis of the specific situation/events and present evidence of a cause and effect connection. When writing an essay, students have to thoroughly understand the situation and provide arguments using thoughtful research on the problem. Read the tips below to find out how to write this type of essay.

Read the Task of Your Cause and Effect Essay

Record the task with all its requirements. Not all tasks are the same. Thus, in addition to just writing an essay you might be asked to do other things as well, like use certain literature during work, or concentrate on a certain aspect of research. In most cases, you will be asked to conduct an analysis of a particular historical, social, or political fact.

If you don’t understand something, ask your instructor about the following information:

  • The size of your essay. Make sure that you know what you need to write: a long or short essay. The details and subject matter may take from three to fifteen pages (in the latter case, you need a detailed investigation).
  • Number of sources you need to use. Make sure you have the required sources of information, like books, articles, papers, etc. If your instructor didn’t provide sources you need to reference on, ask for a number of sources you need to refer to.
  • The value of your essay in accordance with the study topic. This concept is also known as the size of work. You need to find out which option is right for you: a long essay expressing your opinion, or a short essay, the topic of which is determined by your instructor.

Define whether or not the cause was given, and whether or not it was necessary to describe its effect, or vice versa. Often, you will be given a known cause or an effect and asked to identify their connection.

In some cases, you may be asked to determine the causes and effects of a particular situation, but in most cases you are required to prove the reason, or the effect.Understand the Objective of the TaskCause and effect paper don’t always concentrate on both. Learn if your paper is supposed to concentrate on causes, effect, or both. You will also need to figure out whether you need to explore the topic assigned by your instructor or think about the one of your own.

Broaden or Narrow Down the Topic

If you have to come up with your own topic, you should start brainstorming ideas. Write down all topics that come to mind. Choose the best five you are most interested in. When choosing the topic, think about how much information you can find to prepare an essay of the required length. You can try and break the potential topic into many parts to choose the one you like most.

  • Write about intimate moments or experiences, like events that have influenced your life. For example, you can discuss a difficult period you have lived through demonstrating what effect it had on you. Or you can talk about some controversial topic, like the effect of fast food on the human body.
  • Be flexible in altering the length or breadth of your topic. In the process of writing you need to be ready to add or remove particular information to fit the requirements.

Reading and Researching Information

Read the sources of information that was given to your by your professor (if available). Do this as soon as you get the assignment so that you have time to think about a few topics and ask questions.

Analyze the fact. Go to the library and try to find the original sources of the subject of your discussion. The study will help you formulate a convincing theses statement.

Define the Cause and Effect

  • At first, choose a cause or an effect you want to write about. Make short notes during the research, so that you have the opportunity to choose among a number of causes and effects.
  • Then analyze the causes and effects that you want to prove. Conduct a detailed study to find convincing arguments to support your theory.
  • Write a thesis statement for your cause and effect essay. The thesis statement should demonstrate the connection that you are going to prove in your essay.

Making a Plan of Your Essay

Divide the essay into five sections. They include the introduction, an explanation of the cause, explanation of the effect, explanation of their connection, and conclusions.

You can divide your essay into many sections if needed. Likewise, you will be able to develop arguments.

Specify the facts according to the plan. Be sure to include quotes, statistics, dates, data, and other materials obtained in the course of the study. Place them according to the plan of your essay to highlight the causes, effects, and their connection.

Draft of Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Build a thesis statement. Once you look at the information you have gathered on your topic, you will need to think about the thesis statement that will direct your paper. This is something you will need to prove through your essay. The thesis should be disputable and supported by facts that you have found.

  • A thesis statement may be comprised of one or several sentences. It depends on what you want to say. However, it can’t be a fact, a simple statement, a quote, or a question.
  • When creating a thesis statement, consider what the evidence you have says about your topic. Think about what causes or effects can be clearly illustrated by the sources you have gathered.

Make a plan. Define at least three main concepts that can back up your thesis. They will be separate body parts of your essay. You will then include more detailed or smaller concepts or ideas into these parts. All the elements of your essay’s structure should contribute to supporting your thesis.

  • Never restrict yourself to five-paragraph essay, unless your instructor requires you to do that. Feel free to supplement extra paragraphs to reach the page limit and create a strong argument.

Write the introductory part. At first, make the foundations for your essay. Explain exactly what aspects you will be discussing. Write the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph.

The introduction can be started with a quote, anecdote, or interesting fact to attract attention of readers. Keep is short because this section should be fairly brief.

Start with a paragraph which will discuss the causes. The number of required paragraphs will depend on the number of points of view you want to prove. Every paragraph should be concentrated on a single point of view.

  • Explain the conditions of the current situation in the paragraph which describes its causes. Illustrate the circumstances with the help of a solid argument.
  • The objective of the above-mentioned provisions is to acquaint the reader with the situation and multifaceted approaches. You can direct the reader to understand the connection, which will subsequently be discussed in your cause and effect essay.

Start the paragraph, where you will describe the effects of a certain situation. Decide on the number of paragraphs. Each particular opinion must conform to a single paragraph.

  • Note the specific factors
  • Explain in detail how certain causes have led to concrete effects. Begin with a general description and then dive into the details.
  • Illustrate examples using the arguments. It’s time to express your own opinion on the cause and effect connection, which you will explain in the next part of your work.

Dedicate one paragraph to explain the importance of a cause and effect connection. Explain the overall meaning of your thesis statement.

Highlight the timeline of cause and effect. As you proceed through the paragraphs of the main part, make sure to highlight that the cause you are writing about have happened before the effect. When you write about an effect, ensure to prove it happened after a certain cause. Situations when causes and effects are intertwined should be avoided.

Rule out or acknowledge other positions. You have to persuade your audience that you know of alternative approaches or arguments. Don’t overpromise when you discuss the cause and effect connection. Use the proofs to demonstrate that. Even though there may be other causes and effects, the most important connection is the one you are talking about in your paper.

Complete the creation of the draft variant of the essay writing the conclusion section. Draw the conclusions from you were able to prove. Explain the importance of these findings to the modern world or a specific reader.

Final Variant of Cause and Effect Essay Examples

Check your essay on the existence of semantic content. Make sure that each separate paragraph focuses on one aspect that you are trying to prove.

Pay attention to the logical transitions. Ask yourself whether or not the reader will be able to explain exactly where you begin to move from cause to effect.

Ask someone to read your cause and effect essay to ensure the credibility and clarity of writing. If the essay is not convincing enough, add arguments.

And finally reread the essay. Carefully check it by reading aloud and writing several drafts.